Countdown to Game of Thrones Season 7 + Predictions

Game of thrones season 7 will be released on 16th of July 2017 which is in 12 days time because it is Game of thrones, we are doing a countdown and throughout these 12 days we would have predictions about Game of thrones season 7.

I personally have watched some YouTube videos about Game of thrones season 7 predictions and some of them actually make sense, so i would be bringing to you guys the 12 days daily comments made in relation with Game of thrones, get ready for some revelations and predictions which would lead us to GOT Season 7 which starts in some days time.

Game of thrones season 7 Trailer


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I found like 3-4 sites just for Game of thrones season 7 countdown which shows that I am not the only one looking forward to the next season of GOT. View those sites below;

Game of thrones season 7 Countdown Sites

#1. is the best Game of thrones season 7 countdown site because the site is beautiful with bold countdown timer animation and they display all the Game of thrones family names & banners. When you click on a family name for example targaryen family, the background of the site changes to their colors and their banner appears as the website’s background.



This countdown site has the GOT animation logo which is fun to look at but ultimately grows boring and the countdown timer size is small and you can even miss it.

#3. has the boldest looking countdown timer which has a striking performance. It cannot be missed.

Game of thrones season 7 Predictions

1- Jon and Danaerys will team up, eventually

Well, we know from the trailer that Jon meets Daenerys and her dragons, but many have forgotten that Jon will also be reunited with Tyrion. The last time these two spoke, Jon realized that Tyrion was the only one who had told Jon the truth about the Night’s Watch and the two had developed a mutual respect for one another. Tyrion respected Jon as the Batard of Winterfell, and Jon respected Tyrion as the Imp, or the bastard in his father’s eyes (but more on that later), and now the hand of the Queen.

We think that Tyrion will be able to convince Daenerys that Jon is a good friend to have, but she will need convincing to take her eye off the throne and help Jon wage war against the White Walker’s and the Night King.

2- Arya will Introduce Littlefinger to Needle

If you have seen the cover of Entertainment Weekly with the Stark Kids on the cover, you have seen the Valaryian Steel dagger that Arya is sporting on her side. This is the same Valaryian Steel dagger that was used to try to assassinate her brother Bran in season one, which belonged to Lord Baelish which leads many to believe that Arya will kill Littlefinger to get this nifty little blade.

3- Sansa may not make it out alive

Unless Sansa confides in Arya and tells her what Baelish is up to, what reason would Arya have to kill the ambitious snake? You also have to consider everything that Sansa has been through, so even if she does make it, her faith in humanity may be a little skewed.  Luckily she will have Bienne and Arya (at least for a little while) to teach her how to defend herself if she does go unscathed. Then perhaps she will not see Tyrion as the Imp and will choose to be his bride.

4- Gendry makes a comeback

Every Kingdom needs a good blacksmith, especially one that can forge Dragonglass and perhaps re-forge Valaryian Steel. We have a feeling that when Jon goes North to battle the Night King, Gendry will be in his party. We just hope he makes it back to Arya to make her his “Lady.”

5- Bran will make it back to Winterfell

You can see in the trailer that Bran makes it back to Winterfell, so the big question is, does he see Jon anywhere along the way? Bran has some big news to deliver to Jon, and he certainly could deliver it by raven, but if it got in the wrong hands that could be bad. He could tell Ed when he goes to the wall, bur what can Ed do? We think he will get Howland Reed to tell Jon who his parents are so there is no disputing it, that way he can send a raven to Howland to tell him, and no one will be the wiser. So Jon will find out this season.

6- Melisandre may have to take off her necklace

We all know that Melisandre is really old, but no one else does, and we have seen in the first HBO trailer that she will be in the South at the same time as Jon and Ser Davos, so what is a girl to do when certain people want her head mounted on a plank? That’s right, wear camouflage. She already told Arya that they would meet again, but will Arya recognize her? One thing that would be really messed up is if Arya killed her, and changed into her not knowing she’s not supposed to be in the North, and they kill Arya. Don’t even think it!

7- Cersei is going to team up with Euron

Okay, every season there is a villain worse that the season before, and as bad as we all thought Ramsay was, Euron is supposed to be even worse (hard to imagine). So if this is true, and he teams up with the evil Queen Cersei, Daenerys may be in trouble, but Jaime may finally be able to see what a sicko his sister is and leave to join his brother. But first, Euron will capture Yara and the Sand Snakes and may even kill Olenna Tyrell, but we may finally regain the real Theon, who will probably die in some noble rescue effort, but it will be nice to have the real Theon back no matter how brief.

8- The Hound teams up with the Brother’s Without Banners

We were all hoping for “Clegane Bowl, ” but that will have to wait, at least for this season. The Hound must have listened to Thoros and Beric when they told him that he wasn’t done yet and he had something more to fight for, because he is teaming up with them this season, and will eventually meet up with Jon Snow on his way to battle the white’s at “The Wall.” Hopefully, on his way to the wall, he will see Arya, and they will hug it out, and he will have something else to live for. Maybe it will be him who protects Gendry in their big battle making sure that he makes it back to Arya, or maybe he makes it back to kill his brother in Clegane Bowl?

9- Don’t forget about Benjen

Jon and Company are going to get in a  wicked fight that will carry us over into season 8, and not everyone will survive, namely Jon and one of Daenery’s Dragon’s, though most likely Jon will be revived by either Beric by the “Kiss of Life” or Thoros of Myr. In the trailer you see a lone soldier getting ready to take on the white army by himself, and it is our bet that this is Benjen Stark, as Jon gets away on his horse. Then the Night King will have one of Dany’s dragons and will be able to fly over the wall.

Leading us to This theory:

It has been speculated that Tyrion Lannister is actually a Targaryen and the third head of the dragon, but if one of Dany’s dragons die then either the Night King is also a Targaryen and is the third head of the dragon or one of the three actual heads of the dragons must die to reclaim the frozen dragon.

Predictions gotten from StarPulse and I agree with some of them.


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