5 Best Discord Certified Headsets for Superior Gaming in 2021

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Discord certified Headsets are a great fit in a world that is so diversified and well versed in worldwide communication through whatever means available. People go for discord certified headsets because they are products that have great audio and no echoes of any sort when it is being used to talk with friends, a lot of online gamers make use of this headsets because they have to communicate when playing a game and they would like to have the best experience throughout the entire game without any playbacks or interference of any kind coming from their headsets. 

The best discord certified headset is the ASUS TUF H5 Gaming headset, it is discord certified, it also has virtual surround sound, dual microphones as well as in-line and detachable gaming headphone microphones. 

Discord is also a fast-rising voice and text chat app for most gamers. It offers a lot of services like a free and secure service for multiple player desktop and mobile gaming, this app has millions of users and counting. It is a notable platform for people to join gaming communities; they provide a channel for great communication among these gamers.

It has one of the best audio features along with an exclusive airtight chamber and essence drivers that provide really clear sounds and strong bass. This headphone has features that enable users to experience natural-sounding gaming. The H5 gaming headset comes with an adjustable ear cup and it has a lightweight design that lessens any form of pressure, thereby providing comfort for gamers. The headphone is specially designed for gamers and It also has a built-in Rog Armory ii software for easy customization of EQ and audio profiles for any application.

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Discord is said to be a large part of the gaming world these days, it is rapidly becoming a huge part of great audio quality when it comes to headsets, and tests are conducted to make sure a headset is good enough for any microphone. Discord certified headsets go through a process, where it is tested along with the microphone, and if it fails the test, it doesn’t get certified. 

Not all headsets are discord certified but the ones that are, means communication between various users through their headsets is clear and concise, users are drawn to discord certified headsets because of the great perks that come along with it.

Discord is certainly about talking with your friends or within an online gaming community, discord certified headsets are such a great way for people to start audio chatting without any struggles, having a discord certified headset guarantees exceptional audio quality, no echoes or background noise and you get to focus on the voice of the other person or people at the other end of the line. 

So basically, discord is a free voice, video, text chat app that is used by a lot of people, the discord certification process is basically designed to make sure users have a great number of information when they decide to buy a particular gear, most headset manufacturers are given the opportunity to request certification on the discord app website, it is free and it wouldn’t cost anything.

Discord Certified Headsets Comparison Table

A lot of headset manufacturers are elated to have the discord certified badge on their product, it is basically a stamp of approval that the company gives to manufacturers of microphones, headphones and gaming headsets to confirm the compatibility, discord certified products must go through extensive testing to meet the company’s strict standards for the best audio quality and the most exceptional experience for each user. 

Discord is known to be the largest and fastest-growing VoIP app for gamers especially gamers that are most competitive in nature, discord ensures that users are provided with great audio quality, security and even stability, it has an utmost commitment to providing the most amazing experience for gamers and even non-gamers and their commitment led to the whole certification process that is there solely to help users identify the best microphone, the best headphones and last but not the least, the best gaming headsets.

Users who decide to go for discord certified headsets are sure to have the most enjoyable experience without any huge bumps on the road, certification from discord is a big deal for most manufacturers as it shows that they have reached a certain line of potential and standard quality, with discord certified headsets, players who are gaming with teammates against an opposition, would be able to communicate smoothly, for everyone to hear loudly and clearly and that is why discord is very essential in what it is trying to achieve as a company.

The objectives discord certified headsets are trying to meet are very important to the growth of microphone and headset manufacturing. These days, if all the features of these products are on par, they would definitely be in top ranks among the gaming community and everyone would want to have a headset that is not only exceptionally qualified but also one that has gone through a series of tests to be certified but discord.

Discord Certified Headsets in 2021

Getting a certification from discord is a pretty huge deal in this day and age, but there are also quite a number of headsets that have been approved or certified, and these headsets are known to have great sound or audio control and when a headset is certified by discord, it means that the headset has to be in a great state and it has to pass the tests designed to be certified as discord compatible headsets. 

Users could also access a lot of other ways to verify if their headsets could be discord certified online, there are various websites where that could be achieved. It is important to note that the discord certification is there to acknowledge the manufacturers of headsets with maximum security and an equally great audio quality that works seamlessly without any kind of interference whatsoever.

1. Corsair VOID RGB

Corsair void RGB elite wireless premium gaming headset is definitely discord certified, it is long-lasting and durable and it houses a great microphone that picks up the voice of its user swiftly and clearly. This device has a solid rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars; this means that it has great potential to be one of the best gaming headsets. 

It is a very comfortable headset and it is adequate for its price. All the qualities and features of this wireless headset are in line with the price tag it has, it gives any buyer the value for their money, it has a steady comfort level and the sound quality is good. The headset is said to be noise cancelling, which will be useful for a lot of users.

Best Overall

Corsair VOID RGB

It also comes with 7.1 surround sound and it is also known to be compatible with PC, PS5 and PS4. With its 7.1 surround sound, the user can hear everything from the lightest sound to the loudest, it has a premium, and custom-tuned 50mm high-density neodymium drivers with an expanded frequency range of 2oHz – 30,000Hz.

This headset also provides absolute comfort for gamers; this can be seen in its foam ear pads. It is compatible with other devices and users can connect it wirelessly to their PC or PS4 using low latency 2.4GHz wireless with the included USB adapter. 

It has an essential microphone that is omnidirectional and has the ability to pick up the user’s voice with magnificent clarity, it also has a flip-up mute function and a built-in LED mute indicator. It is highly durable and can last for a long time, though quite a number of years. The construction is said to be durable and it is said to have aluminium yokes.

There are a lot of reasons why this gaming headset is a great choice for gamers everywhere, not only is it discord certified; which is a big deal for gaming headset manufacturers and users, but it also has a lot of other features that make it worthwhile. It is comfortable, it has a great microphone and it cancels out the noise. 

It is also highly durable which is a great quality for users who would love to use it for years; it has other great features that a lot of users might be looking for in a gaming headset. While it has all of these great features, it doesn’t mean it might not have a few flaws, but overall, it really is a good gaming headset and worth the price it is sold or bought for.



2. HyperX Cloud II

The HyperX Cloud II is one of the first audio devices to gain discord certification and since discord is a fast-rising voice and text chat app for gamers with five million users and over one million new people trying it out every month, this is in fact, a huge deal. 

Discord works with top audio manufacturers to ensure gamers communicate among friends, teammates and other players smoothly and the HyperX Cloud is certified by discord to have clear and crisp voice quality as well as an excellent sound. There are no audible echoes, background noise or even vocal distortion detected.


HyperX Cloud II

In order to get the discord certification, the microphone on cloud II went through a testing process that included an acoustical comparison vs. a reference sound signature from Discord.

The HyperX Cloud II has a 7.1 surround sound, it also has a durable aluminium frame, a detachable microphone and it also works well with PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

It is known to be designed for comfort because of its comfortable memory foam ear cushions and padded leatherette headband that allows users to focus on their gaming. It also has great audio quality with large 53mm drivers that provide high-quality audio. 

It has great noise cancellation due to the closed ear cup design that blocks out outside noise or distractions to keep users focused and in the game. Most importantly, it is noted to be one of the best selling PC-gaming headset brands.

HyperX boasts of high performance, it is noted to be one of the first gaming headset manufacturers to gain Discord certification, this makes it all the more reliable and its quality and features have for sure been tested and proven to be good. It is such a great pick for users who don’t know which product would suit them. 

The Hyper X Cloud II has great qualities and its discord certification only goes to show that it can be trusted, all of its great qualities are quite remarkable and gamers would find it to be very useful and handy.



3. ASUS TUF H5 Gaming Headset

The ASUS TUF H5 is discord certified; it features incredibly deep bass and also an airtight chamber and essence drives that provide a clear sound. This headset fits all head shapes and provides comfort for gamers throughout their gaming experience. 

It also has a lightweight design that lessens any pressure the headset might have, it has a dual microphone which is extremely useful; it is a detachable boom mic that provides clear communication when gaming and an in-line microphone that is convenient for phone calls and other daily tasks.

Also Good

ASUS TUF H5 Gaming Headset

There are a lot of great things about this headset and it is completely durable and it will definitely last for a very long time.

The ASUS gaming headset has a lot of great features such as its onboard 7.1 virtual surround sound and it is also compatible with a lot of devices, it is equipped with USB 2.0 or a 3.5mm and it connects with PCs, Mac, Play station, Mobile devices and so on.

It also has a tough stainless steel headband with fabric ear cups that provides a satisfactory level of comfort with full sound insulation. This headset is designed for gamers that are truly committed, it can last through long gaming sessions, it comes with a built-in Rog armoury ii software for easy customization of EQ and audio profiles for any application and basically full audio control.

This is an excellent choice for gamers that require a discord certified headset, it has a lot of great features and it keeps getting better, it is highly durable and efficient. It has a clear sound with an equally strong bass that allows users to enjoy a natural-sounding gaming experience. 

The fact that it provides total comfort for gamers makes it an even better choice, plus it fits all head shapes, so no one would have to complain about it being too small or being too big.



4. Logitech G533 Wireless

The Logitech G533 is a wireless gaming headset that comes from the Logitech G brand; it has an Over-Ear form factor and superior audio with PRO-G driver technology. It is a great recommendation for PC users and it has a lot of great features that make it one of the best Discord certified headsets. 

It has stainless steel bands, comfortable sports mesh, lightweight design, and 15h battery and 15m Range, it is also a noise-cancelling microphone. It has a DTS 7.1 surround sound along with a booming bass; this makes it one of the best sounding wireless headsets at the price is it set at.

Logitech G533 Wireless

It is said to be a wireless light speed headset that delivers advanced digital audio transmission and incredible high fidelity sound with up to 15 meters in range. It has its volume and mute controls on-ear; this allows it easier for a user to adjust the audio.

It is a comfortable headset, it has an excellent audio performance and flexible connection options, the ear pads are nice and light and any user can wear it for hours without any issues or discomfort. It has a boom mic that is placed on the front of the left ear cup and the main microphone placed on a small, flexible metal arm. 

Logitech is a PC gaming headset, there are no provisions for it to be connected to Smartphone’s or tablets but it still remains a good wireless device. The Logitech G533 can last up to 15 hours after it has been charged, this means the battery life is also a great part of its features. It definitely is a high-performance gaming headset made with top-notch materials and it is designed to be long lasting and light.

There are a lot of attractive features that make the Logitech very much worthwhile for buyers, gamers and users, it is light and won’t be of any discomfort, its battery life is very much long-lasting, because of its bass sound, gamers can enjoy their gaming experience to the max; they can basically hear the sound of combats in the game they play. It also has a few connection options that might be quite beneficial to a few users.



5. Steel Series Arctis Pro

The SteelSeries is sleek and stylish, it has a great performance and as far as gaming headsets go, it is quite reliable and efficient. It has high-res speaker drivers with high-density neodymium magnets that reproduce high-quality audio of up to 40,000 Hz. It is also a DTS Headphone: X v2.0, it produces audio that sound as real as it gets and with its clear bidirectional microphone that delivers studio-quality voice clarity and great noise cancellation. 

It maintains its stylish design, all the while being very comfortable to the point where any user can have hours of extremely comfortable gaming. With the SteelSeries Engine software, users can customize the audio and performance of the device, the EQ, mic sidetone, RGB lighting and surround setting can all be customized by the user.


Steel Series Arctis Pro

This headset is durable even with its high-quality polished steel and aluminium alloy construction, it is the next generation DTS headphone with a great microphone that has the great audio quality and it is also noise cancelling which is an excellent feature of any headset… It has a microphone frequency response of 100-10,000 kHz and a microphone sensitivity of (-38) DVB/pa.

It also has revolutionary silicone side grips for increased grip and durability which makes it all the more unique. It weighs 15 ounces which could be a plus for a lot of gamers and the sound is a great part of its features, especially at its price.

This device is an excellent fit for almost any gamer, it has a lot of excellent features that most gamers need, it is light and extremely comfortable, they are top of the line when it comes to quality sound and it also has an amazing, attractive design. It is built in a way that is bound to last for a very long time, so that goes to show that users can make use of it for a very long time without having to find a new one. 

It also has great battery life, another reason why it is a great pick. The material it is made of is stylish and still quite strong; style isn’t compromised because of strength and vice versa. It is exceptional for gaming as it provides good sound quality and surrounding noise cancellation as well. 

There are a lot of raves about the great sound quality of this headset, and it also has a lot of good reviews that attest to the overall quality and audio quality as well.



How To Choose The Right Discord Certified Headset

Choosing the right discord certified headset doesn’t have to be such a hassle, there are a lot of ways to decide what headset would be a great fit for all your gaming needs, Discord already makes the job half easy because most of these headsets go through rigorous testing before they become certified. 

So it is safe to say that deciding a headset out of these already certified headsets, means whatever you choose to buy would be on par with every single gaming need you might have and it will also have great qualities and features, even design. 

There are a lot of factors that should come into play if you want to choose the best discord certified headset, you have to make sure the quality is great, how it sounds is highly necessary, how it’s built, how comfortable would it be for long gaming hours, how great is the microphone; is it bidirectional or omnidirectional and most importantly, is the headset of the noise-cancelling variety. 

Whatever decision you make should be based on a series of thought out wants and questions that basically match what you’re looking for in a discord certified headset.


The microphone of the headset is practically one of the most essential parts, especially for prolific gamers, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find a headset with a recording quality microphone. Most gaming microphones struggle to find a balance in the range of the bass frequency which means people with deep voices have an additional bass to their tone, and that’s not so good but with discord certified headsets; this means that issues like that can be solved. 

Nonetheless, it is still important to choose a discord certified headset that doesn’t go overboard with the bass in its microphone. If you intend to use the microphone for everyday purposes, then it would be advisable to get one with a detachable microphone. If you’re an avid gamer it is important to get a headset that can be adjusted.


Gamers require absolute comfort when they are in the middle of a game, so because of this, comfort is a feature that should be put in high demand. If you’re going to spend hours with your headset on, it is important to go for one that fits your head, a bad fit can be extremely uncomfortable, and also the ear pads should have just the right amount of memory foam which provides extreme comfort for the users. 

The smallest amount of pressure in the band can cause neck pains, sore ears and even a headache, so it is important to get a headset that is sure to be your size and also one with great memory foam and band features.

Surround Sound

Surround sound is a common feature of most gaming headsets, headsets with surround sound are highly efficient and offer all-around, great sound quality. There is a huge variety of surround sound types, there’s the DTS; X, windows sonic, Dolby and a list of other sounds that are made by the manufacturers of headsets. 

As the days go by, there are new generations of surround sounds that come up, whatever it is; the surround sound gives the audio a great feel to it. Gamers would have to prioritize this feature as it affects the way the game sounds and how real it feels as well. 

What the surround sound does is that it makes it feel like the audio is happening all around rather than in front, behind or at the side, this is opposite to how stereo sounds used to sound, almost as though any sound made is coming from just one side. Choosing a discord certified headset comes along with choosing a headset with a good surround sound.

Build Quality

It is also important to look out for a headset that was manufactured with great materials, the headset is supposed to have a sturdy build, made out of metal, a wireframe or any other luxurious material that has great strength. 

Headsets that are made out of cheap plastic aren’t the most ideal, plastic can make loud noises if it is moved even a little bit while most metal headset can go through a lot and still come out looking just fine. So it is definitely important for users and gamers to get a headset that is bound to last or stand the test of time because of its great strength, quality and builds.

Discord Certified FAQs

All you need to know about discord certified headsets can’t be exhausted; there is a lot more information out there that will answer all that you need to know, starting with the questions below.

What Is The Overall Best Discord Certified Headset?

The overall best discord certified headset could be the ASUS TUF H5 Gaming headset this is because has virtual surround sound, dual microphones as well as in-line and detachable gaming headphone microphones. It basically has one of the best audio features any gaming headset could have.

How Much Do I Need To Buy The Discord Certified Headset?

Getting the best discord certified headsets could go from a price range of $100 to $200.

What Is The Cheapest Discord Certified Headset

The ASTRO gaming A10 gaming headset is the cheapest at a price range of $30.19

In Conclusion

All the discord certified headsets have gone through a process of testing to the point of gaining discord certification. This means that they are great when it comes to online gaming communities and they have great sound and audio quality as well. Getting a headset that is discord certified allows the users to have a great experience, whether it is gaming or otherwise. 

There are also quite a number of other features that these headsets are supposed to have, all in a bid to make the use more worthwhile and easy. Most discord gaming headsets have excellent quality and great features but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a few flaws or cons of their own. 

The bottom line is, whatever discord certified headset you choose has already been tested, so that means it can definitely go in line with discord and gaming but keep in mind that when you want to choose a headset that is already discord certified, you would still have to checkboxes when it comes to the kind of features you’re looking for in a headset.

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