Can I use Squarespace with Bluehost?

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Squarespace and Bluehost are two different platforms. You see Bluehost is a web hosting provider while Squarespace is a website builder that includes hosting. They are both great platforms, and they have different features that we will be exploring here today. For web hosting Bluehost is more popular than Squarespace however, both platforms have millions of customers.

Can I use Squarespace with Bluehost?

You cannot use Squarespace with Bluehost. They are not compatible with each other. You can use any of the hosting plans on Bluehost and get your domain name from other companies but certainly not Squarespace. Squarespace offers you an all in one service and they don’t sell their site builder separately. Bluehost works well with WordPress and other content management platforms but Squarespace acts as your CMS and hosting provider at once. Oftentimes people compare these two different tools and we will try to compare both here today.

Bluehost is cheap while Squarespace is expensive. Squarespace is complex while Bluehost can be used by beginners to build their website from scratch. There are a number of things that separate these two platforms but the most important question is can I host a Squarespace website on Bluehost.

Both platforms were launched in 2003 but Bluehost quickly grew to dominate the industry. Bluehost have a number of hosting plans on their platform that include shared hosting, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated. Squarespace only offers you a one and it the shared plan but you will be getting an amazing website builder in addition.

Both companies have amazing services and you get a handful of tools no matter which one you pick to build your website on. We are going to be giving you an overview of both platforms. This is to help you when you are about making decisions to choose between the two.

Squarespace Overview

Squarespace is one of the best-looking homepage and it is the best looking when compared to other web hosting platforms. It comes with some amazing blogging tools and they have an amazing customer support. they offer over 100 templates that fully adapts to mobile devices and they are constantly updated to perform even better.

Usability can be a major issue on the platform because it’s not as easy as Bluehost. They have the right tools if you want to build a blog, portfolio website or online store. Their price starts at 12 dollars per month and it is nothing compared to the 2.95 dollars per month t Bluehost.

Squarespace has a decent mobile app and it is available for iOS and Android. It allows you to edit almost every aspect of the website with your mobile phone. Hosting may websites is impossible with squarespace and they only support small websites. Building a very large website on squarespace is impossible because it is not suitable for websites that require deep menu hierarchy.

When it comes to speed test the platform scored a low rating by the google page speed tool. This can be a problem to search engines and it can affect your site ranking. The speed of a page is one of the biggest factors that influence how a page ranks on google.

You get a free domain name for a year and after that you will be paying at least $20 per year for domain name. the most expensive plan for Squarespace is 40 dollar per month but it still falls under the shared hosting category. Building a website, her can be complicated because of the editing interface.

They have a number of addons that can help you with email marketing, Squarespace scheduling and a number of other services. Their speed is not up to par but if you want a stylish website then you can use Squarespace.

Bluehost Overview

One of the biggest weakness of squarespace is their user interface and Bluehost has an industry standard cPanel. Even though the Bluehost website is not stylish they kept it in a user-friendly way. Someone without proper web hosting knowledge can easily make effective changes on a website through the Bluehost cPanel.

They have tools that can be used to improve the SEO of a website as well as limited themes. when you open an account, you will be getting massive discount for the first three years. Bluehost and WordPress can easily be integrated, WordPress recommends Bluehost all the time of you want to open a website.

You can use Bluehost and integrate it with any other Content management system but with squarespace you are getting everything together. Bluehost is like an open source platforms and beginners and professionals can take advantage of the platform and modify their website. You can host a scalable website with deeply rooted categories on Bluehost but squarespace doesn’t support that.

As your website grow and traffic increase all you need to do is update your hosting plan. The dedicated hosting plan can be used to host websites with massive traffic. Their customer representatives are available all the time to help solve your problems.

They have a dedicated team of WordPress expert that are available to help fix WordPress issues. Bluehost also have special shared hosting plans for Bluehost and you will get additional features for free. Bluehost has decent uptime and it is faster than squarespace, if you care about speed then Bluehost should be your number one pick.

You can transfer your website out of Bluehost but with Squarespace, you can’t. for a number of reasons Bluehost seems to be much more flexible and I will pick the platform over Squarespace.

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Is squarespace any good?

Squarespace has a reliable website builder but what has been a draw back for me is the load speed of their pages. Wix looks like a better alternative to squarespace at the moment.

Squarespace or Bluehost which is Better for beginners?

Squarespace needs a little bit of learning especially because of its control centre. Bluehost on the other hand is easy to use and beginners will find it easy to host their website on the platform.                                            

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