The 5 Best Web Hosting VPS for your Website and Business in 2022

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The best web hosting VPS will get your website or blog the best speed possible on the internet, which is a good signal to send Google because Google loves fast websites.

VPS hosting is one of the best ways to host your website on the internet because it’s faster than the shared hosting; the server is yours. You are not sharing the server and IP address with other sites.

The 5 Best Web Hosting VPS for You

There are many VPS hosting service providers, but not all of them are offering high-quality service. So in this article, we have made a list of five best web hosting VPS that you will love using for your online business.

1. InMotion Hosting – Best Web Hosting VPS for You

inmotionhosting best web hosting vps

InMotion is the real boss when we talk about VPS hosting. It provides the best hosting features, support, and uptime, at reasonable prices.

Even the basic VPS plan on InMotion hosting comprises of many useful functionalities. The basic VPS hosting provides the user with a 4GB of RAM and 75GB of SSD disk space with 4TB of bandwidth and many more.

InMotion Hosting Pricing

InMotion web hosting VPS provides the user with the three diverse options. You can choose VPS-1000HA-S, VPS-2000HA-S, or VPS-3000HA-S VPS hosting plan on InMotion.

The price of VPS-1000HA-S is $27.99 for a single month while the amount for VPS-2000HA-S is $44.99/month. You can get the VPS-3000HA-S package is $64.99/month.

InMotion Hosting Security

The InMotion VPS package offers countless protection features for your website. It contains a free SSL, Corero DDOS Attack Protection, SPAM Safe™ Email with IMAP, and other security things to make your website safe from any harm.

Is InMotion Hosting Support any Good?

After hosting the other thing that you should look in a VPS web hosting is its support. InMotion hosting provider allows their user with the two diverse options for help. You can either contact their team via phone call or by live chat.

How’s InMotion Hosting Uptime?

InMotion commitment is to deliver a 99.99% uptime for the VPS package so that your website remains live on the internet for 24/7/365. So while purchasing the VPS hosting, you don’t need to worry about uptime.


  • Unlimited Subdomain and parked domain
  • Free No-Downtime Website Transfers
  • Free Launch Assist


  • Expensive
  • No CDN

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2. A2 Hosting – The Fastest and Cheapest Web Hosting for You

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting is among the fastest VPS web hosting service that comes at a user-friendly price. This Hosting is quite affordable in comparison to other VPS hosting, which makes it a perfect choice for a beginner who doesn’t want to invest much cash in VPS hosting.

A2 Hosting Pricing

A2 VPS Hosting offers three distinct packages, and each package contains different features. The three plans include Entry, Mid, and Elite pack, which you can choose according to your needs.

A2 VPS Hosting demands the user to pay $5.00 for one month’s support of Entry package while for the mid-range plan, you’ll need to spend $10/monthly. If you want Elite package, then make sure that you have a budget of at least $15 for a single month.

A2 Hosting Security

A2 Hosting provides permanent protection to make the user website safe for any attack. There’s nothing much to bother about website safety while using the A2 Hosting. Similar to any other premium hosting, A2 hosting also arrives with a Free SSL certificate.

Is A2 Hosting Support any Good?

Are you having a problem while using A2 hosting? Don’t worry, A2 Hosting has a professional team that is available to help its customers 24/7/365. You can reach the support out either via live chat, phone call, or email support.

How’s A2 Hosting Uptime?

A2 Hosting has a 99.9% Uptime, which means that you don’t require to deal with the uptime while using their service. The only thing you need to care about is your project.


  • Affordable
  • Ultra-Reliable Servers
  • Root Access


  • Lesser RAM
  • Storage needs to increase

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3. iPage VPS – You’ll get a Free Domain with this VPS Hosting

ipage vps hosting

iPage VPS hosting delivers all the things that you might want to get from a VPS hosting. It arrives with a CentOS 6.4, cPanel, and various other exceptional functionalities.

The best thing is that it also offers a free one-year domain registration, which you might only find in a few VPS hostings.

iPage Pricing

 Like InMotion and A2 Hosting, iPage VPS hosting also includes three unique packages named as Basic, Business, and Optimum.

The rate of the basic plan is $19.99 for a month, while the Business plan demands $47.99 for a month from its users. For optimum plan, you must have a total cost of $79.99 for a month.

iPage Security

To make your website security stronger, iPage many frees of cost features, including SiteLock, SSL certificate, etc. There is nothing much to trouble about while using the iPage VPS hosting.

Is iPage Support any Good?

iPage VPS hosting holds a 24/7 phone call and, chat support. Their expert support team has a solution to every hosting problem, so feel free to contact them. We will recommend you to choose the live chat option because you will get a quick answer through it.

How’s iPage Uptime?

iPage offers 99.98% uptime to keep your website live on the internet. I have got many positive reviews concerning the iPage uptime, so while any second, though, you can use the iPage VPS hosting if it contains the required features.


  • Pre-installed scripts
  • Managed support
  • FREE domain


4. HostGator – The Most Secured VPS Web Hosting

Hostgator VPS hosting

Taking about the best VPS hostings and not including the HostGator service will be the worst thing to do. HostGator is among the masters of VPS web hostings.

It contains numerous valuable features that you may not locate in other VPS hostings. Even the basic VPS plan on HostGator includes an ample Disk Space, Bandwidth, and RAM.

HostGator Pricing

When it comes to VPS hosting, HostGator comes in three different plans, including Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000.

The price that you need to pay for a single month for the Snappy 2000 pack is $29.95. Other than this, Snappy 4000 demands $39.95 for a month, and Snappy 8000 arrives in $49.95/month.

HostGator Security

HostGator is among the most exceptional VPS hosting service provider concerning safety. It provides multi-layers of protection to make your data safe.

To make the security unbreakable, it also includes a free IP table firewall, Centralized DDOS protection, and a Secured VPS firewall.

Is HostGator Support any Good?

HostGator cares about its customers due to which they have a dedicated support team that is ready to help you 24/7.

They deliver a live chat and phone call support for its users. In case you have any issue while using their service, you can contact them without any second thought.

How’s HostGator Uptime?

You can use the HostGator VPS hosting service without concerning about the downtime of your website because they deliver 99.96% of uptime.


  • Complete Customization
  • Fully Scalable
  • Advanced Functionality


  • No free SSL for VPS hosting
  • Costly

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5. HostPapa – The Best Premium Web Hosting VPS Service

hostpape vps hosting

Although HostPapa VPS hosting is quite expensive, still it’s among the top VPS hosting provider on the internet. It contributes numerous plans, which makes it a fierce competition for other VPS hosting providers.

HostPapa VPS hosting offers five different programs, such as Plus, Pro, Premium, Ultra, and Extreme. Each program arrives with numerous features that can help you to grow your business with ease.

HostPapa Pricing

The cost for Plus package is $19.99/month, while the price that you need for a single month for Pro plan is $39.99.

Other than this, the Premium pack demands $109.99, and Ultra needs $149.99 for a month. The last package on HostPapa VPS hosting is Extreme that needs $249.99/monthly.

HostPapa Security

To make your data secure, HostPapa VPS hosting delivers numerous safety options.

On using HostPapa VPS hosting, you are going to get Server Firewall, DDoS Protection, Brute Force Detection, RAID Redundancy, Monitoring Tools, IP Deny Manager, FTPS, and Let’s Encrypt SSL which make it hard for any malicious attack to harm your website.

Is HostPapa Support any Good?

Similar to any other professional hosting, HostPapa also contributes three support options such as Email, live chat, and phone call support. The support is available 24/7 so that you can contact them at any time.

How’s HostPapa Uptime?

Other exceptional features and security, HostPapa also address a 99.9% uptime for its users due to which many people are using their services.


  • Free VPS Migration Assistance
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Private Name servers and LAMP Stack.


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Why do you need the best web hosting VPS?

VPS web hosting can hold substantial traffic on your website easily. Shared or other web hostings can’t handle a large amount of data, and many not offer numerous features. However, in the case of VPS, the bandwidth, SSD, and other features are quite impressive but expensive.

Who needs the Best web hosting VPS?

The above given best web hostings VPS are for those who need are looking for various additional functionaries that might not be available in shared or other web hostings.

Who doesn’t need the best web hosting VPS?

The VPS Hosting demands much price from the user, so if you can’t pay the cost, then the VPS hosting is not for you. However, you can use some other cheap web hosting to host your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly requested questions related to the best web hosting VPS.

What is the best web hosting VPS?

InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting, iPage, HostGator, and HostPapa are some of the Best web hostings VPS.

How much do I need to purchase the best web hosting VPS?

The price of given VPS web hostings ranges from $5 up to $250 for a month.

What is the cheapest best web hosting VPS?

A2 Hosting is the cheapest best web hosting VPS.


Most of the given VPS web hostings are quite expensive, but they all are worth using, especially HostPapa VPS hosting. However, if you can’t pay much money for a VPS hosting, then you can choose A2 hosting VPS service, which is much cheaper.

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