Deepbrid vs Cocoleech – Which is the Best Free Premium Link Generator?

Deepbrid vs cocoleech has been waging war for years and today we are here to finally select which is the best free premium link generator. We really go indepth into both premium link generating services to know which is truly the better option for free users and premium users.

Deepbrid vs Cocoleech? Deepbrid is better than cocoleech because it has both free accounts for free users to download files with and also premium account for the more serious downloaders.

Best Overall



  • Fast Premium Downloading
  • Unlimited Premium Downloading
  • Very Easy to Use


Also Good



  • Easy to Use
  • Supports Multi download


1. Deepbrid

Deepbrid is a type of premium link generator, a premium link generator is basically tools that allow users to access and download premium files directly from premium file-hosting sites on the internet. 

Deepbrid is known as one of the best free premium link generators on the internet these days, it provides users with fast, accurate links so that they can be able to download files directly and freely. 

Like all other premium link generators, deepbrid allows users to download files under high-speed rates and an upside of using premium link generators is that users get full access to a premium link file without the need to register or have a premium account. 

The major reason why deepbrid is the best free, premium link generator, is because of the company’s ability to give users absolute free access to download a number of files using a maximum of 1.2 gigabytes without the need to have the user registered as a member. 

This means that deepbrid users enjoy a lot of perks when it comes to downloaded files directly and they also get immediate and accurate links, which is the very purpose of premium link generators.

Best Overall



The deepbrid site hosts a lot of other features as well, it is known as a Swiss multi-hosting company that grants users access to more than eighty file hosts, some of which include; Rapidgator, Filefactory, uploaded and others. The company is also known to offer four different premium plans along with a free membership package that includes four files hosting links every day.


Asides from all the high-end perks, the company makes use of 1Gbps services that provide the fastest and unending downloading service through a user-friendly interface, it also provides users with a lot of other perks, such as; a web player for streaming videos without any limit whatsoever and also what is called a cloud-based torrent client. All of these are put in place to ensure that users have the best, unlimited downloading services possible.

When it comes to their design and layout, it is a highly important feature because their design and layout serve its purpose by making navigation fast and easy, users can use the site without any hassles or irregularities, it has been designed in a way that allows the best usage and rendering of services. 

For users who’d like to register or sign up for their paid plans, there is a way for users to make payments using their credit cards or even PayPal, Bitcoin, ethereum, litcoin, Amazon pay and others. Like any premium link generator, deepbrid had its perks but it is also privy to a few flaws. 

It is known for quality video streaming, impeccable design and layout and its ability to host more than eighty users, but it is also known for some of its disadvantages, like; unstable speed and low layers of protection. All these withstanding, deepbrid still maintains its claim as one of the best premium link generators and is great when it comes to offering swift services, It is highly efficient and also easy to use.

The deepbrid site is known for its user-friendly interface, which makes it more likely to be easy to use or navigate, in order to make use of the deepbrid free link generator, there are a few steps to ensure easy navigation; 

Visit the Deepbrid site, the user would have to find and click on the downloader button in order to have access to free premium downloads, the next step would be a copy and paste of the premium file hosting website’s link the user wants to download, the final step would be for the user to click on the generate button and wait a few seconds till the file is generated. 

The steps are easy to follow for anyone who hasn’t used the website before or anyone who gets confused by the navigations, with these steps, it would be much easier for users to get whatever they’re doing done much faster, the fact that the deepbrid has great navigation and an even better design layout makes it one of the best premium link generators there is.

There have been a lot of Deepbrid premium link generators, users can now download files from Hotlink, Take file and upload gig. Another update is the ability of their new cache algorithm technology to generate user’s downloads faster, they also ensured an increase was made for the daily limits just for many file hosters like; rapidgater, filefactory and so on. 

With the new update, ten new download servers were added, making the number of servers more than sixty in total. It is safe to say that the new deepbrid update has increased the limits for the free users.

To understand the deepbrid premium link generator, one would have to understand the essence of premium link generators as a whole, premium link generator sites give users full access to getting a premium file link without actually paying for it or even opening an account of any sorts, that is exactly the purpose of premium link generators such as Deepbrid. 

The use of these premium link generators become a necessity as the days go by, especially when they need to download files online on local storages has become fast-rising; people make use of these links to download files for work, business, entertainment and other reasons. A lot of people upload their files to popular web hosting and this makes everything a lot faster and even speedy.

Deepbrid is a very popular premium link generator, it is also well known as a great option for small-sized files and also for the great free services it provides. The deepbrid premium link generator is also really easy to use and it is well versed when it comes to generating Rapidgator and uploaded premium account link. 

One of the various perks of the Deepbrid is that it does not require its users to sign up or even register to make use of the services rendered, it also has a way of supporting many file-hosting sites, and users are also given the opportunity to be able to download up to five files at a time, for free. 

When it comes to Deepbrid services, there is a file limit of 1.2GB, there are also other things about it that make it deeply appreciated, and things like its fast download speed are what make it one of the best.

The Deepbrid premium link generator is regarded as one of the best premium link generators for quite a number of reasons, not only is it fast and speedy, it also offers a free version to users, and it also has premium membership plans as well. The premium plan has a list of perks attached to it as well, it comes with twenty-four hours a day, everyday customer support. 

It has over eighty file hosting site access, it also has unlimited bandwidth which has really great advantages, as well as unlimited link generation, video streaming, and remote uploads, all of which are amazing features or qualities of a good link generator. 

The premium plan has various pricing modes, it has a thirty-day plan, a 90-day plan, a 180-day plan and last but not least, a 365-day plan. All these plans have their separate pricing which includes; 4.99 Euro, 12.99, 19.99 and 32.99 Euros respectively.

The fact that the deepbrid site was created with a user friendly, free-flowing navigation system, makes it so easy to use; this is another great advantage of the deepbrid link generator, the generation of your own premium link is as easy as going through a couple of number of easy steps that can be understood by just anyone whenever they want and within a short period of time. 

The deepbrid has a lot to offer its users; this is why it is highly regarded as a good premium link generator. It has an incredibly fast download speed that every user will find useful, necessary and helpful, especially when they are saving a large number of files that go beyond the regular smaller sizes. 

Users are also guaranteed the ability to download up to five files at a time, this is great for various kinds of people whose workload would require multitasking and other people who enjoy and are used to downloading more than one file at a time.

The deepbrid also supports over eighty file-hosting sites, its free version is as good as the premium version and it is also easy to use, as stated earlier. The premium version offers a lot of other perks, like its unlimited bandwidth and its support of remote downloads. The deepbrid is a good choice when it comes to premium link generators and it offers a faster, easier way of generating these links and saving files locally as well. 

It also offers a great way of letting people download files from premium file hosting websites and it provides a lot of things that users would usually look out for in a premium link generator. These are the various reasons why the Deepbrid is regarded as one of the top-ranking premium link generators worldwide, things like security, great speed download speed and an exceptional file size limit when it comes to downloads.

It is safe to understand why the deepbrid is qualified to be among one of the best premium link generators, it has a lot of features that would make users interested in using it to generate as many links as possible. Deepbrid is definitely one of the most useful link generators that people tend to use, all of its features go beyond just words, the usage and effectiveness of the website speak for itself and that makes it reliable and highly functional as well.


2. Cocoleech

Cocoleech is another great premium link generator, it is well known worldwide and across the globe as one of the best premium link generators. It is really easy to use and it comes highly recommended as one of the popular ways to generating Rapidgator and uploaded premium account links.

The cocoleech is also great in the sense that it does not require users to sign up or even register to be granted access to the usage of its services. There are a lot of cocoleech features that make it all the easier to use, features that allow it to be top-rated when it comes to giving its customers great rendered services.

There are so many advantages as well when it comes to making use of the cocoleech premium link generator, not only does it provide high-quality services, it also supports a lot of file-hosting sites, and users are also given the undeniable ability to be able to download up to ten files at a time for free. 

Asides from the fact that it is quite easy to use, there are also a lot of features on the site that allows users the ability to view the last hundred files other users of the site have generated, this feature is called “last 100 files”.




There is a premium plan that comes with an all day customer care or support, this is super useful in case users encounter any issues, this is because users report error messages sometimes while using the premium link generator and it is quite helpful when there is a level of communication between the users and operators.


The premium plan comes with over twenty file hosting site access, unlimited bandwidth and there are also other features, like the fact that it does not have ads or pop-ups and users can also earn loyalty points, this depends on the premium plan they choose. These premium plans range from weekly premium plans to monthly premium plans, 3 months premium plan, 6 months premium plan and a yearly premium plan as well.

All the plans have their various pricing that ranges respectively from 4.99USD which gets royalty points of 500, the next plan costs about 7.99USD (1000 loyalty points), 19.99USD (3,000 loyalty points) 35.99USD (6,000 loyalty points), 55.99USD (10,000 loyalty points). 

Using Cocoleech can be quite easy but there are still a few steps to use as a guide for users who might be using it for the first time or users who need help figuring out how to use it. 

These steps include; going to the Cocoleech official website, the next step requires the user to click on a tab labeled “downloader”, after that, a box to paste the link will appear, copy and paste the link into the box, and then click on generate. Those steps allow any user to be able to create their own premium link successfully.

Cocoleech Is a great premium link generator, this means it is subject to its own advantage and even disadvantages. The great things about cocoleech include the fact that it is one of the best Rapidgator premium link generators, it is easy to use and it works for up to five hosting sites. 

It can also download up to ten files at a time. It has so many features that make it one of the best, in terms of speed, its download speed is relatively high and when it comes to its premium plan, it is known that its premium plan offers unlimited bandwidth and its premium plan also allows loyalty points. 

All the various advantages of cocoleech are the reasons why it stands out as a premium link generator. It also has a lot to offer its users and it is an absolutely great way to generate fast links, the only problem with it, would be the frequent link generation error that comes with the free version.

The cocoleech premium link generator is also known to show live information about the files a user has downloaded or the premium links they have generated. The hosting website also has the ability to download around 1GB of data even when using the free version. 

There are various reasons to use the cocoleech premium link generator, they have a very specific, easy-to-use interface, and users can also make many links using the free version. There are advantages or features to look out for when using the premium version, features like the 24/7 customer support, the unlimited bandwidth, 35 plus file hosts, no captcha, loyalty points, no ads or pop-ups, torrent support and other features. 

The cocoleech website’s design and layout have been updated, it is better as updates go and it is also noted to have a more professional look to it as opposed to a firmer look that was not seen in a great light. The limits of Cocoleech are quite simple and transparent, it does not have any traffic limits but some of its offered file hosters are known to have daily limits which might not be very good for some of its users. 

A lot of file hosters are unavailable but the speed of the website is good regardless. The pricing of Cocoleech is quite expensive but great for users who might not need to use their premium accounts all the time.

Cocoleech is also known as a premium fresh web page that generates links and it is also known to provide the widest amount of supported file hosts of up to forty, including Alfafile, Anonfile, Mediafire, Mega or openload. It gives all users the ability to choose a file host as it supports so many file hosts that a lot of people have different choices. 

People who would like to register or log in can do so at the top right corner and there is also a language changing button as well, this is because cocoleech is known to support about six language interfaces. The premium subscription for cocoleech has along the lines of four plans and they all allow torrent support and high anonymity among other things. 

The loyalty points give users certain benefits and they are gotten whenever a user buys a plan. These loyalties are considered as a huge advantage as it gives users some kind of bonus points when it comes to the premium plan.

The download speed depends on the user’s internet connection and it is also noted that users can download as fast as their ISP supports. Cocoleech has more than 25 servers around the world and they still provide a 1Gbps port per server. 

The premium members on cocoleech do not have as many limits as the people using it for free, they can generate up to 5 links at once and they get stability regularly and they don’t encounter as many problems or issues. When it comes to security, cocoleech has that covered heavily, anonymity is a huge part of their premium plan, and this definitely allows high leveled security for the users.

When it comes to general customer feedback, cocoleech has 24/7 support that is there to answer any questions or respond to any concerns of users, the answers might not be immediate but they are surely eventually dealt with or responded to, and this feature makes cocoleech, even more, user friendly. 

The links are generated quite fast but it is important to note that with a website like cocoleech that has more than 40 file hosts, it is quite normal to encounter a few issues from time to time. Sometimes you can come across a link that isn’t really working. 

The cocoleech is generally a competitive premium link generator, this allows it to be at the top of its game at all times, by providing a wide range of file hosts and every other thing, it has reached so many lists as one of the best premium link generators because of its good speed and loyalty points, but as much as it has Pros, there are some cons that make users wary of using it. 

As said earlier, most of its file hosts are not working or are unavailable, just a few hosts seem to be functioning, the support answers are supposed to be 24/7, but they are quite slow, the pricing offers seem to be expensive for some of its users that might want to use the premium version, and the web downloader could stand a new improvement.

The bottom line of cocoleech is that it is a company that has a freemium business model that has a generally good speed, its premium plan offers fast servers, multiple link generators and no advertisements, this website allows payment for its premium version from PayPal, master/visa credit cards, bitcoins and other payment methods are also available. 

Cocoleech supports accelerators, it has good offers for people using the free version and it also provides round-the-clock support for its premium users. Cocoleech isn’t without its flaws, the customer service can be quite slow and probably unfriendly, and there are also relatively slow download speeds and overall problems with its stability. 

Nevertheless, cocoleech is very good and it also offers a lot of good options as well, it has a lot of qualities that users could definitely work with to achieve their link generation goals. There are a lot of reasons why cocoleech is great, but there have also been some doubts about how secure or safe it is, using the service might come with a few risks even though the benefits have all been stated above.


In Conclusion

The deepbrid vs cocoleech debate puts these two premium link generators side by side, going by all their various features, it is important to realize that each of the various premium link generators come with their different perks and even disadvantages, and although it might be even harder to decide which one stands out more based on all their great features, the deepbrid premium link generator takes a lead on this one. 

It has a lot of great features that make it one of the best in general and even worldwide. These two link generators are quite similar when it comes to their link generation steps and even their easy-to-use interface, but they vary in other ways as well. 

For instance, while deepbrid boasts of great security; a lot of research shows a minimal lack of security when it comes to Cocoleech. Nonetheless, cocoleech is still regarded as one of the best premium link generators as well.

Generally speaking, they both serve their purposes as premium link generators, they allow users to download files from file hosting services when users give the link to a file, and they are able to generate another link to download it, whether you’re a premium or even a free user. When it comes to certain features like speed, it is clear that the deepbrid is faster. 

While there are some ways in which the Cocoleech premium link might beat the Deepbrid, the deepbrid still has a way of remaining at the top when it comes to being one of the best premium link generators. The deepbrid and cocoleech are both good premium link generators, they are known for a lot of good features that allow users do exactly what they set out to do, in a way that is fast and really easy. 

These two premium link generators are highly useful and reliant when it comes to generating small and large files.

The design and layout of both premium link generators are an important part of their user interface, the deepbrid is known for its good design and layout, the same might not be said about cocoleech as its design and even navigation has been described as chaotic by some users, it is important for premium link generators to have a navigation system that users can understand easily and without any problem. 

It would also help if their design and layout were aesthetically pleasing, deepbrid’s design and layout definitely stand out better and this makes it a better pick for users who would like to navigate smoothly in the website. Users should be able to use the websites easily and without any issues or problems that would slow down the process and good navigation or design and layout is the way to go when it comes to sites like these.

There are various features of both websites that are quite similar, but while that is the case, there are also a few features that the deepbrid might have that the cocoleech doesn’t have and vice versa, in cases where there is a clear cut difference, it is important to make use of the site that stands out in more cases than one, and the deepbrid seems to do that more often than not. 

When it comes to premium link generators it is important to go for the generator that is easier to make use of, the one that has a faster speed when it comes to link generation, the one that has the best design layout, and the one with a lot of file hosts to choose from at any given point in time.

The deepbrid is definitely rated as the best free premium link generator on the internet in this day and age, it gives users a lot of features at a free access pass and it also provides them with accurate links for free and direct downloads whenever they want. Deepbrid is fast and they have an upgrade that allows the download of files from a wide array of options and servers. 

They have more numbers of servers than cocoleech which makes them stand out more and with the deepbrid site users can also get customer support at faster rates. 

The whole point of these premium link generators is to provide users with accurate links so that they can download files directly into their local storage, and both Deepbrid and Cocoleech are known for doing just that, but in the case of which premium link generator stands out more than the other, it would have to be the Deepbrid, as it is known as the top-rated worldwide.