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This is a review on Fotor Online Photo Editing Tool and Design platform. Fotor.com is a competing product of Canva and Pickmonkey.


Recently recommended by Google as a world leader in image processing, Ever imaging, creator of Fotor, has released a new version. Available on both iOS and Android, this major update includes an updated UI, streamlined and refined features, an updated ‘enhance’ function and the ability to modify your photo’s RGB spectrum.

Fotor Main Page 

The user friendliness of Fotor is apparent from the initial app screen. Providing 3 initial functions to choose from – Vision, Utility and Mission, the entire functionality of the app is merely a single swipe away.

Download on Google PlayStore

Download on Apple Store


The evolution of Fotor’s ‘One-Tap-Enhance’ has culminated in its latest version. Based on the original functionality of the utility app, Fotor’s new ‘Enhance’ now intuitively modifies a photograph automatically. Similarly, a new level of lighting control is now possible, thanks to the integration with 3rd generation HDR algorithms.



Scenes & Effects

Scenes and Effects - Two innovative Filter Types

To further build on this platform, Fotor ‘effects’ filters can be further customized. Using the ‘favorite’ function, you can add these amazing filters into a personal ‘favorites  section’.


Resize and Rotate; Overexposure Control

Fotor also brings a new level of control with the inclusion and enhancement of its utility functions. Resizing and rotation have been streamlined into a single function while the inclusion of ‘overexposure’ control give you greater ability to manipulate and correct common photographic phenomena.

Advanced editing features now include unparalleled RGB control

Advanced and basic editing features have been optimized and integrated, allowing for even greater levels of control for professional photographers. On top of a slew of editing tools, including: shadow, temperature, sharpness and highlights, Fotor has now included an RGB editing function, represented in a ‘curve’ graphic for optimal editing performance.



The new version also includes a significant package for the lovers of mosaics and various overlays. Combining core editing features with a huge number of stickers, fonts and decorations, new media possibilities are a tap away.



One of Fotor’s most advanced photographic features ‘Focus’ is an integral part of every photographer’s tool kit. Recreating a ‘bokeh’ effect using a patented algorithm, Fotor’s Focus stands out.


Clearly, this version of Fotor represents something particularly special. Evolving with the times by integrating classical utility enhancement with the ability to design, add, crop and alter photographs ‘on the go’, Fotor has raised the bar of imaging/photographic apps. However, with the inclusion of a massive ‘community’ function, Fotor is now much more than a utility app.

As a new partner with Facebook Messenger and a new member of Google Play Top Developers, Fotor has received media coverage from BBC, Life Hacker, TUAW etc. and is growing strong in the digital photo editing world.

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