Can You Pay Siteground Monthly?

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Siteground hosting plans vary from price to price, there are so many hosting plans to choose from, whether it is a shared hosting plan, cloud hosting or even WordPress hosting. The hosting plans are also divided into different set of plans as well that makes the pricing even more affordable to anyone who wants to make use of the plan without necessarily breaking their banks.

Can You Pay Siteground Monthly? Yes, you can pay siteground monthly, with siteground, there are payment options for you to choose from,an annual payment is one of those options and even a monthly option. You can choose to pay for your hosting plans monthly and in the long run that could be cheaper when it comes to your budget. Siteground shared hosting plan ranges from the startup plan to the GrowBig plan to the GoGeek plan, and each of those plans have monthly prices if you need it. At first there’s a special price and then there’s a renewal price that goes back up to the actual price you could resume paying on a monthly basis.


Siteground is known to be one of the best hosting companies, it has one of the best uptime and it also has excellent performance and customer support, this might be essentially why its pricing is a little bit off the charts.

The siteground monthly payment option is certainly for people who are not sure they want to commit to siteground in the long run, it could just be that you’re trying siteground out and the monthly plan is the best you could do with as little experience as you have with it. Also, the monthly plan could save you a lot of money, instead of paying for a year, you get to pay a price that is easier to pay for that entire month.

 Each shared hosting plan has a separate price you could pay monthly and with each price comes a different set of features, some more advanced that others. Choosing your siteground hosting plan should be a gradual process and the plan you choose should heavily match the needs of your website.

The way siteground works is that, with each of the shared hosting plan, you get a discounted price at first, and then a renewal price in addition to the discounted price, and the cost is what you would have paid for a month.  After that, you start paying a set price each month and probably with no discounts any more.

The price you pay each month is highly dependent on the hosting plan you choose to use. The siteground hosting plan or the cloud hosting plan, each of them have allowance for you to be able to make monthly payments for your hosting services. The downside of the siteground monthly plan is that the renewal prices are a bit high and some people might find the prices to be a bit much, especially when compared to other hosting companies like bluehost.

Paying Monthly For All Hosting Plans

In order to be able to pay monthly for all your siteground hosting plans, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • You will first of all need to change the billing cycle from your User Area
  • Head over to Services
  • And then go to Manage
  • Visit the kebab menu next to the Upgrade button
  • And then head over to Renewal Settings.

Siteground Monthly Pricing

The siteground prices are based on the hosting plan you choose, there are the shares hosting plans, cloud hosting, wordpress hosting, Woocommerce hosting ,enterprise hosting and others.

The shared hosting plan has three hosting plans. The shared hosting plan is known to be one of the cheapest and in the case where you would like to pay monthly instead of paying for an entire year, you might be able to save 66% and 70% every single month. The shared hosting plan starts from 6.99 dollars per month to 14.99 dollars per month at the discounted price. The regular price after renewal is from 14.99 to 39.99 per month.

The cloud hosting plan also has other plans underneath ,there are about four cloud hosting plans and each of the prices differ and yet they still have great features while trying to be affordable for everyone. Compared to other hosting companies and their prices , these prices might seem relatively more expensive, but they do have a lot of features to back them up. 

Cloud hosting plans include the business plan ,business plan, business plus and super power. The prices range from, $80/month ,$120/month ,$160/month and $240/month.

Another plan is the wordpress plan,and like the shared hosting plan ,it has the startup plan, the GrowBig plan, the GoGeek plan. All with the same special prices and regular prices per month.  There are a lot of great features that go along with the prices as well.

Siteground’s Billing Cycle

With siteground, you get to choose from four different billing cycles that go best with your needs, plans and even your budget. 

Siteground offers month plans, annual plans which is a one year plan , bi annual plans which are up to 24 months and tri annual plans which have pile up to be 36 months.

Most people go for the monthly plan because it’s more budget friendly and it is more convenient than the annual plans. With the annuls plan, you are paying upfront for an entire year and that might cost more than when you pay monthly for each plan, in the end, you will save up monthly as well.

Siteground’s monthly plans allow you pay on a month to month basis ,this works perfectly for people who aren’t certain about putting all their money up for the annual payment.  The siteground yearly plan could also be quite cheaper than the monthly plan in the long run, but whatever plan you decide to go with, depends on the available budget you have, the important thing is that there is a monthly option available to you at anytime at all.

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