Why is my Bluehost site down?

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Bluehost has one of the best uptimes and they manage to keep it consistent over time. The speed of a website depends on some key elements. The first and major influence is the type of hosting plan you are using for your website. If you have loads of traffic then it is best if you choose the dedicated server plan over the basic hosting plan. This way the speed of your website will stay consistent and thereby leading to more conversions and sales. If your website is not even fast enough google will not index your site in their search engine. The load speed of a website is low users are going to click away to the next website.

Why is my Bluehost website down?

Your Bluehost website might be down if Bluehost servers are experiencing downtime. It is very rare however to experience any downtime with Bluehost. All the servers are at Bluehost are closely monitored and tuned to make sure they don’t drop in performance. Sometimes servers can become overloaded, and this can slow down your website. The effect will make the load time of your website high. There are a couple of things that can still have an effect as to why your Bluehost site is down.

In order to keep your sites speed at max all the time there are a number of things you need to do. They include making sure you optimize images and videos to the lowest possible resolution all the time before posting them on your site. You also need to make sure that you activate Cloudflare CDN on your website.

You should also make sure you add SSL certificate and any other security need to keep your website away from spammers. Make sure you are using the right type of Bluehost web hosting plan that suites the ability of your website.

Bluehost Website Optimization

One of the biggest reasons why a website might be slow is due to lack of optimization. You need to constantly optimize your website if you want it to remain fast.

Most websites today are dynamic and this means that the website content is least partially generated when a new visitor request the page. If the database or the code that interfaces with the database and generates the page for your visitors is not optimized, it can lead to a slowdown in page load times.

You can use some tool like page speed grader, carry out a web page test, you can install the Yslow Plugin and use google page speed. These tools combined together are going to help you optimize your website. The page speed grader for example is going to perform speed analysis and give you a breakdown of how long it takes for your website pages to load.

Yslow Plugin can be used to analyses your site speed locally you just have to install it on your browser. All the tools mentioned here work in the same way you just need to pick what you prefer.

If you are having extra load on your website then its right if you switch to an upgraded hosting plan or even a dedicated server. There are guides you can use right from the start of your website that will save you the stress of performing analysis. If you are using a WordPress site there are tons of guides on how to optimize a WordPress site online.

However, if you carry out all these checks and the problem persist then it is best if you contact a developer to help you fix your website.

Domain Configurations Problems

Another problem that might make your Bluehost website slow is domain configuration issue. This problem is directly from your DNS and it can make your website slow. This is because with situations like this the server does not have proper routing information to serve your website to the visitor. However, there are some steps you can follow to fix this single problem.

You are going to diagnose and solve this problem via your cPanel. You can still contact the customer support to help guide you if you figure out the problem is related to domain configurations. Lets quickly guide you on how to go about fixing this single problem.

Some tools that can be used to diagnose this problem include LeafDNS, Network-tools.com, and intoDNS. Leaf DNS uses a graphic format to display information on potential DNS configuration issues. Using network-tool.com you will be able to access DNS issues by seeing you DNS configurations files or DNS zone.

intoDNS works closely like Leaf DNS but instead of using a graph it displays information in a different format. Make sure you run the analysis to find out if the site is down because of domain server problem. Running a website is not as easy as some people think it is.

As a website owner you have to work round the clock to make sure you keep your website going. There are hackers out there nowadays that will want to hack into your account and make several alterations to your website.

You also need the help of experts every now and then to make sure that you keep the site working fine. Expert web developers can help you run audits every now and then just to make sure everything is intact. There are a lot of experts out there that will help fix your website out there for a decent amount of money.

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Is Bluehost the fastest webhosting platform?

Bluehost mostly stack up a lot of website in their servers especially if you are using the shared web hosting plan. Siteground is faster than Bluehost but that doesn’t mean Bluehost is slow. The average load speed of a well optimized Bluehost website is below 2 seconds.

Why is Bluehost Cheap?

Bluehost is the first choice for beginners because of the price you pay of around 2.95 dollars per month. You are also getting some important addons like a free Domainname and SSL certificate which is very important.

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