Best Way to use Whatsapp PC in 2021

What is the best way to use Whatsapp PC? There is a common trend usually among people that use their laptops or desktop computers very well, they use or want to use WhatsApp web on their computer which is great, but it’s not the best way to use WhatsApp PC. Using GBWhatsApp unlocks more functions on your WhatsApp.

Because of the instability WhatsApp web has brought me to write this article which is a guide to inform and educate you regarding the best way to use WhatsApp on your laptop or desktop computer.

Whatsapp PC

Whatsapp PC software still has the same features as the normal WhatsApp you know and love.

Requirements for Whatsapp PC

  1. Download Whatsapp software: It works for laptop and desktop computers.
  2. Stable internet connection on both the phone or tablet and computer.
  3. Existing Active Whatsapp account on your phone or tablet.

So, what’s the best way to use Whatsapp PC?

Download Whatsapp for PC software is the best way to use Whatsapp on your computer in 2017.  You need to stop using WhatsApp web, and I am going to give you reasons why you should stop using WhatsApp web & also give you exact reasons why you should download & use WhatsApp PC software.

How to use Whatsapp PC Effectively?

Since using the WhatsApp PC software is the best way of using WhatsApp on my computer, what are the steps I should take to be able to use WhatsApp on my laptop or desktop.

  • By this stage, you should already know the system type of your computer, if it’s either 32 or 64. All that remains is for you to download according to your system type.
  • Download Whatsapp for PC with this – DOWNLOAD LINK

Reasons to stop using Whatsapp Web

  • Whatsapp web is not stable. There are lots of internet connection errors. “phone or computer not connected to internet” type of error are common.
  • Whatsapp web won’t work well with slow internet connections.
  • Because WhatsApp web makes use of a web browser, it adds to the memory used by the browser which ultimately slows down the computer.

Benefits of using the Whatsapp for PC Software

  • More stable internet connections with the software. You won’t be getting those “phone or computer not connected to internet” type of error has often as you would get them when using WhatsApp web.
  • It’s software optimized not to make your computer slow.
  • Works for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. I recently just found out that it’s no longer compatible with Windows 7.

Whatsapp PC Features

Whatsapp PC version still has similar features on the mobile or tablet WhatsApp version. What this means is that you can do everything you did on your phone or tablet’s WhatsApp on the WhatsApp PC software. I have some pictures below to see you some common mostly used features used are working on the Whatsapp PC software.

  • Change profile picture and status
  • View contact info of who you are chatting with
  • Quote messages during chats
  • Start a new conversation
  • View your entire contact list

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In Conclusion

I started out using WhatsApp web, but I found it was unstable personally and it made my browser use up more of my computer’s memory, so I tried WhatsApp PC software, and so far it has worked well.

I installed the software for those interested where I work, and they have had kind remarks about it, but one problem I recently faced was that WhatsApp PC software suddenly stopped working on a Windows 7 computer.

I uninstalled, removed folders in local and re-installed a fresh 32-bit version, it worked briefly but stopped later on. I check and saw that the compatibility now supports Windows 8 and higher which means Windows 7 is no longer compatible with it.

I would be looking for a solution to this problem as we still have millions of people using Windows 7 OS. When I find a solution for Windows 7 users, I will write an article here also to help those who are facing the incompatibility issue.

Kindly leave a comment below if you have an issue or inquiry to make.