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I got this amazing gameplay in COD WWII with over 100 KILLS and less than 10 deaths. Very unrealistic? watch this real video and have a nice time in amazement wondering how I got over 100 kills with 9 deaths.

This gameplay video inspired me to get back to my YouTube Channel and upload daily contents as I already play games every day.

I have decided to revamp my YouTube Channel which started was back in 2015 since I am an active PS4 console gamer and I’m good at the games I play, I will upload my quality rare gameplay footages to YouTube and also share them here so we keep the gaming section of Nairatips alive.

Game Details

  • Console: PlayStation 4
  • Game: Call of Duty World War 2
  • Map: Shipment 1944
  • Event: Shemrock & Awe

COD Cold War Playlist

COD WWII 108 KILLS – 9 DEATH Gameplay Video

I am really excited for this new development that I have decided to invest money and get a YouTube Gaming Channel setup which includes the purchase of the following items;

  1. Elgato HD which would me stream videos directly from my PlayStation 4 directly to my laptop at incredibly crisp video quality such as 720p & 1080p.
  2. A very nice noise-cancelling mic for recording audio.
  3. Noise cancelling gaming headphones like Turtle beach 800, Hyper Cloud II or Astros A50. I haven’t really made up my mind yet on the gaming headphones to buy. If you have any suggestion for me of headsets that worked well for you, please leave a comment below so we can talk and I can benefit from you.
  4. A face cam but this won’t be a priority for now but it’s good it’s on the list because I will buy it sometime in the future.
  5. Maybe a dedicated video editing laptop or PC
  6. Maybe a second monitor dedicated to video editing.
  7. Buy the video editing software; Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects.

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  1. That would be really impressive if you could pull it off on CS as it’s a punishing game where you can do a million things wrong. Moved while shooting? You’re dead. Wrong spray control? You’re dead. Failed to predict the next location of an enemy? You’re dead.

    • Counter Strike, I presume. I honestly have never played it and from what you just said I don’t think I will ever play it.

      Games are meant to be fun while playing and enjoyed. You don’t need to create a totally realistic game for gamers to like it.

      WW2 messed up and now Fortnite is more successful because it’s a free, fun game to play.

      • Yes, I’m referring to Counter Strike. But, it’s a fun game to play, if you have the right mindset. We are playing for that competitive edge.

        We’re having fun, by getting serious. Trying to outsmart our enemies by any means possible.

        Truth be told, some people get a bit too serious with it. We need to remind ourselves every now and then that it’s just a game haha.

        Even still, if you don’t like it, I respect that. We all have our own taste.

        • Yeah CS has been known as tryhard game, honestly I haven’t played it before and I don’t think I will.
          I have nothing against the game, I’m just not feeling it.


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