Can I Host A Wix Site On Siteground?

Wix sites are usually hosted by servers managed by Wix itself, they pride themselves as a one for all service.  Wix content is mostly found on the Wix server, while siteground is a home or host to a lot of other websites and provides the services most of these sites needs. Siteground hosts WordPress, Joomla, drupal and so much more.

Can I host a Wix site on Siteground? No, you can’t host a Wix site on Siteground because Wix sites are independent, they make sure all the services sites need are found within the Wix management itself. If you had a Wix site at any point in time and you wish to make a move to siteground, you could actually transfer your domain name from there to siteground. Although, there have been a few pointers that state that If you have a Wix site, it is more likely that your content will be hosted exclusively on the Wix servers, popular opinion even states that your Wix site can’t be transferred elsewhere.


Since Wix content is managed by Wix servers, the likelihood of it being placed on another hosting provider is quite slim.  In any case, as much as siteground is a great hosting service, if you have a site like Wix that also provides all-around in-house services for your site, there really isn’t a lot of reasons why you’d want to transfer your site to another hosting provider.

Siteground is one of the best hosting companies in an industry filled with the most efficient hosting services and in as much as siteground has the features to host a ton of sites, there are still a lot of undecided opinions on whether it hosts Wix sites or not.

Siteground is a great hosting company and a blogging company like wordpress has certified it to host their wordpress websites, that’s the kind of official recommendation every site owner should be gunning for.  For instance, if you have a website under wordpress and you’d love to be hosted by siteground, that would be an automatic match made in heaven.

On the other hand, if you have a Wix site that is strictly managed by Wix servers and just a little probability that it could even be hosted by siteground, there’s no point risking it by transferring your site to to another hosting provider.

Like siteground, Wix has data centers around the world and once you start to make use of a Wix website, your site is automatically propagated to all the servers , when a visitor visits your Wix hosted website, they are instantly taken to servers in the data centers that will give them only the best performance.

The major consensus is that moving your Wix site to siteground isn’t quite possible ,it has been said that you can’t host a Wix site on a third party provider because you would already have securing, hosting ,storage and everything else under Wix itself and migrating to another hosting service wouldn’t be on your radar.


Rebuilding Your Wix Site On Siteground

While it might not be totally possible to just transfer your Wix site to siteground, it is however possible to take in the same concept of your site and just start it over using wordpress and it could be hosted by siteground. This situation might not be ideal because you might have to redo your site from scratch, but it has been done.

The great thing about siteground is their customer support team and with that, they would put you through all the steps whether it’s through a phone call or even a live chat.

Siteground will set you up with a temporary URL while you build your wordpress site, even though you’ve had a Wix site for a long time, you might still have to build a new site when you decide to move ,it will take some time, but it isn’t difficult. All the questions or reservations you have can be hashed out with the siteground team.

Your domain name from Wix could be transferred to you for use on siteground, and that’s one great upside of the entire situation ,once the domain transfer is complete, you get to have your functioning site, this processes might take a few days interval, between requesting the domain transfer and pointing your DNS to siteground, but it is known to work as long as you follow every single step and work with the siteground team meticulously.


Siteground’s Website  Builder

The entire concept of transferring your Wix site to siteground is a little bit flawed in itself. The very reason for this stems within the fact that Wix is a website builder and it can host its site on one platform ,making it rather tasking to host a Wix site outside the Wix platform.

Siteground on the other hand, has a website builder of its own, it is known to make use of Weebly  ,an easy website builder that provides users with the easiest usage and a hassle free zone. Weebly is a powerful ,but simple, drag and drop website building tool that will ease the stress customers go through when using various CMS’s.

With siteground’s website builder, you could instantly create a professional looking website with no technical skill required. Weebly is a drag and drop website builder and content like text pictures, videos and even maps could be added to your site by simply dragging them and dropping them right where you want it.

With websites like wordpress, Joomla and drupal, the ease of hosting it on siteground is completely certified, especially with the Weebly website builder that only makes the use even easier. With Wix sites however ,the uncertainty of whether or not it could be hosted on siteground or any other hosting provider at all, is essentially not feasible.

The sure thing in this case is that you can transfer your domain name from Wix but you will have to build your wordpress or any site at all from scratch if you intend to use siteground hosting services.