Are you a graphics designer looking for the perfect online store for top-quality, creative designs and fonts? If so, you’ll want to hear about Creative Fabrica.

This premium online graphics store offers unlimited access to digital resources that can be used in countless ways, from custom logotypes and branding packages to printables and art deco typefaces for advertising and measurement services.

With its range of products suited for beginner designers and experienced professionals, the website is rapidly becoming one of the go-to stores for reliable design elements at an unbeatable price point.

Read on as we provide an in-depth review of Creative Fabrica 2023!

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is a comprehensive online graphics store for designers. It was developed to offer the next level of creativity and help users create inspiring, eye-catching designs quickly and easily.

The platform is home to talented creators worldwide who share their creative works for download or purchase.

The site contains an impressive selection of advertising and measurement services such as fonts, graphics, templates, presentation materials, illustrations, and textures – you name it! All of the items are hand-crafted, high quality, and affordable.

The store is also constantly updated with new products, so you can easily find what you need with minimal searching or scrolling.

Additionally, the platform offers helpful tutorials and weekly freebies to help users manage and maximize their design work.

Who Created Creative Fabrica?

Anca Stefan and Roemie Hillenaar, the co-founders of Creative Fabrica

The company was co-founded by Anca Stefan and Roemie Hillenaar in 2016.

Anca is an experienced entrepreneur and digital designer who has worked in the creative industry for over 10 years.

Roemie is a seasoned graphic designer, web developer, and digital marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience.

Together with other team members, they have developed a comprehensive platform to make it easier for people to find quality design materials and apply them in their projects or similar technologies.

Top Benefits of Creative Fabrica

At Creative Fabrica, you can expect to find a range of unique advertising and measurement services at unbeatable prices.

Here are just some of the benefits this platform offers:

1. Price-friendly – With its low subscription fees, Creative Fabrica is one of the most affordable online graphics stores.

2. Variety – The platform offers a vast selection of fonts, illustrations, logos, clip art, and more that can be used in all projects.

3. High-Quality – Professional designers hand-crafted every item on the site, guaranteeing exceptional designs.

4. User-Friendly – The website interface is easy to use and navigate, making finding what you’re looking for simple.

5. Tutorials – Creative Fabrica provides tutorials and weekly freebies to help users get the most out of their projects. This will inspire those who may find it hard to create premium content for their businesses.

Best Features of Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is your answer if you want an ultimate one-stop shop for crafting. This online marketplace is an absolute dream for creatives of all levels, with an endless array of digital assets at your fingertips.

Unlike other design websites, this site boasts certain features, making it ideal for getting creative ideas and support to improve content.

From its easy-to-use interface to the vast selection of fonts, graphics, and templates, you’ll have the correct details to plunge your creatives into life.

Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or just starting, Creative Fabrica has everything you need to bring your artistic visions to life.

Let’s dive deeper into some of its best features:

Library of Tools

As creative professionals, we know the importance of having the right tools in our arsenal. That’s why Creative Fabrica’s Library of Tools is a game-changer for designers and creators.

With an extensive collection of premium graphics, fonts, and templates, you’ll have everything you need to take your designs to the next level.

This feature allows users to use Fontcloud, Shapecloud, Webfont Generator, The Artistry, and Teacher Club Card, giving you the best experience while promoting your company.

You can also edit designs directly in your browser and receive free monthly credits for being a member.

Over 6 Millon Graphics

The platform offers over 6 million graphics, making the site the ultimate resource for digital artists. It offers everything from logos, illustrations, fonts, and clip art to themes, templates, and stock photos.

This allows you to search by keywords or browse through collections for inspiration. Every file is hand-crafted by professional designers to ensure originality.

You can also use the platform to create amazing content, presentation slides, business cards, postcards, and more with the help of their helpful tutorials and freebies.

This will give you the tools to produce positive content for your projects and companies.


The platform is the home for Quilting, Sewing, Cricut, and Embroidery classes.

It also provides tutorials and freebies to help users get the most out of their projects. In these classes, you can quickly learn how to craft designs with professional-looking results.

These classes are designed by experts who provide exceptional instruction and creative insights to guide you through each project.

You can create something unique and creative to impress your clients with every lesson.

Craft Designs

This feature offers different crafts, from Halloween craft designs to wall hangings for kids and papercrafts.

Creative Fabrica’s craft design feature provides a fantastic array of designs for all levels of crafters, from beginners to experts. Whether you’re looking for something fun or a more intricate design, this platform has it all.

The platform offers step-by-step instructions and templates to help you easily create beautiful designs.

You’ll also find essential insights from their curated collections of digital assets, as well as freebies and tutorials to make crafting simple.

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Creative Fabrica Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

With competitive pricing and an extensive library of unique fonts, graphics, and templates, Creative Fabrica provides a platform for creators of all levels to bring their visions to life.

Whether you need imagery for a personal project or professional use, they offer various affordable subscription options to fit your individual needs.

The company has four pricing plans:

  • Crafts Plan: The price starts at $12/ 3 months.
  • All Access Plan: The price starts at $29/month.
  • Fonts Plan: The price starts at $19/month.
  • Graphics Plan: The price starts at $19/month.

For additional information about their refund policy and pricing plans, you can contact the support team to get answers to your questions.

Creative Fabrica’s Pros and Cons

In today’s world, creativity and design are more important than ever. It’s no wonder Creative Fabrica has become such a popular choice for designers and creatives.

However, like any tool, it’s essential to understand both the pros and cons before fully committing. By delving into Creative Fabrica’s pros and cons, we can make an informed decision about whether it is right or wrong to create an account with the site.

It’s always better to have too much information than too little, so we should take the time to explore both the benefits and drawbacks of this platform.

So, let’s dig a little deeper and discover what Creative Fabrica can offer us – and what potential pitfalls we should watch out for.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive library of digital assets
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Great customer support team
  • Access to classes and tutorials


  • Canceling a subscription may cause a loss of downloaded fonts
  • It could be overpriced for some users
  • Occasional issues with compatibility

Starts at $12/3 monthS (CRAFTS PLAN)

Creative Fabrica’s Alternatives

Creative Fabrica is an excellent resource for designers and creatives, but it’s not always the best option. As with any service, some alternatives may be more suitable.

Before making a final decision, it’s essential to consider all available options and choose the right one for your needs.

Here are a few worthy alternatives to Creative Fabrica:

  • Envato Elements
  • Design Cuts
  • Creative Market
  • Placeit
  • TheHungryJPEG
  • Creativetacos
  • Font Bundle
  • Storyblocks
  • DesignBold

No matter which option you choose, research and select the platform that best meets your specific needs. This way, you can get the most benefit from your investment.

Creative Fabrica’s Case Studies: Results Achieved with the Platform

Creative Fabrica is an excellent platform for people who want to make their creative ideas into reality. They provide access to an extensive library of digital assets, affordable pricing plans, and excellent customer support.

But what kind of results can you achieve with this tool? To answer that question, Creative Fabrica has published case studies on its website showcasing the success stories of several users.

These case studies include detailed accounts of how designers and creatives have used Creative Fabrica to create stunning visuals for various projects, from logos to invitations and more.

By reading these stories, you can gain insight into this platform’s potential benefits.

From these case studies, it’s clear that the platform can be an invaluable tool for designers and creatives of all levels. The resources and support the platform provides make bringing your visions to life more accessible than ever.

My Experience using Creative Fabrica’s Advertising and Measurement Services

When I started using Creative Fabrica, I was pleasantly surprised to find they offer advertising and measurement services. Advertising and measurement are great ways to track the success of your creative projects.

The platform includes tools for tracking impressions, clicks, conversions, revenue, audience demographics, and more. This makes it easier to measure the impact of your work and how successful it is.

The advertising services are also incredibly easy to use. The platform allows you to customize campaigns, track results in real-time, and compare data over time. I’ve found these services to be extremely helpful in understanding my success rate on Creative Fabrica projects.

Overall, Creative Fabrica’s advertising and measurement services are beneficial and make it easy to track the success of your creative project.

Does Creative Fabrica Site only Pop Up just Essential Cookies?

No, Creative Fabrica pops up both essential and optional cookies. The platform uses various cookies for different purposes, such as tracking user activity and preferences.

These cookies help the platform monitor usage patterns, improve content delivery, remember user settings, and more. Additionally, they also gather data used to serve targeted advertisement users.

You can control the use of cookies by adjusting your preferences in your browser settings. For more information, you can refer to Creative Fabrica’s privacy policy.

Conclusion: Is Creative Fabrica Worth it?

Ultimately, Creative Fabrica is an excellent resource for creatives and designers. It offers an extensive library of digital assets at affordable prices, excellent customer support, advertising and measurement services, and more.

The platform also provides case studies to give you a better idea of how successful projects have been with the platform. With all its features, Creative Fabrica is worth considering if you want a platform to create stunning visuals.

Join the Creative Fabrica community today and unlock endless possibilities for your creative endeavors.

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