Blog Post Writing for Foreign Students: 5 Educational Blogs Internationals Should Follow

Blog post writing is ideal for foreign students and these are the 5 things every international student reading educational blogs should follow.

If you are an international student, you are likely trying to learn the language. This can be a tricky task. In addition, you are figuring out how to juggle all of your homework and other responsibilities.

Being an ESL student is hard, but there are plenty of helpful resources available to help you out.

One of the most useful tools you can use is blogs. These blogs can help you to become a stronger English speaker and writer, which will be essential for both school and your career. Also, you will use those skills in your everyday life.

Since there are so many blogs on the Internet, it can be hard to find the best ones. We want you to have access to the most helpful ones.

There’s no point in wasting time on the ones that aren’t so great. We asked some academic experts from an essay writing service Write My Paper Hub to share the list of the best education blogs for international students to check out.

5 Educational Blogs International Students Should Follow

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1. English for University

English For University provides ESL students with information about writing in college. Many of the posts break down the different parts of an essay and help ESL students to focus in on specific skills.

These articles are beneficial especially for students who want to improve their academic writing. The articles are helpful for ESL students in high school or college.

These guides are useful for students preparing for college or students who are already completing writing assignments in college.

Since there are so many different topics to be covered, there is always something new to learn about English For University.

2. English for Academic Purposes

English For Academic Purposes focuses on sharing content that helps students to develop a stronger writing style.

Many of the posts include grammar advice so that students can learn how to write academically. There is a pretty large emphasis on research, which is an essential component of academic writing at a university level.

Some of the content is more specifically geared toward teachers of ESL students, but much of the information will still be very useful for ESL students themselves.

This educational blog post writing is ideal for any student with questions about the research. Any other grammar questions should be answered here too.

3. Mondo’s World

Mondo’s World is full of a variety of useful resources. You might be overwhelmed by everything there is to explore on this blog.

There are writing classes, cartoons, writing topics, and more. You can also access book and video recommendations from the blog to help you find even more resources.

One thing that sets Mondo’s World apart from many of the other blogs on this list is its video lessons and singing lessons. These exciting videos can help to improve your English in a more fun way.

The blog post writing is about ESL-related topics, which can help you to learn more about the language.

4. Readable Blog

Readable Blog blends together all of the most important pieces of ESL. On this blog, you will find a wide variety of different activities. These include activities like speaking, listening, and reading exercises.

By using these exercises, you can learn more about the English language and continue to enhance your skills.  After you practice these exercises, take a look at the tips throughout the website. The author also gives readers posts to read.

These posts are filled with useful information, but they are kept simple. The author wants the blog post writing to be useful to you without confusing you!

5. Inspiration Lane

Inspiration Lane is unique in that it has new information each and every day. It was designed so that a new quote, history lesson, article of the day, and more change every day.

You can log on to Inspiration Lane when you wake up in the morning to see what new reading material and educational posts are available for the day. The reading available on Inspiration Lane is interesting. Nothing is too complicated, which can help with confusion and frustration.

You might not even feel like you’re learning as you read through the daily postings. On the homepage, you can see 12 different ways to learn English through the website.


All of these blogs have valuable educational articles. Be sure to subscribe to some of the email lists or check back frequently to read their new posts.

Another way to strengthen your blog post writing is by using a blog post writing service with advanced writers. These services will guide you as you learn to write your own papers for school. These are especially useful for ESL students.

As you grow and learn, it’s important to take advantage of all of the resources you have right in front of you! Using these blogs will help you to continue to learn English and help you to become at blog post writing. This is a necessary part of your ESL experience while you’re in college and beyond.