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7 Powerful Tips and Tricks to Become VMware Certified with ExamSnap

VCA, VCP, VCDX are VMware’s highly yearned for certifications in the industry. Ever since VMware has been ceaseless in generating top-performing certified professionals in the sphere of virtualization software.

In the upcoming exams of these certifications, it’s important to apply the study tips used by previous successful VMware candidates.

7 Powerful Secrets to Become VMware Certified with ExamSnap


Below are tips and tricks fused into one to help you achieve your target VMware certification with ExamSnap.

1. Concentrate on the blueprint!

The blueprint is your key to everything. Thus, if you’ve failed to spend time reviewing this, then don’t be surprised if you’ll get a failing grade in the exam.

If anything else, this is the first most important must-read material you should have. It thoroughly enumerates the topics you will soon be studying for.

Plus, don’t just glance over the blueprint. It simply is treason on your part to rob yourself of the important information infused in the overview of the VMware exam.

VMware’s official site offers access to this blueprint which you can download, study, and review on a daily basis. First, attack the blueprint and then march forward to the next step in line!

2. Rate your proficiency for each area

For every area of the exam objectives, you need to give an honest remark of how proficient your current standing is. Only by doing so will you be able to effectively improve your knowledge and skills of VMware.

Make use of a spreadsheet or anything where you can list each and every topic and give yourself a rate. Take time to determine which areas need more practice along with those which you’ve already gained mastery.

This step helps you equally allocate time for all areas. To make it short, learn what you know and most importantly, what you don’t know.

3. Build yourself a lab environment

We can’t stress enough the importance of getting your own lab. Your bookish knowledge just won’t do especially for practical and performance-based exams.

You might argue that you’ve already memorized everything down to the last detail. However, navigating around a vSphere infrastructure demands both knowledge and actual hands-on skills to get things running.

A lab gives you an idea of how the exam will go about on the scheduled day. Home page, for example, offers a study platform that introduces diligent learners to vSphere environments. Not setting a lab is the fastest way to sabotage your success in the exam.

So, better build your own lab and ace that VMware certification in a snap with ExamSnap as your guide.

4. Access help from the community

An abundance of information can be harvested from engaging with the community. Your learning maximizes as you embark on blog articles, books, and other decent materials you never expected would be beneficial to you.

Never underestimate the power of study groups. As much as you’re helping yourself, you’re also helping other people in your pack.

As a two-way process, you get to ask help and give constructive advice in return regarding the VMware certification the community wishes to pursue. You can learn from your group members and pick up insights related to the exam.

Likewise, for the benefit of those who can’t freely go to forums personally, many study groups and discussions are also held online.

These will all widen your embrace of exam materials and help you become more in touch with the current goings-on of the vendor and the industry.

5. Don’t let ExamSnap slip off your radar

vmware certification exams

Online practice exam providers very much improve your learning process.

ExamSnap provides another source of learning for candidates who want to understand more on the ins and outs of the certifications like VCA, VCP, VCDX. If you avail ExamSnap’s materials, you can exercise your skills to the next level at the same time gain supplemental knowledge.

Aside from books, video tutorials along with other online and physical study resources, ExamSnap’s practice exams are valuable tools that contribute to your enhancement.

The more you answer its sample exams, the more you get exposed to a plethora of questions that touch on the exam’s broad topics.

6. Wait until you are ready

This tip has been around for ages and it never fails to apply to any type of exam. Don’t ever come to the exam center unprepared.

But, don’t ever wait until you’ve perfected the preparation either because it truly is a shot in the dark for candidates to reach a perfect score in the exam.

Only a small percentage of candidates who took the test even without rigorous study and practice acquired the certified status. If you try to bet on your half-baked preparation, just expect to reap what you’ve planted.

7. Avoid getting paralyzed in a difficult question

These tips don’t only serve you before the exam. Of course, the real deal happens on the test day. So, once you’re already facing the test questions, you need to spend enough time on each question.

As with every exam you’ve had in life, try not to dwell too much on questions you find as too difficult.

Don’t replace a number of potentially answerable questions for that one question that gets on your nerves. Come back to it only when you’re confident enough with the rest.


With a bucket of helpful tips and the right mindset, there is indeed no VMware certification that is too far from your reach.

Allow this list to carry you to your most-coveted VMware certification! After you checked off this goal from your bucket list, you can then head to your desired position in virtualization software using any of the standard-quality VMware credentials!

For that, be well-prepared for your certification exam by using the VMware’s official website, then find optional sources and use ExamSnap well. Wish you success!