Best Thermoelectric Coolers You Can Buy in 2018

Thermoelectric Coolers have gone through rapid transformations. Before technology wood was the most suitable material for cooler creation, then plastic and now electric coolers.

The transformation is quite exponential and because of this reason, we’d see a cooler taking the place of refrigerators soon.

Most of the thermoelectric coolers are charged using the 12v cable of a car. Although this is quite risky, as some cable might end up burning up the power source, some of these coolers have been reviewed to stand against this menace.

Another reason for concern is since the power outlet in cars draws it’s charge from the battery, charging through the 12v cable could likely drain the battery flat.  But there’s a silver lining, most of the modern 12v electric coolers utilize some kind of mechanism that allows you to charge the cooler without draining your car battery.

Top Thermoelectric Coolers in 2018

So below are some of the top thermoelectric coolers in the market.

Engel Marine Fridge Freezer

engen Best Thermoelectric Coolers

The Engel marine is what I’d like to call the cooler-freezer.  It cools items at an extreme rate. Aside from using the 12v, the Engel marine utilizes solar to ensure you never run out charge to keep items cold.

The cooler is corrosion free but you should make sure it stays away from water to avoid risking electric components.

Additionally, it features two removable handles which aid movement and transportation.

Coolest Cooler

coolest cooler

Just as the name tells – this is by far and large the coolest cooler you’ll find on the market. Take my word on its weight.

The coolest cooler has ample features of which it boasts of a blender – which can be used to blend smoothies and ice. A Bluetooth speaker to blast music, a light in the lid that comes handy at night.

Coleman PowerChill

coleman powerchill Best Thermoelectric Coolers

The Coleman power-chill looks like a fridge. Although not completely one, it has some features that could match a real fridge. Talking of the design, it has a swing door lid. Simply slide the lid from left to right to access the items inside.

It comes in various quart sizes, our favourite is the 40-quart size. The Ac adaptor is purchased separately.

Everything on the Coleman power-chill is amazing, we didn’t find any fault with the product. However, the price might be the only factor that will destroy it from being perfect.


Thermoelectric coolers are the trend – if you are always on the road, it’ll be wise you get yourself one of this coolers in your car. As long as the car is fine and kicking, you’ll always have cold drinks in your cooler. How cool is that?

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