Best Torrent Site: LimeTorrent is back & better in 2018

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Limetorrent is the best torrent site in my opinion because recently I posted an article about the top torrent sites and I actually decided to explore torrent sites because I had forgotten the lot of them. Back then torrent sites were so full and robust that you only needed 1 or 2 very good ones and that was ThePirateBay and KickAssTorrents but after they were stripped or shut down I found myself desperately in need of a list of the best torrent sites for me to select the best torrent site which I was going to use and it wasn’t going to be any torrent site, it needed to have the following.


Best Torrent Site: Limetorrent

How will you rank the best torrent site? Before making that situation you need to check out the criteria required for the best torrent site.

  • Full website layout

There is a popular and worldwide accepted torrent site layout loved by everyone and limetorrent has one of those layouts. The layout is similar to, ThePirateBay, and other popular torrent sites. This layout gives a full and rich feeling that this torrent has so much fresh content across multiple topics.

  • Multiple categories

limetorrent categories

Limetorrent has all the popular categories needed and required in the best torrent site. Categories like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Applications, Anime and Other torrents which contains Comics, PDFs, XXX. Mostly XXX tho, well as expected from a torrent site. When you visiting a torrent site you can’t do without checking one of the listed categories above and limetorrent has it all.

  • Recent torrent uploads

limetorrent latest torrents

Limetorrents has fresh torrents across all categories, how do I know this? Check their movies, Tv shows, Anime category section. If you have a TV show you watch and look forward to its weekly release, you can find them here. Also, latest movies are also updated and same fresh recent torrent upload is seen across all categories.

  • Lots and lots of seeds & peers

limetorrent seeders

The best torrent site should have millions of active seeders and peers because they are the backbone of how slow or fast a torrent file gets downloaded.

  • An active community which comes with active real people commenting on torrent files.
  • Top 100 torrents feature is really useful when you don’t have a lot of time to browse through the site, you could just check the top 100 torrents and see the trending torrents usually movies, TV shows.

How to download Torrent safely

I have more than 3 unique articles about how to download torrent safely using torrent cloud downloaders like seedr, zbigz, bitport and so on. You can download torrents using torrent clients and if you want to be totally anonymous when downloading torrents or you want to bypass your internet block on torrent servers, you can use this How to download torrent safely and anonymously.

In Conclusion

This is my own personal opinion about Limetorrent being the best torrent site in 2018 after the shutdown or and extratorrents. I also got to know that limetorrents have actually been around for quite some time and I’m only finding out now? What I think is back then bigger torrent sites like pirate bay, kickass and extratorrents stole the spotlight from lime but now in 2018, it’s time for Limetorrent to reign supreme as the best torrent site.

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