Does Siteground Offer Email?

Siteground is a web hosting company that offers quite a number of services, many siteground clients find their processes to be quite easy and stressful free and even with a service like an email hosting, that is still the case. Siteground provides a way for clients to use their email addresses with their domain name and that in turn, takes the load off of anything that could potentially be a stressful process.

Does siteground offer email? Yes, Siteground offers unlimited email services. Siteground has provided an easy and unique email hosting solution for all its users. With email hosting, you can create and use an unlimited number of email accounts that personalized and these personalized email will be based on your domain name.


Siteground ensures safety, speed, security, and an array of features when you make use of their email hosting, all of these are ensured through the use of various additional third-party apps that go along with software that has been created by siteground.

Siteground is known as one of the best hosting companies, this inevitably means that all the services it provides are within a top-notch range and clients are such to have the best of whatever hosting plan or service they are making use of.

Using siteground is an ultimate assurance that your website would run as fast and smoothly as possible, to add to it, your email hosting would also run just as fast and just as smoothly as your website.

Your email accounts will surely run efficiently on their servers and that in turn translates to all-around efficiency. Siteground email hosting is known to also be one of the best among other email hosting providers and it also allows an easier process than the rest as well, so it is important to put that into consideration before making a decision.

Through any siteground plan, you have the opportunity to have an unlimited number of free email accounts with your domain name ,in order to do that, you will have to follow a few steps that are stress free and not complicated. With the siteground cPanel, you can add an email account and then set up a forwarder to a different email. 

With an easy and friendly webmail interface, using siteground as an email hosting provider would be easy to make use of and also easy to manage as well, and sending and receiving emails either as a business platform or an individual would be similarly easy as well. However, in order to make use the email hosting.

You would need to have a domain name or even one that has been transferred on your siteground account, you will also have to buy a hosting plan, this already comes with the free email hosting and with this, you can create an email account of your choice as soon as the hosting plan has been activated.


Creating Email accounts with siteground

Creating an email account with siteground isn’t complicated, all you need to do is follow a few steps. Firstly, go to siteground’s site tools and then head to email accounts.

In order to duly create the email account, you will have to fill in a few details right after typing in the name of the new email you’d like to create for your siteground account.

The details you will need to fill in include: Domain Name Selection, Email, and Password. The final step is as easy as clicking on the create button and your new email will be created in a couple of seconds.

Setting up your siteground email on Android

To set up your siteground email on an Android phone, you will first have to go to your setting app and then you’d have to find the add account section. You will then proceed to provide the email address, which would be in this Then you press manual setup.

The next step would be to choose the type of email account you will use.  Siteground usually suggests that its users use the IMAP protocol because it will keep their messages on the server after they download it on a local device.

You’ll fill in your password and tap next, an incoming server setting will pop on your screen, here, you will have to enter your username ,password and server I.e

After that is done, tap next and go on to fill the outgoing server settings.  Fill in your username, password and server, then tap next and choose the preferred sync frequency options.

The final step would be to press next and your email address is good to go with your android.

Setting up your siteground email on iPhone

To set up your siteground email on your iPhone, you will first of all tap settings on your home screen and then go from mail to add account > other > add mail account.

The next step would be to fill in the following information :

  • Name (your name)
  • Email (
  • Password  (the password you set for your email account)
  • Description  (a short description of your email)
  • When that is done,tap next and you will have to fill in the incoming mail server
  • your hostname :
  • Username:
  • And then your password.

Complete the same steps for the outgoing mail server and then wait for the mail app to verify your info ,then tap save and your email will be added to your email account list in a matter of seconds.


Siteground Email Features

Siteground email featuresStartup. PlanGrowBig planGoGeek plan
Number of Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains for Email HostingSingleUnlimitedUnlimited
Subdomains for Email HostingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

There are so many other features that go with the siteground email, the email size box for each of the plans, range from 2GB, 4GB and 6GB, the mail you could send per hour for each plan also ranges from 400 Emails, 400 Emails, 800 Emails respectively, the size of email attachment for each plan could be up to 50MB and the hosting bandwidth for each plan is un-metered.