Which Online Poker Players to Watch in 2021

Online poker sees continued growth in popularity in the US, and indeed across the world: no longer seen as just a game of chance, people are now recognising that to win, and to win consistently, is about more than luck.

If you’re on the lookout for online casino games that are purely a gamble, there are plenty to take your pick from. If you’re a newbie to the world of poker and looking to improve your game, there is always a chance that you can achieve the big wins equal to some of the greats. 

In the world of online poker, 2020 saw the Hungarian, Stoyan Madanzhiev win and win big. What makes the likes of Madanzhiev such big achievers, and does success in 2020 mean that he is destined for success in 2021?

4 Online Poker Players in 2021

Let’s have a look at some of the big names in online poker, and who is worthy of our attention in the coming year. 

1. Sami Kelopuro

Sami is, quite simply, a legend among the online playing community. Entering the scene in 2005, he quickly rose to play the highest stakes.

Sami is a great player technically and knows all there is to know about the game: not through chance but through the hours and hours that he dedicates to learning his trade. His dedication to improving his game, coupled with what can only be described as natural talent, means that Sami is one to watch in 2021 and beyond.

2. Pauli Ayras

Pauli has what most of those entering online poker dream of: the lavish lifestyle that comes from winning. He states himself that poker has given him everything that he has ever wished for. He certainly works hard for it all though, regularly sitting at his computer screen at 6 pm and remaining there until 7 am the next day. Pauli is open about the sacrifices that he has to make to be so successful, but these sacrifices seem to be worth it as he goes on to win more and more every year. 

3. Timofey Kunznetsov

At 29 years of age, this Russian player is widely regarded as one of the toughest opponents to face at the nosebleed tables. Being introduced to poker while living in Moscow, he saw his friends winning big and thought that there was no reason why he couldn’t do the same. It took a while for the money to start coming in, but once it did he quickly rose to high stakes.

4. Viktor Blom

For years known simply as lsildur1, Blom came to fame in 2009 when he played in all 10 of the largest pots in online poker history. Introduced to the game by his older brother when he was just 14, Blom rapidly rose up the ranks and his true identity was revealed by PokerStars in 2011.

The Rise of PA Poker

Unsurprisingly, online poker has seen an increase this year with the lack of ability to attend actual casinos. PA poker, in particular, has seen a steady increase in popularity. With Pennsylvania being one of the few states where online poker is permitted in the US, the increase in popularity here is sure to continue. 

PA online casinos saw monthly revenues of $57 million during last year, with around $2.4 million of this being attributed to online poker. These numbers are to be considered huge, considering this has been the first year of legal online poker in Pennsylvania, considering the two editions of PACOOP, the Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker, as one of the highlights of the season for poker players in PA.