How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

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This guide is going to help you pick the Best Gaming Monitor depending on the purpose you want to game monitor to fulfill. This guest post was written by GPUnerd, they also generated a flow chart showing different scenarios and directions all leading to a gaming laptop that can perform the task you want.

From GPUnerd

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I just wrote an epic guide that delves into choosing a gaming monitor in 2017. Believe it or not – there’s so much choice, and as a gamer myself I have admittedly spent too much time researching and trying to work out what monitor was best for me! 

I had been encouraged to turn my advice and knowledge into a snazzy flowchart that really makes it simple for a typical gamer to find the perfect gaming monitor based on their preferences. 

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

Ask yourself – What is the biggest reason for buying a gaming monitor – High refresh rate, High resolution, Low response time, Big screen size, Low or High Budget? or you don’t have any reason you just an affordable gaming monitor – We got you covered. All these reasons/preferences and more are contained within the flow chart below.


 Best Gaming Monitor

I’m sure you can agree that when it comes to buying a gaming monitor, there simply is too much choice. There are many factors that determine what the best gaming monitor is for your PC rig – including price, refresh rate, size, resolution and so much more. The folks at GPUnerd have done the hard work for you in deciding what really is the best gaming monitor based on your preferences, thanks to this super-handy flow-chart. 

Just follow the questions, and voila! You will find out what the top monitor is for you. 

If you want to find out why these monitors have been selected, check out GPUnerds gaming monitor buyers guide for more information.

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9 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor”

    • Gordan. I am glad this guest post was useful and able to help your decide what gaming monitor to buy. Thanks for your comment.

  1. Is there anything new that has popped up this year apart from this. I want a hard core gaming monitor for my kid.

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