How Much Is Bluehost Hosting?

Bluehost hosting offers various web hosting plans that could go suitably well with the website needs of any of their users. Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies out there and purchasing a web hosting plan on them will differ according to the type of hosting plan you want to purchase.

How Much Is Bluehost Hosting?

Bluehost pricing starts at around $5 per month, this price is intended for their shared hosting plans, when it comes to the cost of the other plans, we have the VPS hosting that is priced at at least  $19 per month and then a renewal price of $29, and then the dedicated plans start at $79. The cost of their domain names is free for a year if you’re a new client but the domain renewal costs $15.99 which isn’t exactly a cheap price.

When it comes to choosing the shared hosting of Bluehost, you have to keep in mind that the cost isn’t month to month, instead, you’ll be paying an upfront fee of either 12 months, 24 months or 36 months, all at a sum total of $5.45 a month, depending on the price plan you choose, you get to pay monthly after during your renewal.

Lla cost of bluehost depends on the plan you decide to use, you could either go for a basic shared hosting plan or a plus plan or the choice plus plan, or the pro plan, all of which come with different pricing, the basic shared hosting is the cheapest and the prices go up in ascending fashion based on the type of hosting plan.

Bluehost hosting isn’t the most cost effective, but one thing is for sure, you get your money’s worth through the great services and features and it is known to be way cheaper than a lot of web hosting companies out there.

To calculate the entire value of the money you’re going to spend entirely on bluehost, you’ll have to take in account, the discount bluehost offers, the renewal prices, additional cost knowledge extensions or add-on’s, as well as hidden charges you may not even know about.

In order to determine the exact cost you might spend on bluehost, you will have to pick the plan d’hébergement you’re going for first, as we know, the prices differ, so choosing a hosting plan will determine how much you’ll eventually spend.

Bluehost Prices Per Month

Bluehost comes with different hosting plans, they are about six in total and they all come with their different prices as well.  The hosting plans include: shared, VPS, dedicated, shared WordPress, managed WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting.

Each of these plans have their different prices and probably even billing cycle,  take for instance, the shared hosting plan, at first you won’t be able to pay month to month until after your first billing cycle is over and then you get to pay month to month when it’s over, but with VPS and dedicated, first time users get to pay on a month to month basis.

Also, each of these plans differ in a way that makes them cost more based on how advanced they are than the plan before them, shared hosting plans come first and they are the cheaper kind of hosting plans, but they still offer quite excellent features even at that.

Per month, the prices of each plan differs but they all have their own discounted prices and regular prices, the discounted prices are a special offer that bluehost clients will get to enjoy but with time, they will be reverted back to the regular pricing.

Shared hosting is great for just about anyone, except you’re looking for even more advanced features, the discounted price is about $2.95 and the regular price is about $8.99, if you pay 36 months upfront, you get to save a huge percentage off your cost, the same goes with the rest of the plans.

Since bluehost is wordpress certified, they also have a shared wordpress plan,  the discount price for this plan is the same as the shared hosting plan above and so is the regular price, even the 67% off price you get if you pay for 36 months is the same.

The Woocommerce goes for $15.95  at a discounted price and $24.95 at a regular price, while VPS goes at $18.99 for the discount and $29.99 for regular pricing , you save a discounted price of 36% for both of them, when you pay for 36months upfront.

The managed wordpress plan is a pro plan, it comes with advanced features that clients are going to love, you could get the cheapest plan at $9.95 for the discount and $29.99 for the regular, and you save 67% when you pay per month for 36 months.

We also have the dedicated plans which come at a cheaper price of $79.99 for the discount and $119.99 for the regular price, you also get to save a 33% discount when you pay 36months total of the monthly price, If you however decide to pay on a month to month basis, the cost will be higher at the end of the year.

Choosing The Right Bluehost Plan

Each of these plans have their own strengths and probably their weaknesses as well, it is usually a safe bet for you to choose a hosting plan based on how much you can spend and the features you want for your website.

The shared hosting and shared wordpress hosting will be perfect if you’re site is on a small scale, if you’re just starting out and probably on a budget as well, this plan would be ultimately perfect for your website, and it’s also great if your traffic is small.

Woocommerce hosting is great for online stores, it is perfect for beginners and pros alike and it is for people who are more in tune with e-commerce, it isn’t going to be suitable for mega online stores.

VPS offer better security, features and even performance than shared hosting while dedicated is perfect for sites with high traffic, managed wordpress (pro) on the another hand is perfect for professional wordpress sites