The Best Laptop for Seniors in 2020 – 5 Elder Friendly Laptops

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The best laptop for seniors in 2020 will be an excellent gift to your grandparents, dad or mom because we live in a digital world where everything is online, so it’s time for seniors too to adapt and move online.

Just because your grandparents are old doesn’t mean they don’t need a laptop, get them the best laptop for seniors and put a smile on their face and make their remaining years fun.

Laptops are for everyone, whether you’re using it for school, work, or play. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone, that means that even our grandparents need these laptops too. 

There are so many functions a laptop have that would benefit the elderly, for one, being able to communicate with their children or grandchildren. Stay updated on social media and find out the latest from their friends and families or even edit photos taken from a family vacation. 

The list goes on on the things our seniors could do with a laptop. As a senior, you can do pretty much everything you need to do with a computer.

You could even say that it could guarantee a smile on their faces whenever they get to reach out with their families and celebrate in the moments. That is why we should get them the best laptops and let them enjoy every single day.

Best Laptop for Seniors in 2020

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Choosing a laptop as a senior could be daunting because of all the computer specifications, models and hardware.

You’d be tempted to get instead anything that works, rather than spending time listening to everything that makes it work.

We have come up with a list that’s considered as the best laptop for seniors because it’s pleasing to the eyes, easy to use, and lightweight.

Recommended Best Laptop for Seniors in 2020

Many could qualify on the list because our grandparents or parents would not need something tremendously powerful.

It all boils down to overall ease of use and software protection apart from the hardware requirements that we’ve already pointed out.

We are faced with different operating systems, each having its benefits: the Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Chrome OS. We will have contenders from each of these OS because of what they bring to the table, and this makes up our best laptop for seniors’ buyer’s guide.

Here we are going to be talking about the best Overall, the Runner Up, the best Budget Choice, the best Chromebook and lastly, the best 2-in-1 laptops.

1. Apple MacBook Pro 13 – The Best Overall

Everybody knows the Apple MacBook Pro and everybody knows their premium reputation. Indeed, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 is truly an expensive laptop to consider. So what makes it so unique?

The Mac operating system is very light and extremely user-friendly, which makes it very appealing to our seniors. More than that is that this MacBook already has security features like the Touch ID which allows for the user to sign in with your fingerprint.

You’d never have to worry about your grandparents calling you to help them with their password, with just a touch of a button, they are in.

One of the critical things, why the MacBook Pro is the best overall, is because of its retina display. With age, vision is likely to wear down. Having this display would allow for them to enjoy more hours on the laptop browsing through family pictures and vacation videos.

All that praise for just about 2.75lbs, our seniors can take the MacBook anywhere with them, cruising the Caribbean, or having a vacation in the countryside. This is truly the “Ultra” book for our seniors.


  • High-Resolution Retina Display
  • Extremely Lightweight at 1.25kg
  • Mac OS is very user-friendly
  • Touch ID log-in


  • Very Expensive
  • Underpowered Processor
  • Might take awhile getting used to if not an apple user

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2. Apple MacBook Air – The Best Laptop for Seniors

I’m sure you are starting to think I’m an Apple fan because I am recommending the Apple MacBook Air next to the Apple MacBook Pro as the runner up. Well, I’m not.

The reason why I selected the New Apple MacBook Air as a runner up is because of the overall ease of using a Mac OS laptop.

Our seniors need something easy to work with, the Mac OS in the MacBook Air does precisely that and also provides a very good battery life.

Compared to MacBook Pro, the Air is massively underpowered, and it’s retina displays are kind of dim. However, considering its uses, the MacBook air still delivers, and it performs well. It’s way thinner, and lighter compared to the MacBook Pro which makes it the more portable of the two

If you do not mind the MacBook being slightly underpowered, then this might be the laptop for our beloved senior. Extremely portable, easy to use, and pleasing to the eyes, this has all the right tick boxes checked.



  • Expensive for its power
  • Slightly Dim
  • USB Type-C ports only

Where to buy it:

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3. ASUS Zenbook 13 – Best Budget Laptop for Seniors

Loaded in this ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop, the combination is just perfect for our seniors. The combination of the Intel Core i5 and 8gb of RAM should account for the overall speed our seniors need to get through general computer use while weighing 2.6lbs. 

Another lightweight contender, only this time, bearing the Windows OS banner. Microsoft Windows certainly has its flaws in the ease-of-use department as well as overall security.

However, since they are far more affordable, the widespread use of the OS makes everything all too familiar.

Whether you’d be using this laptop for emails, typing, video streaming, binge-watching, browsing family pictures and videos, you are all set with the ASUS Zenbook 13.


  • Great Display
  • Lightweight
  • Microsoft is very familiar to use
  • Affordable Price


  • Can easily be infected with viruses and malware

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4. Acer Chromebook 514 – Best Chromebook for Seniors

Chrome OS is technically the newcomer in the list, but it might be the most appealing. Android has dominated the cellphone market alongside apple, and the familiarity of using the OS feels home in the Acer Chromebook 514

The Chrome OS certainly gives out the same functionality of laptops which aren’t precisely laptops. Their OS limits them to use the apps only available to them which means that if you might not be able to install your favorite games.

However, for the general use of being able to do social media, keep pictures, watch movies, or even stream online, the Chrome OS does the job. And paired with the Acer Chromebook 514, it does a pretty good job as a pseudo laptop device, with power that’s enough to breeze through chrome applications with a 4gb RAM.

It is also about 0.67inch thick and weighs about 1.4kg, which makes this a very portable device.


  • A reliable alternative to the traditional laptop
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Long battery life
  • Budget-friendly


  • Chrome OS takes some getting used to
  • Limited to available apps only

Where to buy it:

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5. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – The Best 2-in-1 Laptop for Seniors

Our seniors love the portability, who doesn’t?

With the Microsoft  Surface Pro 6, our seniors could write a bunch of emails while mounted to the keyboard dock, or take it to the bedroom and browse family pictures as a tablet. Yes, it is that versatile, lightweight and very reliable.

Unlike the Acer Chromebook, the MS Surface Pro uses powerful hardware such as the Intel Core i5 or i7, which makes this a real computing powerhouse. If there’s anything I know, our seniors love it fast, and the same could be said for how they want their computers to be.

Because of all that hardware, one key drawback for the Surface Pro is its price. Yes, the Surface Pro is truly expensive, and that doesn’t even include the Surface Pen that would be the official stylus for this hybrid laptop.

What you are going to be initially paying for would be the crisp display, the long battery life, as well as its fast performance while weighing in at under 2kg.


  • Very Powerful for a Hybrid
  • Long Battery Life
  • Extremely Portable


  • Expensive
  • The stylus is a separate buy.

Where to buy it:

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Why do You Need the Best Laptop for Seniors to Make the Remaining Years Fun

Our seniors contributed significantly to who we are today. From birthing our parents to the beautiful bedtime stories, or the hearty meals we’ll have when we visit. It’s time to pay back those happy moments with happy moments.

Our seniors need the best laptop to communicate, to celebrate the happy moments, to laugh or cry, to put a smile on their faces every day. They need these laptops to make their remaining years fun.

Who Needs the Best Laptop for Seniors?

The laptops and hybrid devices in the list have a few things in common. Overall display, portability, and ease of use. This list is intended for seniors because of those checkboxes and would be more beneficial to working seniors or the techy ones that’d love to tinker around.

However, even if this list is intended for seniors, this doesn’t mean that the younger generations would not be able to take advantage of these devices.

These devices were made for the younger tech-savvy generations because of the power these laptops bring on the table. Mainly use for work, editing, presentations, these devices could become workhorses too.

Who is the Best Laptop for Seniors NOT for?

These devices could be for anyone, as they have their purpose in their way. However, if you plan on gaming, then skip this list and head over to a gaming laptop or PC list because these devices will not do you any good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best laptop for seniors?

The best laptop for seniors on the list will be the Apple MacBook Pro. The Mac OS is user-friendly, and its retina display is just right for most weary-eyed seniors. Combined with its overall portability, this laptop is a sure win for seniors.

How much do I need to buy the best laptop for seniors?

The Apple MacBook Pro should set you back under $1400 on Amazon while the MacBook Air should be right around the same price range. Apple has been known for its premium price, which is something that we can see in the MacBook Pro and Air. While many would argue that it’s way too expensive for its power, I’d have to say that Apple has delivered value that others can’t even hope to compare, the OS.

What is the cheapest best laptop for seniors?

For the standard laptop option, the best budget laptop for seniors would be the Asus Zenbook 13. At under $800, the Asus Zenbook is the best under that price range that’s appealing to our seniors. Packed with portability, pleasing to the eyes display, this laptop comes with the Windows operating system which should allow for more familiarity.

However, if you’re looking for what’s enough for a senior, then a Chromebook might do the trick. The cheapest one in the bunch with a price tag of under 0, the Acer Chromebook 514 acts much like a laptop would only that it has plenty of limitations in the availability of applications. However, for a senior, it gets the job done.


We’d want to give back the love that our seniors have given us all these years. We’d want to show them happy memories, stay connected, keeping them close despite the distance. Giving them the leisure to not think about the troubles of life and enjoy their remaining years.

Do all that with a keyboard and a screen, and you’d put a smile on their face every day. Let them watch videos of their grandkids, show them old pictures, let them watch movies of old — all of that from a screen and a keyboard.

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