5 Best Website Hosting for Blogs in 2022 (#2 Has a Funny Name)

The best website hosting for blogs is a different type of hosting because we would be looking at the best option you have for website hosting for blogs.

Blogs are something that can support you to make much money, or you can use a blog for different purpose such as sharing information, etc.

To make a successful blog, users need to find high-quality web hosting that can assist them in achieving progress. So in this blog article, I’m going to share the five Best websites hosting for blogs.

5 Best Website Hosting for Blogs in 2021

1. HostWinds – Best Website Hosting for Blogs

hostwinds best website hosting for blogs

The first choice on our list for the best website hosting for blogs is HostWinds. It offers a variety of benefit to the user to make their website live in a single click.

HostWinds provide shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and a dedicated server. 

HostWinds Pricing

The basic plan of shared web hosting demand the user to pay $3.29 for a single month. For Advanced package, you must have $4.23 to get the pack for a month while the Ultimate plan is of $5.17/month. Each of the plans varies in price because they offer a different set of features.

HostWinds Security

Thinking of security while hosting your website on HostWinds is just a waste of time because they provide high-end protection so that the user’s site remain safe from every attack. HostWinds also include a free SSL on each of their plan.

Is HostWinds Support any Good?

HostWinds have a dedicated team of support to help the customer in every problem. They offer a Ticket System, chat support, and phone support, which is open for 24/7/365. The team is quite friendly so that you can contact them without any hesitation. 

How is HostWinds Uptime?

HostWinds have an unmatched uptime. They guarantee 99.9999% uptime so that the visits don’t face any problem while accessing your website. HostWinds Satisfaction Guarantee makes them one of the top priority of the user.


  • 24/7/365 ticket, chat, and phone support
  • Unmatched uptime
  • Faster Speeds


  • Renew price may increase
  • Fewer features in the basic plan

2. HostSlayer – The Second Best Website Hosting for Blogs

hostslayer website hosting for blogs

The second web hosting that might be an excellent option for your blog is HostSlayer. Unlike Host winds, HostSlayer does grant a vast range of choices, but all the available options are worth it. It comprises web hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting.

Among these hosting options, you must go with the web hosting for a blog.

HostSlayer Pricing

The web hosting contains further four packages, including starter, economy, deluxe, and premium. All these packages are quite affordable.

The starter plan price is around $1.99 per month, while the economy cost approximately $2.99 for a month. Other than this the deluxe plan, its price is $5.99 monthly while you can get your hands on the premium plan is $8.99 for a month.

HostSlayer Security

HostSlayer is among these web hosting provider that delivers tight security. Every package contains a CSF Firewall, Mod security, and LFD. Moreover, it also grants free SSL for each of the available plans.

Is HostSlayer Support any Good?

Similar to other hostings, HostSlayer arrives in three support features including live chat, phone call, and email. Live chat is available for 24/7 while you can get support via a phone call between 9 AM-6 PM from Money to friends and the Tickets supports replies to the user within 30 minutes.

How is HostSlayer Uptime?

HostSlayer promises to deliver 100% of uptime. However, I believe that 100% is not possible because the hosting server may get crashed at any moment because it’s a machine. However, HostSlayer said that they have servers on multiples location due to which they can deliver a 100% uptime.


  • Unmetered Bandwidth and Infinite Domains
  • Limitless Databases and Unlimited email Accounts
  • Free SSL


  • The phone option is not available 24/7
  • Ticket support may reply a bit late.

3. Web Hosting Hub – eCommerce Website Hosting for Blogs

webhosting hub ecommerce website hosting foe blogs

Web hosting hub is another hosting service that you can try if you want to create a blog. This hosting provider offers a great deal in terms of hostings.

Web hosting hub grant many exciting features such as $150 free advertising credits and 90 days Money Back Guarantee, which you may not see in any other hosting provider.

Web hosting hub Pricing

Web hosting hub plan arrives in three variant of packages. These packages include Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo.

The user is required to pay $ 4.99 for a single month Spark plan while the Nitro pack cost around $ 6.99 per month, and Dynamo price is $ 8.99 monthly. Note that these prices are given to the user who purchases the plan for three years. 

Web hosting hub Security

The web hosting hub recommends their customer to take extra care of their website protection by staying away from nulled theme or plugins. It also grants a free SSL certificate for each of the plan.

Is Web hosting hub Support any Good?

Web hosting hub awards a 24/7 live chat, 24/7 live phone and 24/7 ticket support which you might only see in fewer hosting providers. They also have a Skype, Community Q&A support which makes thing a lot accessible for the user.

How is Web hosting hub Uptime?

Before buying a web hosting service, ensure to check their uptime. Web hosting hub delivers 99.9% Uptime which is necessary to make your website live for a more extended period. 


  • Free Advertising Credits of $150
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free cPanel & SSH


4. Hostfav – Affordable Website Hosting for Blogs


Do you want to host your blog on a hosting that extends numerous features at affordable prices? If that’s true, then you can test the Hostfav hosting service.

It includes web hosting, shared hosting, cloud VPS, and dedicated server. The web hosting or a shared hosting might be a perfect option for the users who want to host a blog.

Hostfav Pricing

It has four types of hosting packages such as Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS Linux, and Cloud VPS Windows/Linux.

The cost that the user have to pay for Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting is $2.50/month. Cloud VPS Linux total charges are approximately $2.99 for a month while Cloud VPS Windows/Linux user need a total budget of $5.99 for a month. 

Hostfav Security

The Hostfav supplies an SSL Certificate that protects all the private and sensitive data of the user’s website. Unlike many other hosting providers, Hostfav doesn’t offer a free SSL certificate. So you have to pay a separate amount to get SSL installed on your site. 

Is Hostfav Support any Good?

Hostfav support team is not less than any other premium support system. They have got the best support team that is available for 24/7 either via Live Chat, Tickets, or an Email Support.

How is Hostfav Uptime?

Similar to other hosting providers, Hostfav authorize a 99% uptime, so you don’t require to bother about the uptime issue. Host your blog on Hostfav and experience the best uptime available.


  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Superb Support team
  • Exceptional uptime


  • SSL certificate is not free
  • Fewer options available

5. Justhost – Cheap Website Hosting for Blogs

justhost cheap website hosting for blogs

Justhost is additional that we will suggest to all the users who are planning to host a blog. This web hosting doesn’t feature many options, but still, it’s an elegant choice for a blog website.

It offers a higher web space with unmetered bandwidth. The web hosting introduces three various hosting plans such as primary, plus, and choice plus.

Justhost Pricing

The demanded price for the basic plan of Justhost is $3.95 for a single month while the Plus pack demand $6.95 month and to use choice plus the user need to pay the same $6.95 for a month which is quite strange because the features both these plans are offering are different. 

Justhost Security

Justhost holds free site lock tools that advance high-end security for the user’s website. Like other hosting providers, Justhost also contains a free SSL certificate which is another plus point in terms of security.

Is Justhost Support any Good?

To help their customer in every matter, Justhost presents a 24/7 phone call, live chat, and email support, which make it a suitable choice. It also has a fact-filled help center that promises to deliver a solution to user’s every issue related to their hostings service.

How is Justhost Uptime?

We have got many positive reports relevant to the Justhost uptime, which means that you can trust this hosting service in terms of uptime, and hopefully, you will not encounter any issue with it.


  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 phone call, live chat, and an email support 


  • Price confusion
  • Lesser choices

Why do you need the best website hosting for blogs?

Website hosting can encourage you to develop your blog positively. By using a web hosting in the right method, you can generate handsome about of money through it.

Who needs is the best website hosting for blogs?

These web hostings are for all the people who want to create a blog website. Other than the blog website, you can also experiment with different kinds of sites on these hosting services.

Who doesn’t need the best website hosting for blogs?

These web hostings are not for those people who want to create a blog for free. All the given hostings are paid, however, if you desire to create a blog without spending anything, then you can use Blogger because it’s free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Underneath are some general asked inquiries belonging to the best website hosting for blogs.

What is the best website hosting for blogs?

HostWinds, HostSlayer, Web hosting hub, Hostfav, and Justhost are among the best website hosting for blogs.

How much do I need to buy the best website hosting for blogs?

You can get an excellent web hosting for your blog within the range of $2 to $10 for a month.

What is the cheapest best website hosting for blogs?

HostSlayer is the cheapest web hosting that you can test for your blog.


In case you want to succeed in blogging secure by growing your blog, then you can test any of the above-explained web hostings. All the given web hosting are worth trying and deliver many high-graded functionalities.