Change Date and Time Faster Using Time Changer Shortcut

Time Changer Shortcut is an Android app on the Google Playstore that helps you change date and time faster.

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I play games on my android device, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and occasionally there is need to run an exploit with time based games i.e games that require an item to fill up over time. Examples of game that fall under this category are Candy Crush, Metal Slug Defense and many others. I often get impatient and change my phone’s date and time in other to get sortie points i’m referring to Metal Slug Defense(MSD). 

I play MSD a lot nowadays, well you could say i’, addicted to it, i’m always in a constant race to get Medals and Gold so changing my phone’s date usually get’s me the daily login bonus in advance which is cool and all. But the process of changing date is somewhat stressful, i get tired of touching my screen, lol, we are now very lazy.

So, i went on the internet, in search of a faster way, i know a couple of us can relate to what i’m saying and maybe you even did a google search too. I googled “automatic date and time changer”, i got some results but it wasn’t what i was looking for.

I was in search of an app that just magically changes your date automatically, maybe you would set a time frame, like in 5 minutes, change my phone’s date to the next date. But, alas it was all in my head, as i was found day dreaming, i soon realized that such an app was not in existence or maybe it is, i just haven’t look deep enough.


Change Date and Time Faster Using Time Changer Shortcut

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I found a series of app, that relates to time like GMD(Speed Time), but it wasn’t what i was looking for. I found another app called “Time Changer Shortcut”. Here is the Google Play Store Link.

This app doesn’t magically or automatically help you change your time or date, it simply creates a convenient shortcut up in the notification bar that will take you straight to the phones date/time settings screen. Making it faster.

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