6 Free HD Movies Download Apps in 2019 (Movie HD APK)

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Look no further this 6 free HD movie download apps in 2018 (movie HD apk) post will solve all your free movie downloading problems on your smartphone because we are focusing on movie HD apks which means the best Android apps that can get you HD movies downloads right now for your Android smartphone and tablet.

These 6 HD movies download apps would allow you to stream or download HD movies for free without signing up or any subscription payment whatsoever!

Everything is $0.00 (FREE).

I handpicked these apps by their usefulness and functionality. I went to the Google Play store and searched “movie HD apk,” but the results I got were regulated apps that are not exactly what we want.

hd movies download apps

The Best Free HD Movies Download App Features

So what are we looking for in a free HD movie download app?

I will go ahead and assume for you – We are looking for an app that has all the movies, TV shows, Anime, etc. with streaming and downloading features and is continuously updated to reflect new links for movies, TV shows, Anime and to also add new ones.

In a more detailed form – The best free HD movies download app should have the following features;

  • Free videos, TV shows, Anime, and other Entertainment Files.

This is the main reason why anyone would use an HD movies download app is to get access to free movies, TV shows, Anime and other entertainment videos like wrestling, stand up comedy, sports videos and so much more.

  • Streaming and Downloading Feature

Having both features works best because some people like streaming while other like downloading so having both functions is merely the right way to go.

  • Always Updated

Like hourly updates if possible. I know it’s a lot of work, but this is our criteria and what we expect from the best HD movies download app.

  • Multiple Streaming or Downloading Links

We wouldn’t want to be stuck with one link because when that link goes down, we would be stranded. So numerous links is a strong point to have.

  • Fast Links Fetching Process

We wouldn’t want to wait for an eternity before we get our streaming or downloading link so the process should be quick and done within seconds.

  • Easy and Straightforward App Interface

Lets me say it nonetheless, the app should be easy to use, straightforward in the streaming or download process and should not try to confuse users or have any hidden steps or tricks.

  • Few Ads

We know this is a mixture of business and passion for the app owners, but the users should also support them because the more we argue, the better the app becomes and they would invest more time in it since it’s bringing in a reasonable return on investment (ROI).

  • TV Calendar and Notification

TV shows are released daily especially with the explosion of NETFLIX; we are now watching more series than we can keep track of, so a TV Calendar and notification feature makes a lot of sense because they would notify you when one of your favorite TV shows gets a new episode.

  • Supports Multiple Video Players

During my review of the best movie HD apk, I found a couple of apps that only support or work with a single video player and this was a big problem because you can’t stream until you download and install that specific video player.

Another reason this is not cool is that you may already have a video player installed like VLC Player, I am a personal fan of VLC, and I also use it on my laptop.

So imagine you already have VLC or another video player installed then you install an app with the sole purpose of getting HD movies to download then before you can stream your favorite movies or TV shows you need to introduce yet another video player because it doesn’t support the one you currently have installed.

  • Fast Streaming and Download Links

There’s nothing more annoying than slow streaming links which would lead to video buffering or slow download links which would take days to download.

  • High Video Quality Options

In the 21st century, we already have 4K resolution and movies released in 4K resolution, but the majority of our Android smartphones won’t be able to able 4K resolution, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get high video quality options like 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p.

I personally never download anything below 1080p because I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S8 with gorgeous display and a Full HD (1920×1080) Monitor so why not enjoy my devices to it’s fullest potential.

6 movie HD apk

6 Free HD Movies Download Apps in 2018 (Movie HD APK)

What are the 6 free HD movies download apps?

  1. Terrarium TV
  2. Popcorn Time
  3. Mobdro
  4. Movie HD APK
  5. MegaBox HD
  6. Tubi TV

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We are going to review each Movie HD APK app based on some criteria, so we get a thorough review of each app unique features, strengths and weakness.

These criteria are going to be;

  • Does this app have free movies, TV shows, Animes and other entertainment videos?
  • How frequently is this HD movies app updated?
  • Does it have both streaming and download option?
  • App Interface rating
  • How many links per video?
  • How many ads per screen?
  • Does it have high-quality video qualities?
  • How fast are the links?
  • Video Player Support
  • What other useful features does it have?

Let’s begin this thorough HD movies download apps review.

1. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV app was recommended to me by a friend who hasn’t paid his cable bills in over five years; he says he streams everything. He has a bunch of streaming apps, services and devices that he uses but he sais Terrarium TV is the best free HD movies download app he has used.

terrarium tv Movie HD APK

So I gave it a try!

And? Terrarium TV measured up to the hype. The app was smooth, fast with a sleek premium feel interface and it supports both streaming and downloading with tons of links to choose.  They also show you the fastest connections to use to get that extra kick in your streaming or downloading route.

  • Does this app have free movies, TV shows, Animes and other entertainment videos?

Yes, it does. It starts with the “Trending” section which contains the best on-going or completed TV shows, movies, cartoons, and Animation.

So let’s briefly list all the categories & genre you can find in Terrarium TV.

  • Trending
  • Recently Updated
  • New Shows
  • Premieres
  • Airing Today
  • Most Popular
  • Most Played
  • Most Watched
  • Top Rated
  • Netflix List
  • Amazon List
  • Hulu List
  • YouTube Red
  • Action & Adventure
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Western
  • War & Politics
  • Soap
  • Reality
  • Documentary
  • Kids
  • Animation
  • How frequently is this HD movies app updated?

This app is updated daily. You can be assured to find the latest episode to your TV show when you wake up on the next day. Also, movies and links are updated hourly.

  • Does it have both Streaming and Download Option?

Yes, you can stream videos or choose to download them on Terrarium TV.

  • App Interface Rating

Clean, Sleek Premium feel design with bold video images. I also liked the fact that you could play the trailer of every video before you decide to stream or download because in scenarios where you are on the fence about watching a particular show or movie, watch the trailer and that should either convince you or disappoint you.

Terrarium TV has an “Overview” section for every video which contains the movie title, IMDb rating (Critical), release date, Duration, Genre, TV ratings, and synopsis. It is essential to have all these information so we the users have more information about the video we are about to stream or download.

For TV Shows & Animes with multiple seasons and episodes, you can click on the “Season” tab to see all the seasons a particular show has, and this was worth mentioning because many people may have had a show recommended to them but the person that suggested it doesn’t have from every first season. In cases like that, just come into one of these HD movies download apps and start streaming or downloading from Season 1.

There is also a “See Also” section which works like related movies or TV shows feature. It shows you other videos in the same genre. Very useful if you are planning to binge different TV shows or movies in the same type.

  • How many Links Per Video?

For every video in Terrarium TV app, I got 10-16 links from different sources.

  • How many Ads Per Screen?

Upon launching Terrarium TV, I saw a standard banner ad at the bottom of the app. This is a traditional ad placement in apps.

Browsing through the app, looking for movies or TV shows to stream, The ad remained the standard banner at the bottom, but when it was time to download a video, an autoplay video ad popped up. You can stop it by clicking the X icon then your stream or download starts.

  • Does it have High-Quality Videos?

Yes, Terrarium TV app has high-quality videos starting from 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

You even have the option to disable low quality/CAM releases, so you don’t waste time going through new movies that don’t yet have HD releases.

  • How fast are the Links?

They have super fast links from Google, Amazon, AWS, Facebook, Dropbox and CDN servers. They even point them out to you, so you don’t experience any buffering while streaming and enjoy very fast downloading.

  • Video Player Support

Terrarium TV APK supports four video players. Having more video player support is a good thing because you can use you already have installed and won’t have to install another video player.

  • YesPlayer (Less Video Ads!)
  • ExoPlayer (Built-in) (Discountinued)
  • MX Player
  • VLC Player
  • What other useful features does it have?

Terrarium TV app has other useful features like “TV Calendar.” You can check the schedule for TV shows on a daily basis.

You can mark your favorite TV show or movie.

You can always set up notification settings to inform you when a new episode or movie is released.

2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time takes the Number 2 slot because I found the app more accessible, more detailed in some aspect and it’s VPN integration makes this app secure especially for those users in countries where their internet usage are monitored.

popcorn time hd movies download app

You can use the built-in unlimited VPN which you pay about $5 for a yearly subscription and what this does is that it protects you from your ISPS and shields you from any identity exposure while you are streaming the contents of this app. I didn’t use the VPN option because my current ISP and country I currently stay in is chill like that.

So let’s go into a more detailed review of Popcorn Time free HD movies download app.

  • Does this app have free movies, TV shows, Animes and other entertainment videos?

Popcorn Time only has everything! With two main index pages – Cinema and Anime. You can get all the latest foreign movies, TV shows on the cinema index page while on the Anime index page, you get all the Anime movies and TV series.

  • How frequently is this HD movies app updated?

It’s updated daily, and I could see recent movies with HD video quality already added.

  • Does it have both streaming and download option?

Yes, of course, it has both important features with big red Play and Download icon that you can’t miss.

  • App Interface rating

I love their app design. It’s simple and straightforward enough with just the two tabs – Movies and TV Shows. You can’t get lost in this app.

When you click on a movie or TV show you want to watch, there’s this big bold image of the video, rating stars, movie title, genre, duration then we have the big Play and Download icons followed by IMDb ratings, trailer, synopsis, subtitle language, dubbing, and video quality.

Popcorn Time allows you to select the language of the subtitle and also dubbing before you download a video. This is big to me because having the option to change the subtitle language before downloading is good because it helps those who can’t keep up with the face talking pace in American movies and dubbing is also good because you can change the voice to your language.

  • How many links per video?

Two links per video quality, you have to choose the specific video quality you want, and the links would appear in that regard.

  • How many ads per screen?

No Ads! Even when I tried to stream or download a video.

  • Does it have high-quality video qualities?

Yes! It has, and you can choose what video quality you want starting from 360p-1080p. If you are a strict 1080p fan like myself, you want to cut all the low-quality crap and only show movies or TV shows in 1080p to make life easier for yourself.

  • How fast are the links?

I tried downloading a movie, and I got premium download speed, so the links are fast.

  • Video Player Support

I wasn’t pushed a specific video player to download, so I assume it works with any video player you have installed, even the default player/

  • What other useful features does it have?

The VPN is the unique feature that makes Popcorn Time stand out in this review, but it protects your internet streaming and downloading activities from watching eyes and gives you that relaxing feeling that you are safe and defended doing what you are doing.

3. Modbro

Modbro is your pocket TV, and honestly, it is a powerful app for HD movies download.

modbro movie hd apk

I won’t even try to lie about this, but this is the first time I am using Modbro, I have always heard about it and how millions of people use it to stream Live TV – Sports, Entertainment shows, News and so on.

Modbro is powerful but it’s all streams and Live TV, and that’s why it’s 3rd on our list for HD movies download, If it were a post about the best streaming or Live TV app modbro would be at the top spot easily.

Let’s get started on Modbro.

  • Does this app have free movies, TV shows, Animes and other entertainment videos?

Yes, it does. You can select a channel and watch unlimited movies or TV shows. Modbro has many other categories that extend your reach.

Mobdro apk hd movies download apps (15)

Categories Like;

  • Channels: These are popular TV channels like ABC, CTV, CBC, AMC USA, HBO, Disney, Cartoon Network and tons of other useful channels.
  • News: These are TV news streams like CNN, Sky news, FOX and so on.
  • TV Shows: Each show has it’s own stream so just find what you want and watch.
  • Movies: In this category, you can find 24 hours movies, 24 hours action, horror, sci-fi movies for that movie maranthon experience.
  • Sports: You get sporting streams that even show LIVE football, basketball or any other sports you are into.
  • Music
  • Gaming: You will get popular streams from Twitch and YouTube of your favorite gamer.
  • Animals
  • Tech
  • Podcasts
  • Spiritual
  • Others
  • How frequently is this HD movies app updated?

Maybe every hour because I don’t want to say every minute because streams are going on 24/7.

  • Does it have both streaming and download option?

Sadly, this is one of those situations where you either stream until you are tired or run out of data.

  • App Interface rating

The app interface isn’t too sexy, but it’s simple and functional with big category icons even the blind could see it.

So you basically click a category and click what you want to watch, Simple!

  • How many links per video?

Just one stream link per video.

  • How many ads per screen?

On the main app page, there’s only one banner ad at the bottom of the screen.

When you click a category, there’s a Sponsored ad slot on the second position in the video streams list and also a banner ad at the bottom.

Finally, when you click on a video to stream, a video Ad plays, and some random popups occur when trying to press the X icon to close the ad.

  • Does it have high-quality video qualities?

I would say the quality is about 480p then it goes high to 720p depending on how fast your internet connection is.

  • How fast are the links?

The stream links usually take about less than 10 seconds after you click on the stream you would like to watch.

  • Video Player Support

Modbro doesn’t harass you concerning video player support; it works with the default one.

  • What other useful features does it have?

LIVE TV, this is unique feature Modbro has over the others on this list.

4. Movie HD APK

Movie HD APK

Movie HD APK is the fourth on my HD movies download apps list because it’s really a barebones app with really nothing special, but you can’t take away the fact that they are solid when it comes to HD movie downloading.

Let the Movie HD APK review begin!

  • Does this app have free movies, TV shows, Animes and other entertainment videos?

Yes! They specialize in Movies and TV shows. One thing I like about their movie section is that they also provide movies in 3D for those people that love to enjoy their movies in 3D while wearing their 3D glasses or some other device to enhance the watching experience.



  • How frequently is this HD movies app updated?

I would say daily. You can be sure to find the latest episode of your favorite on-going TV series.

  • Does it have both streaming and download option?

You can only stream videos.

  • App Interface rating

The basic HD movie download app layout with no specific effects. Simple and effective!

  • How many links per video?

In my perusal of the app, I found an average of 2-3 links per video. You would usually get the following links;

  • Google File (Server 5)
  • Google Direct (Server 6)
  • FileQuality (Server 8)
  • How many ads per screen?

No ads on the main page of the app, No ads when you select the video you want to play, but there are ads when you install their compulsory video player.

  • Does it have high-quality video qualities?

You see the video class in the movies section, but there are no indications of video quality and no place you can select your desired quality in the TV shows section, which was a big turn off because I watch more TV shows and 1080p HD quality!

  • How fast are the links?

Normal streaming speed (Depends on your internet)

  • Video Player Support

You are MANDATED to install VPlayer before you enjoy some HD movies download. It’s so compulsory; the app is useless if you don’t connect this player. Another turn off!

  • What other useful features does it have?

Maybe the 3D movies but that’s not a unique feature, but it’s something that’s cool to have.

5. Megabox HD

megabox movie hd apk

Megabox HD is the typical HD movies download app because it gives you exactly what you ask for with no extra toppings and something it’s good, and at other times you may want something more, but some people are cool with just having one app that works for them.

  • Does this app have free movies, TV shows, Animes and other entertainment videos?

Yes, it has. If it’s only movies and TV shows you want, this app is for you.

  • How frequently is this HD movies app updated?


  • Does it have both streaming and download option?

Megabox HD only has streaming features. You can’t download with this app.

  • App Interface rating

It has a similar interface to HD Movie APK.

  • How many links per video?

They are much lazier providing only one link per video.

  • How many ads per screen?

It’s a clean interface with no ads but after installing the significant and compulsory video player, expect some ads to show up!

  • Does it have high-quality video qualities?

Megabox HD only provides links in 720p video quality.

  • How fast are the links?

Average speed, it’s mostly still dependent on your internet connection.

  • Video Player Support

Megabox HD only works with its very own MPlayer which you must have installed on your phone if you don’t the app is just useless because you can’t stream any movie or TV show without MPlayer.

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6. Tubi TV

tubi tv hd movies download

Tubi TV is the only official HD movie download on this list and as such it doesn’t have all the juicy and latest movies, TV shows and streams that we all love but there’s still something for you here.

I found Tubi TV to have more classic movies, and titles and you get either stream or download them legally for free without any worries.

Tubi is the final app on this list.

  • Does this app have free movies, TV shows, Animes and other entertainment videos?

Tubi TV has free movies mostly classics, TV shows, comedy and lots more. There’s even a category called “Black Cinema” I found it a little bit racist though.

  • How frequently is this HD movies app updated?

Honestly, I think the app is updated only when new content added.

  • Does it have both streaming and download option?

Yes, you can stream and download free movies with Tubi TV.

  • App Interface rating

The app interface was nicely designed, but the main navigation tab on the left of the screen is a little bit too long because it contains all their movie genres and categories.

  • How many links per video?

It’s the standard, click on what you want to watch. So, it’s either streaming or download link.

  • How many ads per screen?

Surprisingly, no ads even before and after streaming a movie.

  • Does it have high-quality video qualities?

The quality of the movie I streamed was about 720p.

  • How fast are the links?

Tubi has breakneck streaming speed.

  • Video Player Support

It doesn’t require any video player before you can watch any video.

  • What other useful features does it have?

You can link your social media account to Tubi TV, I really don’t know what that does, but it’s cool.

These are the 6 Free HD Movies Download Apps in 2019 (Movie HD APK). Feel free to tell me which ones I forgot to add in the comments.

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