Get $50 Free using BetOnline Mobile Site

What is better than getting free $50 for your first bet when using betonline mobile site. It’s simple,  betonline mobile site gives you the ability to bet on your smartphone or any other internet enabled device without downloading any app or client.

Who are BetOnline?

Betonline remains one of the best online betting platform for international betting because they have been in existence since 2001 they are widely known for accepting international bets. This is a strong company with enough backbones to stand the test of time.

Betonline is a costa rica based site but they are not limited to their region alone, they are widely known across the world.


BetOnline Mobile Site

Betonline has a desktop website containing the full rich display and functionalities expected but is this same full rich display and functionality also in the mobile website? Yes! Most of it are included in betonline mobile site.

Betonline mobile site is very easy to access and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge or anything.

There are two ways you can visit betonline mobile site;

    1. Visit directly using your smartphone browser.
    2. If you visit BetOnline with your smartphone you would be automatically redirected to the mobile site.

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BetOnline Mobile Site Screenshots

I visited directly using an iPhone with safari browser and this was what I saw.

The pictures above are for the mobile site which I found it to be very smooth and responsive with simple user frienly interface which doesn’t cluster your eyes. It is focused meaning you won’t forget the reason you came here in the first place.

When you first visist the mobile site page you see the headlines and most popular games for you to view and interact with only if you login.

The black menu shows alot ranging from Home, Join now/Login all the way to promotions shows how rich and robust the mobile site is.


Benefits of Using Betonline Mobile

    1. There is no need to download anything like an app or client.
    2. Extremely useful for apple users because ther’s no betonline mobile app yet which means if you are using an iPhone or iPad and you want to do some mobile betting? Betonline mobile site is for you.
    3. You can do mobile betting anywhere and at anytime you like.
    4. Super fast and lightweight
    5. Simple and clean design.
    6. Easy to use.


How to Get $50 free bet play?

    • Visit  [otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”small” icon_type=”general foundicon-plus” icon_position=”left” shape=”square” color_class=”otw-black”]BetOnline Mobile[/otw_shortcode_button] using your smartphone or tablet.
    • Click on Join.
    • Verify your account.
    • Place your first bet. Maximum of $50
    • If you lose the best, you would be given $50 free which basically mean you get your money back.


Important Notice

Please take note of the following because these are the steps to take when you want to redeem your free $50 or you are having issues getting your $50 because this is what’s written in the fine print where they don’t tell you everything.

    1. Send an email to asking for yout free $50 bet and in the subject include “$50 Mobile Free Play”.
    2. The maximum amount you can get from the free play is $50 which means if you bet $30 at first, you only get $30 back.
    3. The free $50 will be credited to your account within 48 hours so if after creating your account and you don’t receive your $50 immediately, please wait for 48 hours before complaining.
    4. If your first bet wins you are no longer eligble for the $50 free.


Betonline Mobile vs Betonline Mobile App

Betonline mobile is not the same thing as betonline mobile app. There are actually quite a few differences between the mobile and mobile app.

Betonline MobileBetonline Mobile App
There is no need to download anything.Mobile app needs to be downloaded, installed before you can use betonline.
Super fast and lightweightMobile app loading screen would be slower
You can use betonline mobile site anywhere and at anytime.The mobile app is only for android users for now.
Simple, clean design and Easy to useThe mobile app would have a standard design user friendly interface and you would need some time to learn before you can start using and utilising the app to it’s full potential.

Want to run android apps on your laptop? Read Genymotion Emulator: Fast & Lag-free Android Emulator


Full Terms and Conditions

    1. This promotion is only valid for your first ever sports bet on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet).
    2. This promotion is valid on one bet only.
    3. To participate:
      • Visit from your smartphone or tablet.
      • Place a real-money bet in the sportsbook.
      • If your First Ever Mobile Bet wins, congratulations you are already profiting from mobile betting; however, you are not eligible for reimbursement per this promotion.
      • If your First Ever Mobile Bet loses, you are eligible for reimbursement with a Free Play up to $50 per this promotion. For reimbursement, send an e-mail to with your account number and the ticket number of the single bet you want refunded within 24 hours of the completion of the game you bet on. Please put “$50 Mobile Free Play” in the subject line of the email.
    4. Once your e-mail has been received, your losing bet will be reimbursed with a Free Play up to $50, within 48 hours.
    5. If your first ever mobile bet is less than $50 and it losses, you can claim your bet amount. For example, if you bet $30, you will be eligible for a $30 Free Play.
    6. If your first ever mobile bet exceeds $50 and it loses, you can claim $50. For example, if you bet $80, you will be eligible for a $50 Free Play.
    7. There is a 6x (six time) rollover requirement associated with the free play.
    8. You must use any free plays already in your account before claiming any new free plays.
    9. Mobile bets on Live Betting, Horses or Futures are not eligible for this promotion.
    10. If your First Ever Mobile Bet is a winner or a push, you are not eligible for this promotion.
    11. This promotion is valid only one time (1x) per Account/UserName/email address/computer/IP address/address of residence.
    12. This promotion is not valid with any other promotion and is non-transferable.
    13. BetOnline reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time, without notice.
    14. Please see BetOnline’s general rules for additional terms and conditions which apply to any and all promotions.




If you are looking to make some dollars from betting, then give betonline a try! They accept international transactions and their cashout options are friendly.

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