5 Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life in 2022 (10+ Hours)

The best gaming laptops with good battery life in 2020 will save you on different occasions you are not plugged into power because you’ll still be able to either save your game before your laptop turns off or go for another round just because you are using on of the best gaming laptops with good battery life.

Students love this laptop because they love to play games and have good battery life for schoolwork, so it’s practically the best of both worlds – gaming and good battery life.

In our world of gaming, the hardest to come by is the best gaming laptops with good battery life to support it.

It’s a big dream amongst gamers to be able to go and play wherever I want without getting stuck to a wall every 45 minutes or so because my gaming laptop doesn’t have a good battery.

Laptop manufacturers have done an excellent job cramming exemplary hardware into light gaming laptops to make them portable, but coupling that with a great battery life continues to be a struggle.

Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life in 2020

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However, manufacturers do try, and we can see heaps of improvement on the laptops that are available nowadays.

I have found that there some that have proved worthy to be called gaming laptops with good battery life, some that could last a couple of hours of playing time without getting tethered back to the wall.

It’s finally time to game on a laptop and worry less about the battery life.

Recommended Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life in 2020

While manufacturers are struggling to dish out high battery numbers, there have been a handful of them that have provided excellent results to be part of the best gaming laptops list with good battery life.

The average that we are looking for here is around 4 hours while on battery; classified into the best overall with the best battery life, the runner up, the best budget gaming laptop with good battery life, most portable gaming laptop, most powerful gaming laptop.

1. MSI GS65 Stealth – The Overall Best Gaming Laptop with Good Battery Life

The MSI GS65 Stealth THIN-051 15.6″ 144Hz 7ms Ultra Thin Gaming Laptop is the product of that dedication, a balance between power, portability, and reliability and the best gaming laptops with good battery life.

MSI is truly a master in the world of gaming; they have truly dedicated themselves to the craft and delivered to every gamer’s cry.

The MSI GS65 Stealth weighs 4.1 pounds and 0.7 inches thick making it one of the slimmest gaming laptops in the market, talk about portability.

You can take this anywhere with you without having to break your back, and play anything you want with a choice of GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and now the RTX 2070.

Whatever you want to throw at it, wherever you want to game with it, you can do so for under $2,000 for both the GTX 10-series and under $2,600 for the RTX 2070.

The MSI GS65 is loaded with a 144Hz panel with 7ms response time to avoid screen tears, an i7-8750H, HDD and SSD options for storage and crammed with either a 16gb or a 32gb RAM configuration. A monster in its own right.

We’ve covered power and portability, and I guess it’s time to ask for the reliability or the longevity of the batteries. Well, there’s a reason why this is the best overall with the best batteries.

This monster can go 5 – 6 hours in continuous browsing or 4K streaming which is a long way compared to many other gaming laptop variants out there.

However, do note that these numbers would start to go down once the GPU is used strenuously. Something that is already expected on gaming laptops.


  • Battery Life
  • Size, weight, and overall portability.
  • Powerful Hardware Options
  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate panel


  • Can get uncomfortably hot
  • Overall audio could do better           

Where to buy it:

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2. Gigabyte Aero 15 – Runner Up

The GIGABYTE Aero 15X v8-BK4 15″ Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop is a beauty. Look at how slim those bezels are and imagine what it’d feel like to play on them for yours. 

Slightly thicker and a bit heavier than the MSI Stealth, the Gigabyte Aero aims to deliver in the overall design and a slightly better battery comes in second in the race of the best gaming laptops with good battery life.

Roughly around the same size and weight bracket than the MSI GS65, the Gigabyte Aero 15 is also packed with 144 Hz refresh rate panel at Full HD resolution. Loaded with the same Intel Core i7-8750H and a choice of GTX 1060 and GTX 1070, you pretty much have the same graphics options as the former.

What makes this the runner up though is that despite the Aero 15 taking the better battery crown from the GS65, the overall software that goes with the Aero 15 which many have complained to be a pain to deal with.

Webcam camera placement could be improved. And while the Aero 15 has the full keyboard setup, the keys are a little bit too cramped for me, which makes it challenging to use for long durations.


  • Better Battery Life
  • Graphics Card Options
  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate Panel


  • Cramped Keyboard setup
  • Prone to software issues
  • Horrendous webcam placement

Where to buy it:

[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”0″ asin=”B07BSXCCHK” apilink=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BSXCCHK?tag=paularonairat-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1″ associate-id=”paularonairat-20″ addtocart=”1″ new-window=”1″ nofollow=”1″ alignment=”aligncenter”]Check Price on Amazon[/amalinkspro]

3. Dell G5 15 5590 – Best Budget Gaming Laptop with a Good Battery Life

Dell G5 15 5590 is at it again, dressed to impress even at the budget level. Dell made it right this time in the budget department with the Dell G5 15 5590. For less than $700, this budget could have you fooled with what this could bring on the table.

Equipped with the Intel Core i5-8300H, 8gb RAM, this is already equipped with what it takes to be at par with most non-gaming option brands at the same level. Adding the NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti only makes it lethal only because of its ability to take on a whole lot of game titles available in the market.

However, how is the battery life of the Dell G5 and why does this deserve to be on the list?

The battery benchmarks done with the Dell G5 produced stellar numbers. This budget lappie attained around 9 hours of watching movies straight which is truly impressive.

 In the PC Home 8, however, this lappie fell short reaching slightly under 5 hours, and further down while the GTX 1050ti is under stress while playing games.

Nevertheless, these are still impressive numbers for a budget gaming laptop, most notably at this price point.


  • Outstanding Battery life
  • Budget Price
  • Excellent mid-range performance


  • IPS Panel needs improvement
  • 60 Hz Panel only

Where to buy it:

[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”0″ asin=”B07RGJ4PRJ” apilink=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RGJ4PRJ?tag=paularonairat-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1″ associate-id=”paularonairat-20″ addtocart=”1″ new-window=”1″ nofollow=”1″ alignment=”aligncenter”]Check Price on Amazon[/amalinkspro]

4. Razer Blade Stealth 13 – Most Portable Gaming Laptop

The Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook Laptop 13 is packed with goodies ranging from the Intel Core i7-8565U with 256gb SSD and 16gb RAM. The dedicated graphics card on this laptop is the GeForce MX150, which is further underpowered than the GTX 1050. It can take many mainstream games, but you’d have to turn it down a little more to be able to enjoy it.

A laptop dedicated to gamers, the Razer Blade Stealth claims the spot for the most portable gaming laptop on the list with excellent battery life.

This 13.3” laptop weighs only 1.31kg with 0.58” thick making it the easiest to carry around and play wherever you want to.

The battery life on this baby is quite a feat in itself when coupled with its raw power and size; this is already Ultrabook levels.

When tested with standard movie loop testing, the Razer Blade Stealth delivered a staggering 7 hours, while real-life day to day experience would clock around 5 hours more or less. A result that is great to have on an everyday laptop.


  • Overall good battery Life
  • Total lightweight and portable size
  • The excellent overall design and build quality
  • Superb Screen


  • MX150 is entry-level gaming
  • Expensive              

Where to buy it:

[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”0″ asin=”B07L39PH24″ apilink=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L39PH24?tag=paularonairat-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1″ associate-id=”paularonairat-20″ addtocart=”1″ new-window=”1″ nofollow=”1″ alignment=”aligncenter”]Check Price on Amazon[/amalinkspro]

5. Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 – The Best Premium Laptop

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 Gaming Laptop. Well, I could never leave you with a list without a choice for the best premium laptop. And lo and behold, the ROG is at it again with the Zephyrus S GX701. One of the most attractive piece of portable that ROG has ever created, with a beautiful RGB keyboard.

This monster of a laptop is equipped with the Intel Core i7-8750H along with 24gb RAM on a 17” 144 Hz Full HD IPS Panel. Fully loaded with the RTX 2080 Max-Q, this monstrosity only weighs only 2.7kg, so playing AAA titles wherever you want to should not come as a problem at all.

However, will this beast compromise overall battery life? Yes, it would. Specs this high would take its toll on whole battery life, the standard movie loop test only garnered scores under the 3-hour mark. It was even worse on day-to-day experience and even more while gaming. 

This brings me to my initial point. Gaming, portability, and battery life is still difficult to harmonize even in this day and age.

However, considering the hardware that’s loaded in the Zephyrus S, we recognize the improvements the manufacturers are delivering, and we’re hoping when this holy trinity can be achieved in the world of gaming laptops.


  • RTX 2080
  • Beautiful design
  • 144 Hz Full HD IPS Panel
  • Size and weight


  • Very Expensive
  • Battery Life
  • No LAN Port

Where to buy it:

[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”0″ asin=”B07M9SN4CD” apilink=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M9SN4CD?tag=paularonairat-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1″ associate-id=”paularonairat-20″ addtocart=”1″ new-window=”1″ nofollow=”1″ alignment=”aligncenter”]Check Price on Amazon[/amalinkspro]

Why do you Need the Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life

You need the best gaming laptop with good battery life if you are a gamer on the go. Take your gaming lappie wherever. Use it for work or play and be assured that it would last you a while. You wouldn’t want to be stuck on the wall all the time, do you?

Who Needs the Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life

Simple answer, gamers. Why? Because these laptops are fine-tuned to be able to play the most popular games available on the market right now without having to be stuck on the wall every time you do so.

These laptops are also for the gamers on-the-go. Take your game anywhere with you and enjoy it untethered. Use these laptops for school or work and be productive for hours.

These monsters can do everything whether it’d be work or for play. If you’re a hardcore gamer like most or a hardworking gamer like me, then you need to get one of these monsters.

Who the Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life is NOT for

Laptops could be for anyone, at a certain point, we’d like to move around wherever we want to. These laptops are the solution to bringing work or play wherever life takes you.

While that’s true to some extent, not all gamers move around so not all would need a gaming laptop. If you’re one of those and you’re content with desktop systems, then gaming laptops are not for you.

If you are only using these lappies for work and productivity applications and you wouldn’t even meddle with editing, then there are plenty other laptops for productivity that have great battery lives.

 Laptops can be for everyone, but these gaming laptops with good battery lives are aimed for gamers on the go because of the hardware that’s packed in these systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life?

The best and definitely the most balanced in the list is the MSI GS65 Stealth. It has the combination of overall portability, power as well as the battery to keep it together. The energy that the GTX 1060 offers is enough for you to be able to play great titles but reserved enough to conserve battery life. That is why this is our top pick for the best overall gaming laptop with good battery life.

The runner up in the list has, pretty much, the same hardware the MSI has. The Aero 15 from Gigabyte even topped MSI’s batteries in our benchmark tests, and to me, looks so much better than the GS65. However, Aero 15 has its flaws limiting it to the runner up status only.

Based on complaints, the Aero 15 has software that’s difficult to deal with and camera placement that could be improved. If you could go without these flaws, however, the Aero 15 might appeal to you.

How much do I need to buy the Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life?

For the best overall MSI GS65 stealth, whether you would be gunning for the GTX 1060 or an RTX 2070, it will set you back somewhere under $2000 which makes this a real bang for the buck. The Gigabyte Aero 15 will also be around the same bracket considering that they both share almost mirrored specs with the MSI GS65.

What is the cheapest Best Gaming Laptops with Good Battery Life?

The budget option on the list is the Dell G5 15 5590, which will only cost you somewhere around $700. The Dell G5 is a real mid-range competitor with excellent battery life. The NVIDIA GTX 1050ti is strong enough to take on titled games without causing too much stress on the overall battery life which makes it playable for a significant number of hours.

Please do note, however, that while the GTX 1050ti is a powerful mid-range card, it is still on the mid-range level and can only go that far. Cranking up the graphics would not be ideal overall.


It’s true that to this day, it is challenging to balance gaming with long battery life in a gaming laptop.

Pairing this with the best gaming mouse will make your laptop gaming setup complete.

Check out the Best Gaming PC for Fortnite and Apex Legends battle royale games.

The power that the GPU draws under stress is too tremendous for any battery, so playing games at cranked graphics would eat up your batteries at a faster rate. While it continues to be a problem for the manufacturers to balance portability, power, and battery life, they have made significant strides that allow for a couple of hours of gaming while untethered.

There may come a day that this could all be a reality, but soon enough, we are going to see improvements.