How Much Does Siteground Cost?

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Siteground is a hosting company that seems to be loved by many and maybe hated by a few, the cost of siteground is one of the most used reasons why people don’t like the hosting company. Siteground has a lot of advanced features and with those features come to an expected price tag. 

how much does siteground cost? Siteground’s shared hosting plan starts at $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99 per month when you initially signup but the renewal plan on the other hand goes up from $14.99, $24.99, $39.99: these prices are for the startup plan, GrowBig and GoGeek plan respectively.  The cost after the initial sign-up price goes up significantly to the normal pricing and for some people, this might come as quite a shock or surprise. The prices at the signup process are more of a discounted price and with renewal comes the normal pricing per month. Asides from the shared hosting plan, there’s also cloud hosting plans and the different ranges of this plan have their own separate prices as well.


Siteground is known to have about two million domains that it hosts and it also has the best team of employees and even data centres in some continents. There are a lot of features that come with siteground that come at a price that goes accordingly with the plan, siteground has different plans and with those plans come different prices.

Siteground offers an array of services, from Shared to Managed WP, Managed WooCommerce, dedicated, and cloud hosting, all these services are under the umbrella of siteground as a hosting company. Siteground shared hosting plans and prices range from the startup plan to the GrowBig plan and then the GoGeek plan and the prices also differ as well. 

Whichever plan you choose has its own benefits and the plans are also designed to help you achieve the much-needed growth you deserve. The price or cost of siteground is one of the biggest disadvantages people have, especially because other hosting companies might be more affordable, but one thing to realise is that the price generally makes the features provided to the customers even better and on the plus side.

Siteground offers a few freebies that are quite beneficial to the users and the fact that they are provided with these services with no added costs, more than makes up for the price, one free service is the migration of GrowBig and GoGeek hosting accounts, with the help of the siteground team, users can get professional site transfers for free.

The startup plan is the cheapest because as the name implies it is for people just starting out, the features under this plan aren’t quite as many as the other plans and it is a bit more limited than the rest, but it does well to efficiently cater to the needs of people that are starting out.

The most expensive plan is the GoGeek and this plan was designed for the geekiest of the geeky bunch, it has advanced features and because of that, it costs more than the other plans. Another hosting plan from siteground is the VPN hosting plan or cloud hosting, it also has its own separate price range and even features, choosing a plan that best suits your website’s needs and even the size of your pocket is very essential to the growth you have.

Siteground Shared Hosting Plans And Prices

Startup Plan

The startup plan is the first shared hosting plan, it caters to the needs of people who are just starting up. The price per month starts at a discounted price of $6.9o and then after renewal, it hikes back up to $14.99. The features of this plan include 10GB storage, it allows about 10,000 visitors, a mailbox size of 2GB and other features.

GrowBig plan

The GrowBig plan is essential for users who would like to grow their websites to accommodate even more traffic and things that, it offers features such as 25,000 visitors, which is a step up from the startup plan, 20GB storage space, 4GB mailbox space and other. The price of this plan starts at 9.99 dollars per month and then the renewal price goes back to 24.99 dollars.

GoGeek plan

The GoGeek plan offers the most advanced features and that comes with an even bigger price tag, with more features come better speed and even performance and the people who for this plan are a little more in need of the advanced features than the people who go for the other plans.

This plan allows 100,000 visitors and it has 40GB worth of storage space and even a 6GB mailbox. The price starts at $14.99 and then goes back to $39.99, making it the most expensive plan out of the three.

Siteground’s Cloud Hosting Plans And Prices

Dies hosting plan has three different levels, from entry to business and business plus.

The entry plan is priced at $80 per month and it offers two CPU cores, memory of 4GB, an SSD storage of 40GB.and 5TB worth of bandwidth

The business plan has 3 CPU cores, 6Gb memory, 60GB SSD storage and a 5TB bandwidth, the price is $120 per month.

The business plus plan is at a price tag of $160 per month and it comes along with four CPU cores, 8GB memory, 80GB SSD storage and 5TB of bandwidth.

Money Back Guarantee

Siteground has a thirty days money back guarantee, this means you can cancel the service within the first thirty days and get your money back in full.

Unfortunately, this warranty doesn’t cover services like cloud hosting or domain names but for the other services it covers, users will definitely get a refund as long as it doesn’t exceed the 30-day mark.

Excluding the money-back guarantee, you can be sure to get your money’s worth when it comes to the services you pay for, the prices might be quite high after the renewal but the features that go along with it are top-notch and satisfactory.

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