5 Best NVMe RAID Enclosure Money Can Buy in 2022

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Selecting the best NVMe raid enclosure might be a herculean task; however, the best NVMe raid enclosure is designed to transfer data at a very much faster speed, with a larger storage capacity yet portable and affordable.

As a game lover, playing PC games had not been so much fun until I came across the NVMe raid enclosure. The constraints of storage and speed have been solved, and I am presented with better gaming experience. And trust me, editing high-resolution videos just got better with NVMe raid enclosure.

In my frantic search of a wonderful NVMe raid enclosure for a better experience, with the desired specifications and price that I won’t have to break the bank to get, I came up with a list. Below is the list of my best 5 NVME raid enclosure on Amazon:

A Quick Overview: Top 5 NVMe RAID Enclosure

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1. Plugable USB C M.2 NVME Tool-free Enclosure


I liked Plugable the instant I saw it because of the lightweight, portable size, and innovative outlook of the device. Plugable is the first-ever tool-free NVMe enclosure I would come across, yet the installation was fast and straightforward.

It has extended aluminum sides and interstice on both sides, which happens to be a significant heat dissipation mechanism. The SSD retention can also be adjusted to support M.2 NVMe SSD of varying lengths. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

It comes with a year warranty, so it’s worth giving it a try.

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2. OWC Express 4 Slot M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure

ocw 4 slot raid nvme enclosure

No one would have thought that the small-sized OWC Express 4 M.2 SSD enclosure would have such a big capacity. When I ran it on the Benchmark test, I had a mind-blowing performance rate of about 2800Mbps using the Thunderbolt 3 USB port.

OWC Express 4 M.2 is a speedy and efficient Raid enclosure. The small design makes it easier to carry about and also to fit in different work environments and conditions.

It is so amazing that I don’t need an adapter or additional long cables to plug in my OWC Express via the designated port located at the rear. The flexibility of display connectivity is an added advantage.

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3. ASUS ROG STRIX Arion M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure

asus rog strix arion m.2 nvme ssd enclosure

My love for ASUS ROG started when I first saw my gamer-friend use it, probably because of the sleek aluminum alloy case design plus the lighting effects by the Aura Sync lighting technology, not to talk of the holder with a detachable R-shaped hook; the lightweight of about 100g is also a plus.

So, I knew I might want to go a mile or two extra to get this product. During file transfer operations, I don’t have to worry about the device getting hot because the aluminum alloy case and the thermal pad are an excellent combination for heat dissipation.

ASUS ROG is easy to use, and there is no need for a screwdriver during installation. It also comes with both USB C to C and USB C to A cables to enhance connectivity and reduce the stress of connecting to a wide range of devices. It also supports M.2 devices with sizes within the range of 2230 to 2280

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4. ALICIAN M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure

elecife m.2 nvme sata ngff ssd enclosure

The first time I came across the ALICIAN M.2 NVME SSD enclosure, I was so astounded by a number of its qualities. ALICIAN M.2 SSD enclosure comes in handy with a very slim and sleek design, and it is very portable and easy to carry about. It also comes with an excellent heat dispersal tech. The aluminum alloy shell also makes it durable a great deal.

The fact that it supports multiple operating systems completely blew my mind off; it is compatible with any of Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. It’s also compliant with the UASP, effectively improves the speed, and increases the lifetime of SSD.

Although, the type of computer and operating system, in turn, affects the speed, however, an HD movie transfer takes less than 5 seconds.

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5. OWC MERCURY Elite Pro Dual Mini, Bus-powered RAID Enclosure

ocw nvme raid enclosure

For everyone whose desire is to have a near-perfect solution for their need for portable yet creative workflow, OWC MERCURY elite pro dual mini is an excellent tool. It is also ideal for people who work with large files and files rich in media content.

OWC MERCURY elite pro dual mini allows users to select RAID modes either for storage redundancy or to boost performance speed.

With a USB 3.1 GEN 2 USB port, the read speed for files being transferred is about 633 Mbps, while the write speed is about 860 Mb/s.

I must also mention that the aluminum chassis protects the drives, and its slim design size makes it easy to carry in bags and pockets.

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