Can I Upgrade My Siteground Plan?

There are various siteground plans that users could choose from, there are shared hosting plans, cloud hosting plans, WordPress plans and others.  With all these plans, you get a different level of hosting plans underneath it, take, for instance, the shared hosting plan, with the shared hosting plan, you get the startup plan, the GrowBig plan and the GoGeek plan. 

Can I upgrade my siteground plan? Upgrading your siteground plan is completely possible, you can even get an upgrade that is internal or external, depending on your reason for the upgrade. The internal upgrade encompasses any upgrade within your shared hosting plan or your cloud hosting plan or any hosting plan at all. What this means is that, if you’re currently on the startup plan of the shared hosting plan, you can easily upgrade to the GrowBig plan, or if you’re using the cloud hosting plan, you could go from the entry plan to the business plan. Upgrading from the shared hosting plan to the cloud hosting plan is also possible and siteground has even gone as far as explaining the necessary steps to take if any user wishes to transfer from shared hosting to cloud hosting.


As you can tell, there are levels to the shared hosting plan, you could start off using the startup plan and with time, you could upgrade to any other plan. The whole point for upgrading would be to enjoy features that your current plan doesn’t really have, with an upgrade, you get upgraded features.

Ultimately, the whole point of upgrading your hosting plan on siteground, is to give your siteground more room to enjoy as many features as possible. With each siteground shared hosting plan comes its own particular features and some plans have fewer features than others. You can’t compare the features of the startup plan to that of the GoGeek plan, and that’s because they are literally a plan apart from each other.

While the startup plan is usually targeted at beginners, the GoGeek plan is for the geekiest of the bunch who require even more advanced features because they could put it to good use.

Siteground endorses upgrades when it comes to their clients, but they also  recommend that users review their site first and then try to optimize it before upgrading it. This is because some sites are able to last longer on a cheaper and lower plan after the code has been optimized.

Your need to upgrade your hosting plan is completely achievable, and all you’ll need is more money because the price within plans differ and you’ll also need to decide what plan to go for next.

Your site might even give you a few warning signs that indicate the need to upgrade, for instance, you could be getting  a lot of traffic on your site, but your hosting plan can’t accommodate that many visitors, this could result in the slowness of your site, one sure way to fix this would be to upgrade your plan to one that can handle as much traffic as the one you’re currently getting.

How To Choose The Right Hosting Plan

Among all the siteground hosting plans, you have to go for the one that best suits the needs of your website to a tee. Choosing a hosting plan will practically determine how fast your website is, or how slow.

The startup plan is perfect if you’re site or blog is small or medium sized ,it works well with personal websites and business websites as well.  The startup plan might be the lower level plan of the shared hosting plan, but it also has features like SSL, CDN, SSH, 24/7 support, and so many others. However, if your site starts to get more than 10,000 visits per month, you will need an upgrade.

Switching from a startup plan to a GrowBig plan is usually the most suitable case scenario, grow big can handle traffic on websites and it also has a lot of features that could be termed as advanced features. It has wordpress staging, advanced caching, backups and so much more.

The GoGeek plan is the geekiest of them all, customers of this plan are known to receive even more resources than the rest and the most premium support. This planned great, if you’re running an e-commerce website because it is more than capable of handling everything that comes with it.

As much as the GoGeek plan is great for e-commerce sites, cloud hosting is on an entirely different spectrum when it comes to sites like that. This just goes to show that choosing your plan d’hébergement has levels to it, while the GoGeek is great for average e-commerce, cloud hosting was made for a larger scale of e-commerce sites.

How To Upgrade Shared Hosting Plans

If you need to upgrade you siteground shared hosting plan, You can make the upgrade happen by upgrading your hosting plan from your Client Area – Services – Hosting by pressing the Upgrade button next to the hosting solution that you want.

The pricing calculations might be a bit tricky but it still is within the normal price range of hosting prices.

Upgrading your shared hosting plan shouldn’t give you any issues at all, but if by any chance you encounter any issues at all, you could contact the siteground  team through the support page in your client area and then request for the upgrade you need.

Shared Hosting To Cloud Hosting

In order to make a transfer entirely away from your usual shared hosting plan and to a new territory of the cloud hosting, you would need to go through  a few steps :

  • Post a new ticket , for the migration to happen.
  • Set up hardware parameters during the order process and a new cloud server will be set up.
  • A Synchronization of all your data will be performed.
  • To make sure that the migration was successful, test the service of the new server and it’s functionality.
  • If your nom is managed by siteground, they will point it to the new server on your behalf, if it isn’t ,pointing it to the new server would be totally up to you.
  • A DNS propagation will be done because of the DNS changes that have been applied.

Finally, the ticket you posted for the upgrade will be updated once the process is completed.