How to Find Profitable Blog Niche Ideas in 2021 to Start your Successful Blog

This is a very important post because finding lucrative blog niche ideas to start a successful blog is the difference between 3 figures and making 6 figures.

If you choose a very specific blog nice idea, it limits the chances of scaling that business and trying new things if your main blog nice idea turns out to be less successful.

You don’t want that, you want to find a juice lucrative blog nice idea that gives you room to focus on more than one topic, allows you switch it up and explore another topic to increase your income and scaling the business.

How to Find Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

The points I want to emphasize are:

  • When you want to start a successful blog, you need a lucrative blog nice idea which would give you the room to make 6 figure income and have fun while doing it.
  • Select a broader topic and have a list of “sub-niches” or “subtopics” you want to try writing about.

7 Tested Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

7 Tested Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

1. Here’s my Personal Example (Nairatips):

Nairatips is a technology blog.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Technology

  • Sub Niche Idea: How to use “different software, products, apps, etc.
  • Sub Niche Idea: Blogging tips
  • Sub Topic/Niche: Reviews (web hosting, software, plugins, apps, computers, smartphones, etc.
  • Sub Topic/Niche: Social Media/ Digital marketing
  • Sub Topic/Niche: How to use “different software, products, apps, etc.

2. Healthy Living Blog Niche Ideas for you

Healthy living is going to be one of the most lucrative niche ideas till everyone dies but people always want to be healthy, fit, look young and not die early maybe due to bad eating habits or bad lifestyle choices.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Healthy living

  • Sub Topic: Weight loss
  • Sub Topic: Yoga
  • Sub Topic: Fitness
  • Sub Topic: Healthy foods and lifestyles
  • Sub Topic: Healthy diet plans

3. Making Money Online Blog Niche Ideas for you

Money is very important and everyone wants it. Moreso, everyone is looking for ways to make money online may be to balance their 9-5 working life or they planning to go full-time into an online business.

The truth of the matter is making money online is very possible. Check out this blog’s income report for last month.

Nairatips is a bold example of that and you can do it too, you just need to follow the successful blogging steps in my free 7 days successful blogging course.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Making Money Online

You can also take it further and start a successful blog around one of the sub-ideas/topics like for example.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Blogging guides

Even some of these sub topics above can start as a main blog niche idea, you can create a blog around them and still have room for more sub topics.

You should get the idea which is to start a blog with a topic that’s big enough to allow you talk about other relating subtopics which everything linking together which means you can make money from every topic you feature on your blog.

4. Financial Advice Blog Niche Ideas for you

More than 40 Millions American have student loan debt and this is because people love spending money and there are so many things that are screaming BUY ME.

A financial advice blog will basically teach people different saving tips or ways to save money, services to use and how long it would take to clear their debt.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Financial Advice

  • Sub Topic: Personal Finance
  • Sub Topic: Personal Savings
  • Sub Topic: Personal Development
  • Sub Topic: Money Mindsets

5. Investing Money & Cyprtocurrency Blog Niche Idea

Investing money is also a good niche idea because when you make money online, you can choose to save some and then invest the rest so you can make more money.

They are all closely related and when you get involved in one, it’s hard not to get in bed with all them – Make Money, Save Money and Invest Money.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Investing Money

6. Lifestyle/Influencer Nice Idea for you

This is a fast-growing blog niche where you can just write about your life, what you do on a daily basis, your traveling life. Just put it out there, add a bit of SPICE and watch your fans roll in.

This niche is crazily competitive and can lead to a lot of fake lifestyle choices because you want to keep up with the competition or that’s what your fans want to see.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Lifestyle

  • Sub Topic: Personal lifestyle coach
  • Sub Topic: Influencer
  • Sub Topic: Traveling coach
  • Sub Topic: Family life tips
  • Sub Topic: Relationship advice

7. Fashion Blog Nice Idea for you

If you love fashion and enjoy talking about it, your blog should look like this:

Main Blog Niche Idea: Fashion

  • Sub Topic: Shoes
  • Sub Topic: Summer Sun Dresses (god bless em’)
  • Sub Topic: Full Outfits
  • Sub Topic: Accessories
  • Sub Topic: Home décor and style

Now you can focus down on your main blog niche idea a little further. Just be careful about getting so niche or restricted that only a small amount of people are interested in the topic.

Main Blog Niche Idea: Fall Fashion

  • Sub Topic: Shoes
  • Sub Topic: Tops
  • Sub Topic: Full Outfits
  • Sub Topic: Accessories
  • Sub Topic: Home décor for the Fall

You want lots of things to talk about in the beginning to help you narrow down the topics your readers enjoy most and what you should be talking about.

The more “niche” the blog becomes, the harder it is to write about subtopics before you have to start repeating content.

If you’re a new blogger, starting with a broad topic like “Technology”, “Fashion” or “Healthy Living” is smart, because it allows you to narrow things down as you go!

5 Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make When Finding Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

5 Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make When Finding Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

Mistake #1: Blindly Following Someone

This is the biggest mistakes we have on the internet today! New bloggers see a couple of blogs they love and want to emulate, so they create their own blog and COPY and PASTE all the best contents on each blog they love and post it on their own blog probably because they are lazy and are not prepared to do the hard work.

Mistake #2: Following the Money

Maybe you are also following the money, you have seen a blog and you can see the income reports posted on the blog and you think to yourself, I can just copy this site layout, content and make my own website and make some easy money online too!

Sorry but that won’t work.

You need to research your blog niche ideas to know the challenges you are going to face like who are the big players in that niche, your competition and how you are going to be different from them which would make your blog stand out and be different.

Mistake #3: Spending too much time thinking about Starting but not Starting

If you spend too much time thinking about starting a successful blog and you months pass with you not starting anything. You will DIE BROKE.

The richest people in the world today start something, anything, built it from scratch however bad the beginnings they stuck to it, molded it year after year until they SUCCEED!

You may still be on the fence but after you read this 10 reasons to start a successful blog this week, you will be convinced that you need a successful blog TODAY.

Mistake #4: Spending Money on what doesn’t matter

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars building a successful blog or pay someone to help you do it. Keep that money and invest in content and SEO tools that will surely get you back your money.

Follow this ultimate step by step that teaches you everything you need to know about starting a successful blog in 2019.

Mistake #5: Believing you are not good enough

One thing anime has done for me is that no matter how powerful the bad guy (competition) is, you need to focus, do the hard work, be different and with time you will overcome them.

Don’t surround yourself with people that don’t believe in you.

You have believe in yourself first before others can believe in you.

Remember that your blog, content does not have to be perfect the first time. You will improve on the content just have a plan and a clear road map as you go.

I used this same strategy on Nairatips. We started with “Technology,” blogged about a bunch of technology-related topics and realized that the subtopics “Blogging tips, How-to’s and reviews” quickly became the most popular and sought after.

Commit yourself to figuring out your main blog niche and sub niches today!