Wie Sie Ihren eigenen PC aus Kratzern bauen können

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This is a detailed guide on how to build your own PC from scratch, you can build affordable, budget-friendly PC and also you can go crazy and spend a lot of money to get the latest PC parts to build the ultimate PC, the choice is yours.

Before we get started, the full meaning of PC is Personal Computer.

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Having a normal desktop is one thing but having a kickass desktop rig is another! One of my plans in life is to build a powerful PC, a desktop computer to be precise, but at the moment I’m still mobile, so I need a portable mobile device that’s why I have a laptop now but the need to settle down and build a PC is rising day by day.


Building a desktop PC is awesome, it gives you a god-like feeling because you are in control of everything and anything. Your decision is finish, whatever you want and desire, you can insert into the desktop PC but you must always have the money to pay for it. Don’t be like me and get carried away while customizing your Desktop PC Build, adding all the latest components and parts only for you to see $3,000 at the Checkout Page.

Well, it’s a different case when you have the money but just as building laptops can be expensive, it can also be very cheap compared to buying a ready-made, completely built PC.

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Build your own PC, it comes with its advantages;

  • Build your own PC, it is cheaper than buying an already Built PC.
  • You have the freedom to add any components or parts you want, FULL CUSTOMIZATION
  • You can build the exact PC to meet the need for whatever you need it to do, You can build a Gaming PC, Home PC, Office PC, Graphics PC, Media PC and so on the list goes on
  • You can finally build the PC of your dreams

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How Do You Build Your Own PC From Scratch?

  • Visit PC Part Picker
  • You have 3 options, Create a New PC Build From Scratch, Browse Partial Build or Look for Some Completed PC Builds
  • When you select Create a New PC Build From Scratch, this means you get the opportunity to totally start adding parts from the very scratch, you start out with nothing. All PC components and parts are waiting for you to select them
  • When you select the other option Browse Partial Build, this means you are not sure where to start, they would help by already creating a PC build with the basic components and all you have to do is just add the key, juicy parts you want.
  • It’s like this popular 600 dollar gaming pc build but this one is complete and ready – guaranteed to outperform a console in terms of raw performance. All you have to do is order the build and you can start building your very first kickass desktop rig.
  • The last option which is to Look for Some Completed PC Builds, save a lot of time and stress, if you don’t know what you are doing. When building your PC, you need to make sure the components you choose are compatible with one another.
  • You selected one out of the 3 options, Create your Kickass PC and check out.
  • Enjoy your awesome PC.
  • Build Your Own PC today!

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