Can I Transfer My Domain From GoDaddy To Bluehost?

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Transferring your domain from one web hosting company to another isn’t a farfetched decision, decisions like this are made based on the products or lack of products one hosting company has over the other, and it is completely acceptable to transfer your domain if the hosting company you’re currently with isn’t suitable for your website’s needs.

Can I Transfer My Domain From GoDaddy To Bluehost? Yes, you can transfer your website from GoDaddy to Bluehost. While these two hosting companies are highly reputable, it is all a matter of preference. Asides from that, most people transfer their domain name from GoDaddy to Bluehost due to the fact that GoDaddy tends to have higher price tags on its products and Bluehost is usually a suitable and less expensive alternative. To transfer your domain from GoDaddy to Bluehost, all you’ll need are a list of steps that will serve as a guide when you decide to make the move.

Once you sign up to bluehost, you get to pick a domain name and the decision is completely up to you, you could either go for a new domain name or your transfer an already existing domain,  this is where the transfer of your GoDaddy domain comes in.

The entire process isn’t difficult and it might take a while for the domain transfer to be solid but it is possible to transfer your domain from GoDaddy to bluehost, and that is the most important detail.

Before you proceed or carryout the impending migration, it is highly advisable that you backup your files and everything before you even start the transfer process. This will help you avoid any loss that might incur more time loss for your website.

Choosing to transfer your domain might have stemmed from various reasons or even just one particular reason, and as long as you follow all the right steps provided, your transfer from GoDaddy to bluehost will be smooth.

How To Transfer Domain From GoDaddy To Bluehost

To make a domain transfer from GoDaddy to bluehost, you will first of all have to login to your GoDaddy account and open up your domain settings, choose the domain you would like to transfer and then click on manage.

It is important for you to crosscheck your domain contact information, GoDaddy will send you an authorization code that you will need to complete the transfer and the code would be sent to the email address in your domain contact information, so it is important to update the information or at least check to see if it is accurate.

Before you decide to transfer your domain from GoDaddy, you might want to disable any domain privacy protection you might have purchased. You can disable the domain privacy from the domain control center, just select your domain and scroll down to Privacy Settings, and then select turn privacy off.

The next thing you’ll have to do, is to make sure you change your domain nameservers, making sure your domain points to bluehost is highly essential, replace your GoDaddy nameservers with bluehost nameservers or an alternative would be to wait till your bluehost is running for you to just completely transfer your domain under bluehost.

The next step requires you to unlock your domain, this isn’t a hard process at all, and all you need to do is switch your lock status from On to Off. The setting will be updated in about two to five minutes and your domain name will be unlocked.

Once your domain name is unlocked, your authorization code will be sent to you, you will have one last chance to check your email address so that the delivery of your epp authorization code will be successful. GoDaddy will send you the code once you click on ‘Get authorization code’.

The next time steps involve your bluehost account, after you’ve gone through with all the prior steps involving your GoDaddy account, you will need to login to your bluehost account. First of all, click on domains and then transfer.

Enter the domain name you wish to transfer from GoDaddy, you will be asked to enter the EPP authorization code as well, so all you have to do is put in the code GoDaddy sent to your email address and then update the contact information that will be displayed with your domain name.

The next step involves the payment for your domain name transfer, it is the last step and you will have to make a payment on the check out page. You will have to select a duration for your domain name and you could choose a one year quantity if you want.

You will have to be patient because the transfer could take a couple days to be finalized, in the mean time, you could keep track of the transfer progress, all you need to do is: go to your domain manager and then proceed to transfer EPP, underneath the details you’ll find the current status of your domain transfer.

Bluehost Tips For Domain Transfers

Transferring your domain name to the hosting company of your choice will make your job a lot easier, you get to manage your domain registration and hosting services all under one account and with just one single password as well.

Having all your information and registration details in one place will help you manage your website even better and without the hassle of going back and forth between websites and passwords. The transfer process isn’t hard, but here are a few tips that will help you avoid any mishaps:

With bluehost, You can transfer the following domain extensions : com, net, org, us, co, info, and biz. The domain name extensions are equally as important as the domain name itself, so before any transfer is made, make sure the extension is in line with the extensions bluehost can accept.

You should also avoid transferring your domain within 45 days of a domain that has been recently renewed, or you could lose that renewal year.

Lastly, follow all the steps above, especially the steps involving your GoDaddy account, this will help you avoid any delays with your transfer.

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