The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google Search.

Paul started his blogging journey in 2015, wasted 3 years before he decided to go ALL IN.

– Paul Aroloye @nairatips

How I got started on this path

I wasted 3 years blogging for fun without any direction or plan. In 2018, I quit my 9-5 job and NEVER LOOKED BACK.

Do you want to become financially independent with multiple streams of income? You’re in the right place.

I made over $7,750 in my first year of serious blogging.

Made over $10,000 in my second year.

Wrote 1 blog post generating over $500 passive income monthly.

Made over $15,000 in my thirs year of serious blogging.

Maybe some of these will sound familiar? When I started my blog I was:

  • Frustrated with my 9-5’s job that stressed the life out of me (I literally lose my hairline)
  • Stress! (I worked a 4 man job and gave weekly reports for all 4 jobs)
  • No money and freedom to do whatever I wanted to do
  • All my money was already budgeted and I was stuck in the 9-5 modern slavery system
  • Delayed salaries or paychecks forced me to collect loans from friends or family
  • Sick of waking up to 6 am alarm clocks and fighting rush hour traffic
  • Unable to have a social life and always looking for weekends and public holidays
  • Drowning yourself in another person’s business
  • Wondering if this was going to be it for my life??

I was very tired, angry and crazy that I didn’t have control over my life. I felt like I was slowly drowning and getting drawn into the dark abyss of modern-day slavery called the 9-5!

Because the realities I was living included…

  • Delayed salaries and paychecks
  • The pressure to deliver on my job when my salary hasn’t been paid
  • Debt from borrowing when salary was delayed
  • No social life at all
  • No vacation
  • Living an incredibly routine lifestyle that didn’t give me any joy
  • No time to pursue my passions and dreams

Then, just like you today, I made the life-changing decision to learn how to start a successful blog and it flipped my world because people taught I was crazy when I resigned my 9-5 job without a replacement job.

I told them I was prepared to die for my blog business and I will take full responsibility for my failures and successes.