PrepAway found 7 Main Reasons why Cisco CCIE R&S Certification is so Popular

PrepAway encontró 7 razones principales por las que la certificación CCIE R&S de Cisco es tan popular

The Prepaway Cisco CCIE R&S certification is an expert-level credential that proves knowledge, skills, and experience in complex networking infrastructure technologies.

It is designed for senior network engineers, network managers, architects and professionals who are tasked with troubleshooting and implementing today’s complicated networks in the enterprise networking environments.

This Cisco certificate confirms that you have the knowledge and skills needed to implement and troubleshoot complex networks and that you can provide business agility by improving network uptime, which increases user productivity.

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Importance of CCIE Routing & Switching Certification

We at thinks nobody can argue the fact that to increase your prospect of being successful in your career, it is very important that you gain experience and get certified in your profession. With enough dedication and discipline, you will have great success.

The CCIE Routing and switching credential is an essential certification in the process of establishing yourself in the Information Technology networking industry.

In case you don’t know, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certificate is among the most reputable credentials out there. Surprisingly, some people doubt about registering for the CCIE Routing & Switching certification exams.

For this reason, PrepAway has thought it wise to highlight the main reasons why CCIE R&S is so popular among IT professionals in any part of the world.

7 main reasons why Cisco CCIE R&S Certification is so Popular

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1. CCIE R&S is a Prestigious IT Credential

CCIE Routing and Switching are still one of the topmost Cisco certifications. You can obtain expert training in troubleshooting, design, and implementation of the complex network infrastructure on an enterprise organization.

Based on statistics, there are few CCIE R&S certified individuals as compared to the growing demand globally.

Achieving this Cisco certificate puts you several steps ahead on the path towards career growth prospects, professional respect, and a huge salary package.

2. CCIE R&S Experts are in High Demand

Many companies, big and small, are connected with each other and a good number of companies are increasingly collaborating worldwide.

This fact is something that causes the increase of the need for more IT network engineers, particularly those who have been certified by the industry leaders such as Cisco.

This means that there are more opportunities out there for certified network engineers. Achieving the CCIE Routing and Switching certification is an excellent way of taking advantage of this situation and the opportunities it presents.

3. CCIE R&S provides Global Career Projection Prospects

La mayoría students and highly experienced professionals, if not all, have the dream to secure international placements. This is where CCIE R&S is useful. Actually, this Cisco certification is typically the shortest route to achieving this dream.

This is because theCCIE Routing and Switching credential is a recognized credential globally. Upon the certification, it typically becomes easier for an individual to secure the international working visa and international placements.

With CCIE R&S, you can work in any part of the world.

4. CCIE R&S can Guarantee Speedy Promotion

Compared to the IT professionals with CCNA and CCNP, the CCIE specialists are usually ahead. The IT companies have more confidence in the CCIE experts because they have received more technical training and they have an in-depth understanding of networking.

With CCIE R&S, which is an expert-level certification, your chances of being promoted are very high.

PrepAway can guarantee that you won’t stay long before you are promoted to a more prestigious position, which will come with higher status and increased salary.

5. CCIE R&S offers a huge salary package for even those who have certified recently.

CCIE R&S is one of the most valuable Cisco credentials and it is among the few certificates that practically guarantee a jumbo salary package.

All you need in order to receive the credential and start earning an attractive salary is just to take and pass CCIE Routing and Switching Written Test (400-101) and CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam.

The huge salary and other benefits that come with earning this credential are tempting and enviable enough to completely transform your financial status within a short time.

This explains why the CCIE R&S certification is so popular among IT professionals worldwide.

6. CCIE R&S ensures the best quality exam preparation resources

Gone are the days when the CCIE R&S credential was difficult to achieve because passing the exams associated with it was an uphill task to the candidates.

In the past, there were inadequate certified trainers and no enough exam preparation materials.

Today, the CCIE R&S prospective candidates can have access to a wide range of test preparation materials, including exam dumps. This has made it easier for the students to take and pass the CCIE Routing and Switching Written and Lab exams.

In other words, gaining CCIE R&S has become simpler and given all the benefits the credential comes with, you have no reasons not to enroll for this certification program.

Therefore, CCIE R&S has earned its popularity because the prospective candidates can now be sure that they will get adequate training when they decide to pass the exams and they will also be able to handle them accordingly. The IT professionals no longer fear taking the CCIE Routing and Switching tests.

7. PrepawayCCIE R&S is for Career Growth

Passing the CCIE R&S certification exams with prepaway and achieving the credential can make your career brilliant and this will make you stand out among your peers.

If you want to give your career growth a boost and increase your salary, then start your preparation.

First of all, it is recommended to learn the official Cisco website where you can get the latest and reliable information in terms of the exams and preparation resources.


As you see from this PrepAway’s short review – earning the CCIE R&S certification is an excellent way to give your IT networking career a boost. As you have read above, getting this certificate comes with several potential benefits.

Thus, you have the opportunity to join the group of distinctive CCIE experts and prove that you are really good at your field.