How do Digital Casinos Attract New Players?

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Digital casinos or online casinos have been around for some time and each year their popularity grows. In 2020 there have been record-breaking numbers of new players joining digital casinos and gambling online.

This was partly because year on year online casinos and online gambling has grown but also because the Covid-19 pandemic saw millions of people being forced to stay home and self isolate.

Traditional casinos closed down and casual players and gamblers alike moved over to online and mobile gaming. There were record searches for casinos during April at the height of the UK lockdown and internet traffic as a whole was massive.

Many internet-based companies such as Amazon, Netflix and UberEats saw a huge influx of orders and new subscribers.

Apart from the Covid-19 effect the online gambling industry employs many tactics to entice new players and retain them. In fact even with the re-opening of many casinos it would seem the online world will retain many players who have discovered the convenience of playing at home whenever it suits them.

So what other ways do online or digital casinos attract new players?

1. Advertising

Every successful business advertises and has a marketing strategy but online businesses differ in one way than high street or brick and mortar businesses do.

If for instance, you saw an advert in a magazine advertising a modern, exciting looking casino you might have your interest piqued but you are unlikely to jump in a car and drive straight there. Perhaps you will plan a later trip with friends and perhaps that trip will never happen.

Online businesses are far more direct. You see an advert for a poker app or another game, say, book of dead slots and you click on it. You are either redirected instantly to the online casino or to the appropriate app store for your device.

From that advert, you are only two clicks away from having a new gaming app installed on your phone. One-click to redirect, one to download.

2. Geolocation

Another tool digital casinos and other businesses use is geolocation. By using technology that is already built into your smartphone combined with your own actions they can build a profile of what you like and where you go.

Some of the apps you have installed on your phone are tracking your data and recording it. This can be sold on to digital marketing experts who then use it to send targeted adverts to websites that you access.

For example, you use your phone to access holiday websites and next time you are playing one of the free games installed on your phone you may notice some of the advertising is aimed at getaways and flights.

Online casinos can also use this to target specific markets. If for instance, the casino didn’t accept customers from certain parts of the United States due to legal issues then they can make sure their advertising is not being wasted on them. They may also want to run special offers that are specific to certain countries, by tracking IP they can display offers to the appropriate country.

They can target specific sports that are more popular in some countries than others, for example in England you might want to send offers about the Premier League but in Canada it might be ice hockey.

3. Live dealers and live casinos

To draw people away from the traditional gaming experience some casinos are using real, professional dealers to add more realism and human interaction into online gaming. A web cam is used to show you the dealer and the game unfolding live.

The camera can follow the roulette wheel spinning or the cards being dealt as it happens and the dealer can talk to you. Although the dealer will see your screen name your camera is not used so there is still total privacy at your end.

These types of online casinos are growing more popular and a few let you also talk to the other poker or blackjack players who are also hidden behind screen names.

4. SEO and social media

Online casinos employ SEO experts to make sure their casinos are ranked as high as possible. Content is updated regularly with appropriate optimised material and images.

Keywords and phrases are constantly tweaked to make sure Google ranks the casino high when the appropriate searches are made.

Social media is used by setting up dedicated pages for individual games or the whole website. Adverts can be displayed at a targeted audience and by adding calls to action on the site – such as ‘like us on Facebook’ – then they are driving traffic to their page and helping to create brand loyalty.

5. Payment methods

Digital and online casinos can offer far more ways to pay than a traditional casino. Although there is now a bitcoin casino in Cyprus the overwhelming majority still require the player to use cash to buy chips. In an online casino or gambling site you can use debit or credit cards, e-wallets like Paypal and Neteller and some cryptocurrencies.

Many will also accept wire transfers as well. These options make it easier for many players to deposit and withdraw money safely in the knowledge that their payment details are encrypted and are secure.

Not all countries accept the same payment methods though and it is worth checking the ways you can pay before choosing your online casino.

For instance, the UK no longer accepts credit cards for gambling online which means you are unable to use e-wallets either as it is possible to top up Paypal or Skrill wallets by credit card.

6. Virtual Reality

The next big thing in the online gaming world will be VR. Even though this tech has been around a while it hasn’t completely got a foothold in the market but with virtual casinos that might change.

For someone who wants to get a better casino experience without travelling (or perhaps they are unable to travel) then this could offer a solution. You would be able to walk around a fully rendered 3D casino while playing at gaming tables and on the slots.

You would be able to see and interact with other players and dealers. Unfortunately, there will be no free drinks available and you will have to make your own but you have the convenience of staying at home to play.

These are just some ways the online gaming industry attracts new players, other ways include sign-on bonuses, free bets and PPC Google advertising to name but a few.

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