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Does Siteground Offer Free Domain?

Siteground is known to be one of the best web hosting company that delivers a lot of advanced features to its users, it prides itself on providing the best for its users and even giving them a lot of freebies that they would have to pay for when it comes to other web hosting companies. With a siteground hosting account, you could order an unlimited number of domains and the new domains could also be registered and if you wish to transfer an existing domain name to your siteground account, you easily could.

Does siteground offer free domain? Unfortunately, siteground doesn’t offer free domain names for a year, they do however offer free migration of websites and this could only be gotten if you’re on the GrowBig or GoGeek plan.  Although the domain name isn’t for free, siteground still offer domain registration, domain hosting, transfers, privacy protection and other domain services you might require. While a lot of people might look at their lack of free domain names as a disadvantage, some people view it as a huge advantage. 


In the hosting industry, free domain names are almost used as a trick to get customers and siteground is known to be trustworthy and transparent in its business dealings. Besides that, free domains only last a year and by the next year, users would return to paying the regular fees without any discounts. There are also some schools of thought that say buying a domain is better when it’s gotten from a domain registrar company, that way your domains are with a single registrar and you could even change your hosting anytime without any hassle.

There are a lot of perks that come with using siteground hosting, it is one of the best and there are a lot of great customer reviews about how efficient and fast it is, so even though it may lack in a few minimal areas, nothing compares to the calibre of services it provides to its clients.

Siteground may not offer a free domain, but it has a lot of other features to offer. One highly important free feature it offers is automatic backup and restoration of files, you don’t have to do it yourself and siteground takes that toll off its client.  In a situation like this, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing important files because siteground will store all of them for you and even if they do get lost, they could easily be restored.

This free feature might not seem like such a big deal, but there are some hosting companies who aren’t too keen on backing up files for their users and there are also a few hosting companies that would have users pay for that feature exclusively if they want it.

There are so many ways in which siteground makes up for the absence of a free domain, they have a lot of features that will be helpful to the growth of your website. Siteground is also a hundred per cent reliable and transparent, so that makes it easier for people to choose them as a web hosting company with or without the free domain name.

There are so many features that siteground has to offer, it has one of the best customer support, it has great speed and that is why it is one of the best hosting companies worldwide.

How To Register A New Domain

To register a new domain name, you will first have to go to your client area then to marketplace and lastly, domain services.

Transferring An Already Existing Domain Name To Your Siteground Account

To transfer a domain name, there are a few criteria the domain name would have to check before you can be able to transfer it to your siteground account, these criteria  include:

The status of the Domainname must be active, some domain registration might put the domain name on a default “locked” status and if that’s the case, you will have to unlock it through the registrar control panel.

The time till the name expires should exceed a 15 days mark

Die Domainname should have been registered for more than sixty days

In order to authorize the transfer from the current domain registrar to your siteground account, you need to have the epp code for the domain name.

Once all the criteria are met, you will be able to order the domain transfer from the client area, and then head to services and then domains and lastly, transfers. You will also need to click on Check Status and then siteground automatically verifies if all the criteria have been met: if it hasn’t, you will be shown a warning, if it meets the criteria, however, you would be expected to enter the app code and a follow a few more directives to solidify the transfer.

Reasons To Use Siteground

Siteground has a super cacher that is such to speed up the page loading of your website and even store files without any issues. The super cacher is a feature that not all hosting companies have and it is a huge bonus that comes with using siteground hosting.

Siteground has more than one data centre to choose from, these data centres are placed at strategic locations on various continents and they make the speed of your website faster as long as your chosen data centre is close to your location.

Siteground has a speed technology that will stand the test of time as it makes sure your website is is hosted on severs that can be trusted.

Siteground offers free website transfer services as well as free cloudflare from the siteground cPanel.

Another huge advantage of using siteground is its excellent customer service that would attend to you at any hour of the day and they will also guide you through anything and all the way to the end of any issues you might have.

Siteground offers seventy percent discounts, they are known to have a great uptime as well as free let’s encrypt SSL certificates.