Are you searching for the best digital humans to help you become more productive? At 9 Best Digital Humans Apps in 2023, we offer a curated list of apps that can do it all.

#2nd Place

Deepbrain AI

#3rd Place

Live3D VTuber

From providing natural language processing, body language, and artificial intelligence – digital human assistants and virtual assistants are here to give you information and provide an appropriate non-verbal response with body language.

Get started with one of these tools today and discover how having access to real-time feedback from conversations can take your business or team project to the next level. You don’t have to worry about manually programming or spending hours on tedious tasks, as a few clicks will get your work done faster than ever!

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What is a Digital Human App?

Digital Human apps are revolutionizing the way people interact with technology. By utilizing digital humans, and advanced voice recognition AI, customers can now enjoy a more human-like experience that allows a human-emotional connection—something traditional virtual assistants could not provide.

From providing customer service and emotional support to providing interactive entertainment, digital human apps can enrich people’s lives in both personal and professional capacities.

Beyond helping users access information quicker, digital human apps also provide an unprecedented level of emotional intelligence that can open opportunities and shape relationships between brands and customers like never before. Through thoughtful dialogue, digital human apps foster interactions that build authentic connections with users, furthering progress towards a more interconnected use.

Not only is the information of digital humans vital, but other AI-related topics.

What Are the Best Digital Human Apps?

Digital human apps have taken us by storm, allowing us to make digital versions of ourselves and intelligent virtual assistants that can assist or teach us what we want. From face-to-face video interactions to learning through digital versions, digital humans offer many interactive possibilities.

They provide unprecedented understanding and knowledge like no other form of digital technology. Like virtual beings that mimic natural human behavior and emotions, humans hold remarkable potential for accessing and transmitting information in our daily lives.

Furthermore, their ability to act as personalized tutors, interpreters, and advisors presents much promise for higher learning and education. As such, it is easy to see why digital human apps often rise above many other emerging technologies when it comes to engaging with users on a more meaningful level.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is the perfect digital Human app to improve human interaction and digital experiences in 2023. Our advanced technology enables you to make digital humans with natural language generation that can be controlled instantly.

With Synthesia, you can easily construct and deploy a unique digital twin with a customized tone of voice and style, making interactions feel more realistic and authentic at lower costs.

Not only is Synthesia incredibly easy to use as a digital twin, but helps costs by automating tasks and communication within your business or organization. Our feature-rich platform ensures that you can command the most lifelike interactions while staying cost-efficient, so don’t wait any longer to make Synthesia part of your team!

Synthesia Pros

  • High quality video
  • Numerous human avatars
  • Perfect for communication
  • Good for promo

Synthesia Cons

  • Personal plan is limited

2. DeepBrain AI

Experience DeepBrain AI and enter the world of human-like virtual influencers. Our digitally designed humans have the power of emotional intelligence to engage, inform and entertain. Our conversational AI technology allows them to carry out real-time conversations without needing to rest or take a break.

Take your digital engagement experience to the next level with our interactive, emotionally intelligent DeepBrain AI virtual humans, the perfect addition to any event going into 2023.

Thanks to our groundbreaking technology, we guarantee an innovative experience only possible with DeepBrain AI for those looking for amazing digital human apps in 2023.

DeepBrain AI Pros

  • Create live chat
  • Affordable $20/month
  • 20m video free per month
  • In-person training available

DeepBrain AI Cons

  • Only preconfigures bot

3. Live3D VTuber

Live3D VTuber is the future of digital communication. It helps you make a digital world and explore new forms of expression with virtual humans, or “VTubers,” without showing your face.

With Live3D VTuber, you can stay in your comfort zone and keep your privacy while engaging audiences in wild new ways with mesmerizing 3D avatars. Already, we’ve served almost 1 million people worldwide since launching two software products: VTuber Maker and VTuber Editor.

Our 3D vtuber avatars are filled with so many customizability options that all broadcasts will be different- spicing up online classrooms, hosting meetings, and more! Plus, at just $3.29, it’s an unbeatable bargain compared to similar services.

Now is the time to get creative and make a statement with Live3D VTuber! Jump into the digital world today- and leave an impact on viewers around the world like never before!

Live3D VTuber Pros

  • Good for beginners
  • Nonparallel customization
  • Realistic character
  • Different editing features

Live3D VTuber Cons

  • Require subscription

4. Daz 3D

Are you looking for the best way to make engaging digital humans and digital twins that bring your virtual assistant and other customer experiences to life?

Look no further than Daz 3D, founded in 2000! With a wide range of digital morphable, digital human beings, real human beings, virtual assistants, facial expressions, and customer experience, Daz Studio is the world’s most recognized 3D modeling software and content company.

The two most widely used figures are Michael and Victoria – utilized by top brands and illustrators who desire an efficient way to create impressive, customized visuals. Daz does not only work for professional graphic artists. Amateurs can save time while creating realistic 3D models with expressive facial expressions.

From film and TV to product visuals, there are endless possibilities through the expressive design capabilities of Daz 3D––so why wait? Experience the power of 3D animations yourself in 2023!

Daz 3D Pros

  • Rich editing features
  • Multiple customization scenes
  • Can produce different body types
  • All anatomic elements available

Daz 3D Cons

  • Male characters are less realistic

5. Reallusion

Reallusion is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore the possibilities of a digital world. With machine learning and virtual reality technology, Reallusion can provide users with stunningly realistic digital beings only limited by the imagination.

Through Reallusion’s comprehensive solutions for character creation, animation rigging, asset management, look-dev rendering, and interactive design, this powerful tool gives users unprecedented access to the tools they need to make genuinely breathtaking digital characters.

From humans to creatures or props, your project will get the high-quality 3D visuals it deserves in no time. For just $299, anyone interested in pushing the boundaries of creativity and giving life to a virtual world can do so easily when they choose Reallusion.

Reallusion Pros

  • Can create multiple avatars
  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic character movement

Reallusion Cons

  • Less integration with social media

6. Didimo

We are introducing Didimo, the revolutionary digital human technology that brings your ideas to life. Have you ever wanted to make a realistic digital Human avatar for a website, game, or virtual event? Now you can get with Didimo!

With just a $100 one-time payment, you’ll get access to our proprietary Soul Machines technology, which enables you to quickly and easily make lifelike 3D characters customized to your exact specifications. Every aspect of your avatar is customizable — from its physical features and clothing to its expressions and movements – giving you complete control of your new digital friend.

In an increasingly digital world, trust Didimo to create amazing digital employees, assistants, or avatars that stand out and make an impact! With state-of-the-art technology and unmatched realism, our app lets you explore realms of creative possibilities in media production that only the future could provide. Get changed up with Didimo today!

Didimo. Didimo Pros

  • One-time payment of $100
  • Support iPhone and iPad
  • Saas based
  • Available training file

Didimo. Didimo Cons

  • Relatively popular

7. SantosHuman

We are introducing SantosHuman, the revolutionary digital human’s app that has disrupted the world of artificial intelligence technology of digital assistants, with its ability to make digital replicas of human touch and Human-like characteristics with nonverbal cues. Companies and organizations now have a powerful tool to deliver human-like experiences with their products and services.

Designed specifically for the user experience and mental health in mind, the power of SantosHuman lies in its key technologies that render digital humans that look, behave, and interact just like their real-life counterparts – without sacrificing comfort or safety.

By leveraging natural language cognition, machine learning, biometric facial recognition, and more, SantosHuman sets the standard for what digital humans should be capable of delivering today. So if you’re looking for the most innovative digital humans app in 2023, try out SantosHuman today – it’s free! Get ready to shape a brighter future for yourself and your business!

SantosHuman Pros

  • Free to use
  • Different training available
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to use

SantosHuman Cons

  • Low available ratings


AI STUDIOS is the latest, most advanced Digital Human platform on the market for those looking for the best digital experience in 2023. Our revolutionary AI technology provides lifelike human-like characters that are emotionally intelligent and conversational and content creators with zero sleep.

With AI STUDIOS, you can quickly and easily create realistic, high-quality custom content with specialized models in any industry you require. From templates to complex designs, AI STUDIOS allows users to create their virtual influencer or completely new iOS application at a low cost of only $29 per month.


  • Can create AI video
  • Very fast to use
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable $29/month


  • Only uses templates

9. Unreal Engine

We are introducing Unreal Engine – the #1 digital humans app of 2023. Our groundbreaking technology allows people to interact with lifelike digital people with human communication and access innovative medical care in ways never before possible. Our powerful software allows your digital people to react intelligently with realistic non-verbal cues and human deep fakes made from real humans.

We’ve taken great strides in ensuring that our new technology is reliable, efficient, and accessible as an advanced AI. Our team of talented engineers radically change crafted cutting-edge product that far exceeds expectations, resulting in ultra-realistic simulations while providing unparalleled levels of convenience and accuracy.

Unreal Engine also offers proprietary analytics in the form of a digital replica that allows you to monitor performance and track vital signs of the digital avatar, which is essential for keeping digital humans performing at their best as digital avatars. Plus, our AI-backed technology enables fast processing speeds, so you won’t have to wait long for results.

Whether you’re looking for the highest quality user experience or solutions for application development, Unreal Engine is perfect for anyone who wants the most advanced digital humans on the market. With Unreal Engine, you can be sure your digital people will look, act and feel natural – revolutionizing healthcare as we know it!

Unreal Engine Pros

  • Creat game character
  • Creating digital humans
  • Can create moving images
  • High rush and possibilities

Unreal Engine Cons

  • Serves many purposes

Dp Digital Humans Have Human Body Language?

Digital humans are ushering us into a new era of digital technology and remarkable results. With digital humans, our world is rapidly looking more and more life-like as digital humans are becoming increasingly sophisticated. 

These digital replicas of real people have been able to interact in ways that imitate actual human body language, bringing digital creations one step closer to anthropomorphizing digital characters within the world. 

Behind digital humans’ realistic looks is state-of-the-art technology that is bringing us closer to true digital interactivity and creating a more persuasive impression on digital viewers when compared to video or 2D animation. Digital humans are destined to play an increasingly important role in our future, both socially and commercially, further bridging the gap between digital worlds and real people.

Are Digital Humans Good Virtual Assistants?

Digital humans have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, creating a life-like digital interaction that has never been seen before. Moreover, digital humans can carry out similar tasks to their real-life counterparts. For example, digital humans can be utilized as virtual assistants and help automate tedious tasks in the future.

With an increasing dependency on digital interaction, digital humans have immense potential to improve our lives and become part of our routine activities. Ultimately, digital humans can become powerful tools in making us more efficient and productive while providing life-like interactions that mimic real people.

Does Human Interaction Exist in the Metaverse?

The metaverse is quickly becoming part of our day-to-day lives. As more people connect via digital interfaces, the potential for a new kind of human interaction is beginning to become real. In the future, digital humans will be able to interact and create life like never before.

Already, digitally rendered avatars can move through life-like environments and communicate with each other in previously impossible ways – look at online video games as an example.

With this kind of digital interaction gaining traction, it is only a matter of time before real people can create their digital counterparts and begin engaging with them on the same level they would work with any other person. As virtual worlds become complex, the answer to whether human interaction exists in the metaverse seems inevitable.


Interactions are ever-changing and more versatile. Video creation using avatars is a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate in this digital world. With the help of the 9 Best Digital Humans Apps in 2023 (Free & Paid), you can create interactive videos without spending much time or money.

This will save you time and help you stay ahead of the competition. Not just that, but today’s software allows us to customize the video to our settings with great ease. And the results can be outstanding!

By creating your professional business videos with avatars and automation, you will have an advantage over others in communication, marketing, advertising, and many other areas. So don’t wait any longer! Get these 9 Best Digital Humans Apps in 2023 (Free & Paid) now and leverage your brand’s potential like never before!

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