9 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites in 2019 (Personally Tested)

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The torrent scene has been shaking ever since the capture of the owner of KAT, people have started looking out for the next best torrent search engine and best torrent sites that would replace KAT.

Torrent search engines are the google for torrent sites because Google doesn’t fully index torrents when you run a Google search in hopes of locating a particular torrent file, you may not get your desired result, so that’s why you need to use torrent search engine sites.

I remember way back when ThePirateBay was the top torrent site back then, with its downfall, KAT took over the reins as the king of torrent sites, but after the defeat of KAT, the spot for the best torrent site is open and we find ourselves discovering the need for torrent search engine sites.

Torrent search engine sites don’t host any torrent file but allow users to search and find torrent files on other torrent sites. A typical torrent search engine site should have at least 50 torrent sites to search or crawl for search results.

By this end of the post, you should have discovered some torrent search engine sites you can use to search for your favorite torrent files. We also have written some awesome torrent related content that you might want to view on your free time;

9 Best Torrent Search Engines for 2019

1. Torrentsme – Best Torrent Search Engine

torrents.me best torrent search engine

This is at the no. 1 spot for best torrent search engine because it combines its powerful torrent search engine function with a ton of useful features needed in a torrent search site. One of the beneficial features is the torrent search trends which displays the popular queries across all torrent sites.

They have a clean and straightforward user interface which makes it easy to search for torrent files across the top torrent sites and private torrent trackers across the world.

You can find all the torrent proxy sites you need to access and unblock PirateBay, Kickass torrent, Extra torrent, Torrentz2, and so many other torrent websites. You also have access to torrent trackers for 2019 which contains both private and public torrent trackers which you can use to solve your slow torrent downloads.

You can also check out the top torrent sites in 2019 in their list of 600 torrent sites and private torrent trackers which are ranked by popularity, rating and traffic numbers.

They have already created torrent categories which help you quickly navigate to which torrent category you want to search in. This will help you get targeted search results and reduce clutter and irrelevant search results.

Finally, with torrents.me, you can get invited to top invite-only torrent trackers and sign up for private torrent trackers.

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2. Torrentz2- Best Torrent Search Site


Torrentz2 is a torrent proxy to the popular Torrentz torrent website which in my opinion is an OG when it comes to torrent search engines because they have been in existence since way back when ThePirateBay was still the torrent king. They have gone through a lot, but they are still here, and I tested their search engine function before adding them to this list, and it was excellent.

They have a direct and straightforward approach, you see a big text box, type what torrent you are looking for, your search goes through over 61 millions torrent files across 91 torrent sites, and you get your torrent search result across different torrent sites.

The fact that I was able to find a lot of torrent files across different torrent sites and I could sort the search results by date or size, so I get the most recent torrent uploads just made the process work for me. Remember the process is safe, fast and free.

You also have the option to access Torrentz2 from your TOR browser for more security and encryption.

3. TorrentzColorask

torrentz.colorask torrent search engines

I know at first, this torrent search site may seem a little bit too simple but trust me when I said you don’t need something too complicated and cluttered in a torrent search engine. What you need is a clean, simple, easy to navigate torrent search site that delivers relevant and up to date torrent search results!

torrentz.colorask search results

This is a lovely torrent search engine that gives you a simple list of torrent search results which can be sorted by relevance or by date. This site is more focused, functional and lightweight than any other website on this list.

They made use of the traditional search engine style for displaying search results, and each search query is processing through over 500 torrents websites and torrent trackers.

4. AIO Search – Mother of Torrent Search Engine Sites

AIO Search

AIO search is indeed All in one torrent search (AIO) as the name suggests. When I used it to search for a torrent file, I quickly got my search results, but I also discovered that it also explores your search query on other torrent search engines like torrentz2, torrent finder, TPB and gives you a really all-in-one torrent search result.

aio torrent search results

AIO search is all good and well, but I also found that when it tried to get those search results from other torrent search engine websites, some were slower than others but it was an overall good experience.

I prefer to use one search to get all my results across all the networks or websites.

5. Veoble

veoble torrent search engine site

Veoble is the first torrent search engine site that features Google custom search technology which is an all-in-one torrent search using Google custom search which means a faster torrent search with better results because Google sees all.

Each torrent search you make can be sorted by relevance or date and me kind of like the all black background because it puts less strain on my eyes (I have healthy eyes).

veoble torrent search results

Getting your search results is rather fast and well organized where you can easily see the title, the torrent site it’s coming from, the published date and the link description. Pretty standard search page result style.

Overall, it’s still a one search get results kind of torrent search website, and I like that. The less clutter, the better.

6. TorrentSeeker


They pride themselves as the “powerful torrent search combining results from dozens of torrent sites.” We shall see about that.

I must admit they have a white clean user interface which makes everything look organized especially the torrent search results and that’s nice. You can sort the torrent search results by relevance or by date.

Each search result has the essential search items like title, date, description and torrent site which is written in black color to make sure users can identify the different torrent sites at a glance when they look at their search result pages.

torrentseeker search results

One aspect that wasn’t great was the number of ads in search results. You would have to go through 4 ads before you see your actual search results, but I guess that’s a way of supporting them.

7. evTorrentz


evTorrentz automatically reminds me of torrentz2, maybe it was created out of inspiration, love, and respect but it also gets the job done, which is to get relevant and up to date torrent search results.

evTorrentz performs as a standard BitTorrent search engine where you can search for unlimited torrent files, series, music, ebooks, movies, tutorials and so much more.

evtorrentz search results

It has a simple user interface and clean search result page which is very fast in getting torrent files across to you. You can sort the torrent search results by date or by relevance.

8. Xtorx

xtorx torrent search engine

I am not a fan of this particular torrent search engine because of the way it performs its torrent search.

They claim to be “the fastest torrent search engine in the World!”, well, I am not disputing that I wasn’t pleased with their torrent search results because each result was grouped to different torrent sites.

xtorx torrent search results

Which means you need to click on the torrent site you like the most or feel would have the torrent file you want. You wouldn’t need to use a torrent search engine site if you can already guess what torrent site would mostly have what you want.

To me, it just defeats the purpose, but the torrent search website still works well and can be used to get some useful torrent files.

9. Toorgle


Do you want to know why this is last on the list? Probably because it didn’t give me enough relevant and up to date torrent search result.

Toorgle now has over 55 million torrents indexed on their search engine platform which is coming from over 450 torrent websites.

toorgle torrent search result

When testing all the torrent search engines on this list, I searched for backlinks, and my reason for doing that is because it isn’t the most popular search word, but it’s a specialized and exclusive word that only those within the SEO field would search.

I think the reason most people use torrent search sites is to find specific or specialized torrent files which usually rare or not easy to find.

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So, those are the 9 best torrent search engine sites in 2019. They don’t host any torrent file but they are search engine platforms strictly for torrents, you could say these are the Google for torrents.

If you feel I let some things or sites out, please feel free to add them in the comment section and I would personally test them, and if they pass the test, I would list them and update the article.

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