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Can I change my domain name on Siteground?

Your domain name is very essential to your entire siteground account, with your domain name, you get email accounts based on the domain name you have.  There are some hosting companies that offer users free domain name for a year but siteground isn’t one of those hosting companies, siteground domain names come with a price right off the bat and that might be a purely transparent and unique move on their part. 

Can I change my domain name on siteground? While it may not be possible to rename your domain name, you can in fact replace it with another domain name, which is still a change in itself.  To change the domain name for your website, you will have to go to your client area, then head over to Websites and then Manage,  for the site in question. Click the kebab menu and then click Change Primary Domain. On the page that eventually opens, you can input the new desired domain name and click Confirm.


The domain name you create isn’t limited, you could create new domain names if you want to, and with your domain name comes a chance for users to locate your website as well.

After you put in your new domain name, the change will be in effect after a couple seconds , changing your siteground domain name isn’t hard and if I’m you encounter any issues or problems when following the steps, siteground customer support team will be there at any time to go over the steps with you or correct any issues you might be facing. 

It is important to make sure you follow the steps accordingly because your change of domain name highly depends on it. Overall, changing your domain name shouldn’t be difficult at all, the steps add quite straightforward and easy to use.

Setting up a nombre de dominio for your website is highly important, you could register a new domain name or try using an already existing domain, or even a temporary domain. Whatever it is, it is possible with siteground and there are also steps to follow whatever decision you may make. The steps aren’t hard and all the information you might need on registering a new domain or setting up a temporary one are right where you can find them.

As explained earlier, changing your domain name isn’t hard either, once you go through the few steps put in place, your domain name will be as good as changed. Also, if you had an ssl certificate with your old domain name, you will need Ronaldo have one for your new domain name.

In order to do this you can issue a free Let’s Encrypt certificate from Site Tools – Security – SSL Manager or order a premium SSL certificate from your Client Area  – Marketplace –  Hosting Services –  SSL. All of which are siteground steps that should be taken seriously and followed carefully.

Valid Reasons That lead To Domain Name Change

There might be a lot of reasons why you may need to change your domain name, but they have to be highly important reasons that are worth the change or it could just be a trivial reason like a sudden change in taste of your domain name.

Your domain name extension might be the reason you need a new name, most domain name extensions include .com, .biz, .org or any extension at all, when you change your domain name, you could also change the extension since it is a major part of the entire domain name itself.

You could be a business owner whose business doesn’t line up with your original domain name anymore and the change can be essential for re-branding and that in turn will draw people closer to your website and  your business can be booming just from the right domain name alone.

Ways To Maintain Search Engine Ranking With Change Of Domain Name

Your SEO is a highly important part of the inner workings of your website and you have to maintain the search engine ranking even in the midst of a domain name change.

In order to accomplish this, you are highly advised  to do what is called, parking your old domain name.  This is done after you’ve changed the domain name, you park your old domain name to the new one and that would keep both the old and new domains running.

In order to avoid your search engine from referring to your old domain name, you will have to create a wild card 301 that will permanently redirect the old domain name to the new domain name. This 301 redirect will tell search engines to look for the website pages at the new domain name and with time all search results will be from your new domain name.

Domain Names And Hosting Plans

The domain name you choose is going to be the face of your website and choosing your domain name is quite vital and important,you could register a new domain on siteground, starting from only $15.95/year and you could also get a siteground hosting plan along with it. There are so many extensions that siteground offers its users and the most popular extensions are :

  • .com -$15.95/yr.
  • .net- $17.95/yr.
  • .org – $17.95/yr.
  • .biz – $17.95/yr.
  • .info- $17.95/yr.
  • .nl – $17.95/yr.

Whichever extension you decide in using will be part of your domain name , with any Plan de hosting you choose on getting, you could register a new domain name or use an already existing domain name. There are different siteground hosting plans to choose from as well, each of them have their different features and your choice will depend on what your website needs from a hosting plan. The plans and their prices and features include :

The startup plan – $4.99/month , discounted from $14.99/month. Some of its features include 1 Website, 10 GB Web Space ,10,000 Visits Monthly.

The GrowBig plan -$7.99/month, discounted from $24.99/month. Some of its features include Unlimited Websites, 20 GB Web Space, 100,000 Visits Monthly and some other advanced features.

The GoGeek plan -$14.99/month, discounted from $39.99/month ,it’s features include unlimited Websites, 40 GB Web Space, 100,000 Visits Monthly and other advanced and geeky features.