Does Bluehost Offer Email?

It is very important to have a business email address because this makes your business look matured and legitimate. A business email address is an email that uses your own business domain name before you can own such an email you need to have a domain first. Each email you send with your business email address helps promote your business online.

Does Bluehost offer email? Bluehost offers a free business email address with your domain regardless of the hosting plan you are using. Bluehost allows you to register a business email address for free it comes with the package when you purchase any of their hosting plans. You can control the email for free using the Bluehost cPanel. They have one of the cheapest web hosting plans available and it is even better that they allow you to create a business email for free. managing and setting up a business email is easy with Bluehost.

It is also a way of building trust and relationships with people. Some potential business partners might overlook emails sent with a yahoo or Gmail account but once they see an email that ends with a domain name they are likely to respond to you.

Without a domain, there is no way you are getting an email account but they are making it look like it’s totally free.  it comes included in the package you paid for when you paid for your domain. The only way you can get a free email is if you use Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.

They look unprofessional in the business world and very large companies normally allow their staffs to open emails with their business domain names. That way if you are contacted by an agent from the company you will know that it is legitimate.

Why its important to use a Bluehost Business email

This is the first step you will take to help brand your business because once potential business customers and partners see the email they will know you are original. When all our competition uses a standard business email it is best if you follow suit.

If not the value of your business will drop and while some business owners will not pay attention to it because they don’t see it as a factor to validate their business it does add some level of subconsciousness to the business. Another reason why it is important is that you have already paid for it when you paid for your domain.

Setting up the email with Bluehost is very easy and you don’t even need a website manager or designer to help you with one. If your business grow you can use custom emails for your staff to make your business even more standard. It is difficult to get good corresponding emails with either Gmail or any other free email provider.

With your domain email, you can easily set that up for your staffs and add standards to your business. A branded email is like a marketing tool this is because the more people see your domain name at the end of your business email the more they are likely to visit.

It is important to also use it in all your employees’ signature, business cards, and marketing materials. You can also create as many emails as you want with the Bluehost account. It will even be more professional if you have an email account for customer service, orders, and support. 

You can later hire employees and assign them to manage those emails on your behalf. A business email might look like something small but it is really important and will help further elevate your business.

Managing your Bluehost email account

Some people might be of the opinion that if you open an email address for your business how are you going to manage for sending and receiving emails. With Bluehost you can use either webmail or outlook to log into your email account. It can be a little bit tricky with outlook if you want to login but if you are using a 2010 version and above you will find it easier.

You can also go to advanced and email accounts click on the manage link to manage your email account. It will show you the options that are used in your email account. You can set up automated responses for frequently asked questions.

You can filter emails, update account and change password. It can also be used to free up your mail account and allocate storage space. with other hosting platforms using an email account is not as easy as it is when you are using Bluehost.

Through the control panel inside your Bluehost account dashboard, you can control your email account and decide how you want it to look. You can even delete the email account if you don’t need it anymore.

Webmail is the standard and easiest option that you can use to log into your Bluehost email account. They have two options on webmail that include round cube or horde and every email owner can choose between the two. Round cube is the most popular it looks and feel like an email application but it is available inside a browser.

You can import and use an address book and use IMAP folders with drag and drop organization. Horde is more of a webmail client it has a collection of simple online apps for collaboration including a webmail calendar, notes, and task. But the features come with some limits.

Related Questions

Can I log into my Bluehost email account with my mobile phone?

Yes, you can custom business email accounts work fine with any mobile phone as long as it has an internet connection. many email apps can be used you just need to figure out the log in settings

Can I create a business email without a website?

Yes, you can create a business email without owning a website but you need to own a domain first. You must pay for domain name registration and the email account package will be available for you.