Do I Need Sitelock Security On Bluehost?

Sitelock is an automatic tool that monitors and guards your site against any unwanted attacks or spamming and hackers. It also keeps your site away from landing on any search engines blacklist.

Do I Need Sitelock Security On Bluehost? Sitelock security on Bluehost is a good investment if you want assurance that your website is completely safe from any malicious content, but you do not absolutely need it to keep your website safe, it is an optional add-on extension and you could easily get other options for your website’s security. Sitelock security is an added extension and choosing whether or not you want it is up to you, not all add-on extensions are for everyone, that’s why it is optional, some people may find it useful for their website and others may not.

Sitelock security promises a lot of protection for your site and it also delivers this promises to all the websites that have purchased sitelock security, but there aren’t a lot of good customer reviews about the transparency of sitelock security.

One solid reason why you may not need the services sitelock security provides is that, in addition to your web hosting bills, you will have to pay an additional price for the sitelock add-on,  and even at that, there’s still a chance that your account could still be hacked.

It might not guarantee 100% security and it isn’t a free service either, this is where you’ll have to choose between making an investment or just accepting the risks that come without making use of the sitelock security.

Sitelock works in a way that keeps your website updated against any danger,  sitelock keeps your website running by scanning your website at least once a day, this makes sitelock a pretty simple safety guard.

Sitelock checks for any malicious attacks through its scans, each file related to your website will get checked for any dangerous or corrupt file and the scan will basically protect your website from having any potential downtime at all.

Sitelock services work just the way they are supposed to, and you will get your scans just when you need to, you could get sitelock security when you’re signing up with bluehost or you could get it later on, through your bluehost control panel.

New bluehost customers get the upper hand when purchasing sitelock security, you could get up to an 80% discount, this is a deducted rate that is way lesser than their retail price, it is also a great opportunity to check out if you’ll need sitelock security in the future and if it is worth paying regular price for.

Advantages Of Sitelock Security On Bluehost

You get automatic daily scans that will help you stay away from malware and it will also help with automatic malware removal, the scans are a great way to be sure that your website is safe from any impending danger and you can rest easy knowing you have a daily scan to protect your site.

There is a certain kind of trust that is fostered between clients and your website, knowing that your website is fully protected might keep their mind at ease when visiting your website and clicking on your pages.

It will prevent your website from being blacklisted on search engines, this is the last kind of problem you need.  If your website is on a search engine’s blacklist, your traffic quality and quantity will be affected, and not in a good way.

You also get free 24/7 support. Any issues you may run into can easily be fixed with the attention of the customer support team, if you have any concerns, questions or issues, all you need to do is reach out to the support team and your problem will be as good as solved.

Asides from the great customer support, you will also get an expert to guide you one on one through the live chat, they will guide you through website building which will definitely be good for you and your site in the foreseeable future.

Disadvantages Of Sitelock Security On Bluehost

The services that sitelock provides on bluehost are minimal and for lack of a better word, they are quite basic as well. Most people would rather go for security services that are a little bit more complicated and more than a scan away from securing their websites, this gives them more assurance on the safety of their site.

One very important disadvantage is the negative reviews that has been given by a lot of bluehost customers that have tried the sitelock security add-on, there have been claims of the extension being of no help and so many others, looking into this would be of benefit to you.

In order to use sitelock, you will have to pay either monthly or annually, and that could be too much on anyone who has to pay their webhosting bill alongside additional costs for an add-on extension that might not even give them the full protection they need.

Any failed payment could lead bluehost to suspend your website or even lock it, and that in itself makes you wonder if the basic security you’re going to get is worth all of that hassle and price tag.


Deciding whether or not you need the sitelock security on bluehost is up to you.  On one hand, you have additional protection against anything that may be of harm to your website, and on another hand, the guarantee of safety isn’t exactly a hundred percent.

There are a lot of other options you could get for free, there are a lot of wordpress security plugins that are free and you could make use of them with your bluehost, wordpress hosted account.

Bluehost and sitelock are both reputable companies and while you don’t have to rely on the basic security sitelock provides, you could also give it a benefit of a doubt that all their security promises will be met undoubtedly and transparently.