Can I Change my Domain Name on Bluehost?

Bluehost Is a top web hosting platform used by over two million website owners it is the most recommended hosting platform by WordPress. Their service is swift, fast and secure they have some of the best servers out there.

Can I change my domain name on Bluehost? Yes, you can change your domain name on Bluehost after registration and we are going to share the method to follow as suggested by Bluehost. Log into your Bluehost account and go to your control panel. Click on the domains tab from the navigation menu to the left. Next, go to the domain name you wish to change. Click the down arrow icon next to manage then choose DNS from the drop-down menu that will appear. In the name server’s menu click the edit button. That’s how to change your Bluehost domain name.

To start hosting your website on Bluehost you can pay as low as 2.95 dollars per month which makes it one of the cheapest web hosting platforms right now. What we are here for today is to talk about if you can change your domain name after registration on Bluehost. Without wasting any time let’s go straight to the point.

You need to know that if you are using WordPress then the process is different and you have to change your URL from WordPress down to Bluehost. No matter the type of hosting you are using be rest assured that Bluehost will provide you with support in changing your domain name.

It will be better to backup your website and database before changing your domain name it also takes time to complete the process. Depending on the type of account you have it can take between 25 minutes to 5 hours to completely change your domain name.

Bluehost Domain

The moment you register for a Bluehost account it comes with a free domain you can host your website and manage your emails, and other subdomains all in one place. They have various types of web hosting packages and they are created according to the needs of a particular niche. They have plans for eCommerce, WordPress, and dedicated web hosting among many.

Their customer support is available 24/7 for chats and calls. They have one of the best uptimes available right now and anyone hosting with Bluehost can testify of their speed.

Bluehost domain service is a great service for first-time web developers and professionals they make web hosting easy and they have a plan that puts you in total control. No matter what plan you decide to go with you will still be able to get free additional features. The only perk is after three years of paying 2.95 dollars monthly the price skyrockets to about 10 dollars per month.

If you also want a monthly payment you can get it until after your three-year annual subscription runs out. There are a number of additional features you will be getting with the Bluehost domain and it is totally worth it.

With Bluehost, you can easily create very attractive websites and anyone that is serious about running a serious business online can take advantage of Bluehost and the service they offer. And in terms of creating a business website, no online hosting platform does it better than Bluehost. Their services are up the notch and they are among the top three most used platform for building a business website.

They offer you a flexible plan, to begin with, and depending on the type of traffic you get there are plans that you can upgrade to as your traffic grows bigger.

Why is Bluehost Cheap

Their basic plan is one of the cheapest out there and this is because people who go with the cheap plan are placed on shared hosting. With shared hosting, it means your website is sharing servers with other websites online. That is why Bluehost can offer web hosting services cheaply. Under their basic plan, they have shared web hosting and WordPress basic.

The basic plan is mostly used by beginners who are just starting out with their web development journey using the basic plan you get a domain manager, free SSL certificate, google ads credits among others.  

It is also scalable which means the bigger your website grows the more power you can increase using Bluehost. If you pick the basic plan of WordPress Bluehost will manage the technical aspect on your behalf while you focus on creating the contents to add to the website. WordPress and Bluehost can be easily integrated and a lot of WordPress owners depend on Bluehost for better protection against hackers.

The integration also makes your WordPress website load faster from anywhere in the world. There are also some basic offerings for WordPress WooCommerce web owners to take advantage of and make web hosting better for them.

There are professional-level hosting plans that are more expensive and are only used by professionals. They offer VPS and DNS services with their pro plans. When it comes to VPS it stands for virtual private servers and what you get there is to have access to a web hosting setup that runs on a virtual machine on a bigger, physical server.

It is mostly used for building web apps or other types of web-based products that are not related to a website. With a dedicated server, you get your own personal server that will have a major impact on your website

Related Questions

Is Bluehost easy to use for beginners?

Bluehost is indeed very easy to use for beginners and it is a friendly platform if you are just starting out on WordPress. They automatically install WordPress immediately after you signup. Their control panel is easy to use and their interface even makes it easier to host any kind of website on their server. There is help available 24/7 and they have a lot of resources that will help guide you as a starter.

Why is Bluehost used for WordPress?

WordPress covers about 47 per cent of all the websites that exist on the internet and they highly recommend using Bluehost as your web host. WordPress and Bluehost work seamlessly as you can transfer your WordPress website to Bluehost easily. That is the major reason why both platforms work well together.