Does Convertkit Have Landing Pages?

With a landing page, your audience will grow and the engagement with your target audience and even visitors could make your growth even more visible and possible. Designing your landing page the way you want is very essential to the trust you’re going to build with your clients.

Does Convertkit Have Landing Pages? ConvertKit definitely has landing pages, their landing pages are as important as any because they give visitors more information and sales copy about the offer they clicked,  the goal of landing pages is to get each visitor to complete a specific action or conversion, so your landing page has to be aesthetically pleasing as well as entertaining and functional. The landing page is very important because it is the one opportunity you have to gain the trust of a visitor and then turn that visitor into a subscriber.

The importance of a landing page stems from the fact that it is almost a first impression into the content you’re offering, if someone clicks on an ad or a link you put out there, they will eventually land on your webpage and what they see determines their next course of action.

The landing page is a way of making visitors go through with what they’ve started, if they made it that far, it means you have caught their attention through the ad or search result. It will be up to your landing page to make them go through with the main action.

They could either become a new subscriber, they could decide to join your mailing list, they sign-up for an event, they could join a community and all of this would be made possible through your convertkit landing pages.

Convertkit allows its users set up free lending pages in the easiest way possible, you don’t have to be an expert to set up a great landing page, you don’t need to have any coding experience whatsoever and you certainly don’t need any design experience either.

A landing page is created as a marketing strategy, the webpage your visitors land on is your landing page, and since it is linked to marketing and advertising, it is a useful way to make your visitors trust what you’re selling to a point where they decide to become more than visitors.

Features Of Convertkit Landing Pages

With convertkit landing pages, you get different templates and different designs that come along with those templates, the versatility ensures that you have enough room to create a landing page that reflects your message entirely.

One feature of the convertkit landing page is that you get an email form for visitors to subscribe, when someone clicks on a link or an ad, they land on your webpage and if they like what they see lol,  they are compelled to be a fan, so an email form is ready for them to fill.

With convertkit, you get a page headline to catch the attention of your visitors. The importance of headlines cannot be overstated, with it, you will draw your visitors in and they will be drawn to whatever you’re promoting because of the page headline feature.

If you really want to increase the trust between your page and the visitor, you could make use of the optional thank you page, with it, your visitors could be redirected after they have subscribed to the thank you page, and although it isn’t a compulsory feature, it might be helpful.

You also get a removal convertkit badge, the fact that it is removable gives users a lot of options, you don’t necessarily want to be stuck with a badge, especially if it doesn’t really go with the aesthetic you want.

How To Create The Best Convertkit Landing Page

Creating a landing page on convertkit isn’t hard and it should only take a few minutes to get it done,  the first thing you have to do is: decide what your goal is, are you trying to build your email list or trying to get people interested in a new product.

Whatever it is, it is important for your landing page to reflect your goal, choose a template and then customize it to match what you’re going for. You need to remember that simplicity is key, keep your design simple and sweet and also get rid of any message with clutter.

If you want the best conversations on your landing page, you have to keep the visitors glued to their screens. Make use of pictures and videos that appeal to people’s visual senses, Keep them engaged with the best kind of imagery.

If your landing page is there to solve a problem, then you have to speak to the emotion you’re going for, if it’s sadness, you have to write a persuasive copy that speaks to the audience and offer a solution to their sadness if possible.

There are so many ways to make your landing page the best and most effective, if you want your visitors to be part of your subscribers list, you will have to do everything in your power to keep them interested in your brand, your convertkit landing page is the way to go.

As a convertkit user, you could make use of the landing page builder to create your landing page, just remember that it has to be as exciting and engaging as possible, if you’re a convertkit visitor, you could also try the landing page builder for free.

Why You Need A Landing Page

The importance of a landing page cannot be overemphasized, this is why convertkit gives its users the opportunity to be able to build their own landing pages without running into any difficulties or issues.

Through the landing page, your visitors get to feel like they are on a more personal experience where the page is speaking to them directly, your landing page increases the rate at which visitors of your webpage turn into subscribers.

The cost of sending visitors to your landing page is way better than sending visitors to your home page. So landing pages reduce the cost you spend on marketing.