Does Convertkit Work With Squarespace?

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Both convertkit and Squarespace are popular when it comes to websites, using convertkit and Squarespace together might stem from the fact that you’re a fan of both of them, in order to make convertkit and Squarespace work together, there might be a few steps you’ll have to follow first.

Does Convertkit Work With Squarespace? Yes, convertkit and Squarespace work together, there are a lot of ways in which convertkit works with Squarespace, it could be the embedding of your Convertkit forms on your Squarespace website or the integration of Squarespace forms with convertkit, it could also be the integration of your Squarespace e-commerce store with convertkit for automated sequences after you’ve made a purchase. Whatever way you want your convertkit to work with Squarespace is probably achievable and all you have to do is follow a few steps.

Another way in which convertkit could work with Squarespace is by connecting your convertkit account to Squarespace commerce, in order to do this, you will have a few steps to follow and this connection will practically let you track your subscriber’s purchases.

If you’re looking for how convertkit works with Squarespace, it is safe to assume that you have a Squarespace website, if that is the case and you are on the Squarespace commerce advanced plan, you could use it to your advantage because of squarespace’s purchase features.

How To Connect Your Convertkit Account To Squarespace Commerce

  1. The first thing you need to do revolves around your Squarespace website, you will need to generate an API key. To do this, go to the Squarespace sidebar, click Settings then Advanced and then Developer API Keys, then click the ‘Generate Key’ button.
  2. A window will then pop up and you’re required to give your key a name, so name you can remember is highly advised. Next up, select ‘Orders’ and then ‘read and write’and then click on Generate key, all of which can be found under permissions.
  3. On the next window that pops up, you’re expected to copy the key, this is highly essential because once the windows disappears, you may not get the chance to copy the key again, so click ‘Copy Key’ under your newly generated API key.
  4. After all has been done in your Squarespace account, the next steps involve your convertkit account, where you will have to connect the integration to convertkit , this solidifies the entire process.
  5. Once you’re in your convertkit account, you should be able to locate Automations, click on that first and then on Integrations and them click Squarespace. The next step is where your newly generated and copied API key comes in.
  6. There would be a Squarespace API key field you’re required to fill in,  do that and then Click Next, and then click the ‘Sync Squarespace orders to ConvertKit’ button, click Next again, with that,you can  officially track your Squarespace Commerce purchases from within ConvertKit.

Benefits Of Connecting Convertkit To Squarespace

The utmost benefit is the fact that convertkit has a diverse and functional Squarespace commerce integration, so you can expect ease when it comes to setting up a post purchase email sequence for all the products you’re trying to sell. With this post purchase email sequence, you could:

Make use of the purchase history to promote other related products in your shop, this means that after a customer has bought a product in your shop, the post purchase sequence helps you keep track of who is buying what and that might give you an idea of what they might like.

Ask for customer feedback and product review. In most cases, all publicity is good publicity and in this case, it is almost similar. With a good review, you get even more people interested in what you’re selling, with a not so good review, you can correct your mistakes and in turn grow as a result of it.

How To Make Convertkit Work With Squarespace

There are different ways to make this possible, different ways with different steps to follow. The main thing here is to note that convertkit does work well with Squarespace and if you love them both, you can make it work.

Another way to make a collaboration between convertkit and Squarespace is by embedding convertkit forms on Squarespace, this means that you’re placing a convertkit form on your Squarespace website, follow the next few steps to make it happen:

 In the main menu, click on Landing Pages and Forms

Next up, you will have to select your form or click Create New to create a brand new form, whatever option you choose is okay.If you decide to create a new form, click Form  and then Inline and then choose your form template.

Customize your form using the form builder. You can choose colors,any  font  and images and then click on Embed in the upper right-hand corner. After which you will copy the java script code to your clipboard.

You will have to return to Squarespace where you will be required to add a Code Block where you want your inline form to appear, remove the default code from the code block and paste in the ConvertKit code.

Finally click on Apply, and then Save.

The Relationship Between Convertkit And Squarespace

The thing about these two brands is that they are both front-runners in their various fields, so much so that an integration is highly beneficial to anyone who wants to make use of both of them.

Convertkit is an email marketing strategy built for bloggers and content creators as a whole, thanks to convertkit, you could get sign up forms, email workflow automation and a lot of other features.

Squarespace on another hand is great for people who want to create and design beautiful websites with no coding required at all.  With these two companies working together, you could make use of popular integrations.

You could create your custom integration by selecting the Trigger event and Action to be performed, you can sync your Squarespace customer data, you could put your email marketing on autopilot in convertkit, there are so many things you could do when convertkit and Squarespace work together.

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