Can I Cancel Siteground?

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As much siteground is one of the most well known and reliable hosting company in the hosting industry, it is safe to say that it can’t be for everyone. They have great features and the best technical team and even their support team alone trumps a lot of other hosting companies, all the great things aside, not everyone will be privy to the technicality that comes with siteground, and that’s okay.

Can I Cancel Siteground? Siteground is also one of the most transparent hosting company’s out there, which is why you can absolutely cancel your siteground account with ease and with no hassles involved. There is a step by step guide if you want to cancel your siteground hosting account and if you’re lucky and within your right, you could even get a refund on your hosting plan. Siteground as said earlier is a great hosting provider but not everyone is accustomed to the technicality and you might be in need of a more beginner-friendly host.


There are a lot of other hosting companies that will be better suited for your needs than siteground is, that doesn’t mean that siteground isn’t excellent in every way, it just means that it can’t be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to a hosting company.

Cancelling your siteground is a pretty huge decision, especially if you’ve had your account and site for quite a while, this is why siteground advices you to backup your files even if you’re certain you want to go through with the cancellation.  In order to cancel your siteground, you will have to follow a few steps but they aren’t hard and siteground has made it possible for the entire process to be fast and straight forward.

 You might decide to go for a faster option than siteground, and that’s completely okay, all you have to do is avoid any renewals and cancel your siteground as soon as you’re sure that’s what you want.

The one thing you might find unnerving however, is the fact that siteground might ask you to confirm if you really want to cancel your siteground account, that might be a bit annoying but it’s never a bad thing to confirm if you’re absolutely certain about your decision. If you’re new to siteground or you just purchased a hosting plan, it would be a safer bet to just enjoy your money before you actually cancel it or if you still have your warranty, you could absolutely get your money back.

Whatever the reason is for your need to cancel siteground, you don’t need to even call the siteground support team to put you though, be rest assured that you don’t have to endure any lengthy awkward conversations, the steps to follow are doable and fast.

How To Cancel Your Siteground Account

To cancel your siteground, you have to be absolutely certain that that’s what you want, and even at that, you’re still advised to do a little backing up first.

To cancel your account, go to the your support tab in your hosting dashboard and click on a link that says ‘proceed to contact us here’

The cancellation link would be right beneath the billing section at the bottom of the page that has just been opened up. When you click it, you will get options on whether to downgrade you account or cancel it, in this case, you will click cancel.

You’ll eventually be led to a page that shows all your subscriptions and then you can choose which ones to cancel , you may be asked to select an option that answers why you want to cancel the account, then you can finally proceed with the cancellation.

If you’re within the limit of a refund, you will be compensated accurately and you can confirm the cancellation. You will get a confirmation message on your screen and a confirmation email,the confirmation email is your last chance to change your mind because you could actually click the green renew button and your cancellation will be undone.

How To Cancel Siteground Hosting

If you want to cancel your hosting, follow this few steps :

  • Go to your client area
  • Proceed to services and then hosting
  • Click on Manage – next to the chosen hosting plan
  • Click your kebab menu on the right and select cancel
  • You’ll be required to choose an option as to why you’re cancelling and then click continue.
  • Deleting And Suspending Your Site
  • You can also delete or suspend your siteground site.
  • To do that, go to websites, then manage, proceed to the kebab menu and then delete.
  • To suspend the site ,go to websites -manage-kebab menu-offline menu.  And your site will be temporarily suspended

Siteground Refunds And Non Refunds

Whether you’re cancelling  a hosting plan or your siteground account, provisions have been made in order for you to get a refund if you’re well within your right.

When you start off with siteground hosting plans, there’s a thirty day warranty and you may realise that siteground isn’t really for you or your website, that’s where the need to cancel the service comes in and then siteground gives you your money back if it’s well within the thirty days limit.

Siteground is transparent and straight to the point with all their dealings, so you get your money back into your account as soon as possible. 

There are so many reasons why you may want to cancel your siteground account, it could be that you want a faster service or siteground is a little bit too advanced for your beginner taste, whatever the reason may be, siteground wouldn’t hold it against you and you can easily back out of your hosting plan or accounts whenever you want.

If you’re money isn’t refundable, you might want to stick around till you’ve exhausted the plan, just to get your money’s worth in the end.

If you’re not certain about your decision or you might just end up feeling nostalgic about your account in the long run, make sure to back up your files before any final cancellations are made.

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