Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers in 2021

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Today we are going to be talking about the best gaming headsets for glasses wearers and we have up to 10 headsets. Of course, there are gamers who play games with their eyeglasses on and if they don’t pick the right headset it can be a problem for them. Wearing eyeglasses is common and a lot of individuals wear them to either improve their eyesight or fashion. 

People in this category need to pick up headsets that will not cause them a pen if it’s resting against the glasses. It can be really difficult to get a decent pair of headsets that won’t cause you any strain in this category. 

But you should not worry because we have you covered in this article. We made sure our suggestions are from reputable brands and they are some of the best headsets that people who wear glasses purchase.

Most headphones that will be on this list are well padded or have a unique design tailored to make you feel comfortable when you are wearing them against your eyeglasses. Comfort is one of the most important aspects of gaming and if any of the gadgets you use adds extra weight then it will affect the entire gameplay. 

Professional gamers often pay attention to every detail when they are making a purchase, especially for headsets.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

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I’ve seen pro gamers and streamers that wear glasses and stream for long hours this is because they picked headphones that won’t add extra weight to their head. If you wear eyeglasses on a headset there is this pain that the handle of the eyeglasses will inflict on you. 

To avoid that you need to stick to the headsets listed in this article they are the best when it comes to using headsets and eyeglasses.

There are other features like sound quality, comfortability, microphone quality, and other things that we looked out for before curating this list. Without taking much of your time let’s get into the list of the best gaming headsets for glasses wearers. Grab your popcorn and read along carefully make sure you read carefully to find what suits you best.

The Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers in 2021

Below is the list of the best headsets that glasses wearers can use right now without experiencing any pains or discomfort.

1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless

The stealth 600 wireless by Turtle Beach is another great pair of headphones for gamers and people that wear glasses can also use this amazing product.

This headphone is made especially for people that wear glasses because it has what turtle beach calls Pro Specs Glasses Relief System. the foam cushion will wrap around your glasses instead of pushing them against your head.

Best Overall

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless

We have a combination of metal and plastic build while the headband has soft foam to complement the excellent build quality. There is a microphone that works surprisingly well it is a Bluetooth headphone and it can last for up to 15hrs on a single charge.

The sound quality is good here and there is an app you can use to customize the sound. It is bass-heavy by defaults and the sounds you get from this headphone are real-time and latency is low. Connecting the headphone to your console when it’s on takes between one to two seconds. 

Overall this is an awesome headphone that will deliver an immense gaming experience especially for people who wear glasses to improve their eyesight. The build quality is great and it will last for a very long time if you handle them properly.



2. Sennheiser GSP 500

The Sennheiser GSP 500 is an incredibly well-built piece of the headset and it is very suitable for people that wear glasses. The build quality is superb and it is one of those headsets that can last between three to four years if well maintained. 

This headphone has a thick headband that is covered entirely with some soft paddings. Even if you use glasses while wearing them it will barely touch the glasses because of how it looks.


Sennheiser GSP 500

It doesn’t clamp the head but that doesn’t mean they will fall off when you are using them. The headphone is made entirely out of some high-quality plastic material only the hinge connecting the speakers is made of metal.

it can be a bit heavy sometimes but that is the cost of durability. The earcups are made of a thick mesh material that is comfortable. Glasses users won’t experience any pain while using this because the earcups allow for some ventilation. 

It clamps well on the ear though and it will pump amazing sounds to your ear. the Sennheiser GSP 500 has an amazing microphone that delivers crystal clear communication while gaming with others.

The noise cancellation is not the best but it tries to cancel out noise when you are communicating with others during gameplay. When it comes to sound quality it has an open back acoustic design that enhances the quality of your game’s audio. There is no active noise cancellation but we have an adjustable volume slider that allows you to control the volumes while gaming. 

The headphone is cross-platform because you can use it on your PC, console, Nintendo Switch, or mobile phone. The Sennheiser GSP 500 Is an awesome headphone that falls only short of a few features and people that use glasses can comfortably wear them.



3. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Steel Series produce a lot of amazing headphones and the SteelSeries Arctic Pro is no exception it gives you a lot of features. The headset also provides a lot of comfort for people who wear eyeglasses while gaming. 

One unique feature of the Arctis Pro is that the headband is made of an elastic fabric frame and it provides ease to your skull.

Also Good

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

We have a soft foam that covers the headband and compliments the entire design. The earcups are made of a weave material and it adapts to your glasses when you put them on. The battery on this Bluetooth headset lasts for up to 24hrs on a single charge which can provide you with sessions of gaming.

There is no latency or lag when you connect to your PC or console it only takes some milliseconds to connect. The sound you get here is crisp and clear it puts you at the Centre of the game you are playing. There is a clear cast microphone on the headset that picks up sharp sounds and transmits them to your teammates. 

The software of the headphone allows you to tweak the equalizer of the headphone and it can be very useful. It is a cross-platform headset and it will work perfectly with your console or PC. 

There is also a dedicated DAC and AMP that allows you to control the headphone. The major problem, however, might be the price of the headphone which is currently $244 but for the price, only a few gaming headphones will rival this professional headset.



4. Superlux HD668B

This is one of the cheapest headphones on this list but that doesn’t mean it is not a great performer. sound quality is and it is one of the best in this price category. 

The earcups of this headphone have a unique design that allows your glasses to sit comfortably on your ear, we have a semi-open design when it comes to the headband and that alone makes it feel light on the head.

Superlux HD668B

It has a headphone jack that can be plugged into your console or PC. When it comes to sound quality this headphone is surprisingly great and even better than some top-notch gaming headphones. It provides pure clear sounds and you get the sounds exactly how they should be without too much processing going on.

The sound isolation is very impressive and it blocks noise from getting in when you are playing games or listening to music. Coming in at below $40 the Superlux HD668B offers you a lot of value for your money. The design might not look stunning but the brand focused more on sound quality rather than design. 

Although there is no physical microphone it still picks up your voice and sends them to your teammates while gaming. Another important thing is that the headphone is durable and it has the potential to withstand falls. 

If you wear glasses and you are on a tight budget then I highly recommend that you check out this particular headset for gaming.



5. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

The price of this headset is currently sitting around $29 and it comes with surround sound ONIKUMA is known for putting out some cheap headphones. We have a sleek and comfortable ergonomic design here with very soft padding. 

The headset is made of plastic but it doesn’t look cheap. The headband is made of some thick leather material that makes you comfortable while wearing them. We have some thick cushion material that can be removed from the earcups.


ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

They are breathable and incase you were glasses they won’t hurt you. One of the major reasons why you might consider this headphone is sound quality.

It pumps out those thumping bass and it doesn’t fall short when it comes to treble. For gaming, you will get some amazing sounds especially when it comes to explosions and gun sounds when playing action games. 

The boom mic does an amazing job when it comes to pick-up sounds nicely and you shouldn’t worry about that. We also have to surround sound 7.1 on this headphone which is amazing. 

There is almost no latency because it is a wired headphone and can be used on your PC and console. This is another great budget headphone in case you don’t have much cash to spend on a pair of headphones. You can also check out the ONIKUMA K5-M it’s almost similar to this one.



6. LucidSound LS25BK

This is another great option for gamers who wear eyeglasses and it is one of the most recommended headsets on amazon. If you are into competitive gaming then this one is tailored for you because the sound is tuned in that regard. 

It is a budget-friendly professional gaming headset with a price tag below \$70. The earcups are made of some high-quality thick memory foam while the headband also features the same thing.


LucidSound LS25BK

They are breathable and even when you put them on with your glasses you won’t feel any pain. The overall build quality of the headphone might not be great for some people if you have a big head then this it’s best you look elsewhere. It looks bulky in the eye but when you put it on it is lightweight and comfortable.

The headset is cross-platform because it comes with a wired headphone jack that works well with a PC or console. There is a boom mic that can be detached from the headset the sound it sends out can be annoying sometimes. We also have a volume slider that can be used to reduce volume while gaming or even put the headset on mute.

LucidSound had to make some compromises on this headphone to keep it at the price it is selling for. For people on a tight budget, this is not as perfect but it gets the most important aspect of any gaming headphone right which is sound quality.



7. Turtle Beach Recon 70

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 70 is another decent pair of budget gaming headphones that delivers amazing sound quality. Design-wise no doubt they look cheap but if you are someone that wears glasses then I recommend you check it out. Currently, it is one of the top-selling headsets on amazon coming in at just $39.

When it comes to comfort the headset feels really comfortable and if you are someone with a large head it will balance well on your head.

Big Heads

Turtle Beach Recon 70

The headphone is made of plastic while the paddings and earcups are made of leather and some soft materials that make them breathable to some extent. The build quality is not that great and they creak a lot. It has a detachable microphone that does a good job at picking sound when playing games.

We have various color options available and it is something we don’t regularly see with gaming headphones. The headphone is wired so there shouldn’t be an issue with latency and it works well with any PC or console that has a headphone jack. There is a volume slider on the headphone that lets you control the sound and that’s it for the controls. 

The sound you get out of the headphone is well balanced it doesn’t have that thumping bass but the treble is superb while gaming you would enjoy the sound. 

It doesn’t have noise isolation and noise will always go through the headset while you are gaming but the earcups try to block out some noise. Generally, ambient sounds are what will mostly pass through when you are gaming.



8. Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB USB Gaming Headset

Razer is well known for making a lot of gaming headsets at various price points and the Razer Kraken Ultimate headphone currently sells for $89.99. the headphone has some amazing features that include spatial audio and surrounds sound. 

When it comes to design the headset has large earcups that are breathable. If you wear eyeglasses you will find them comfortable. If you are familiar with Razer headsets then you will know it was made by Razer at first sight.


Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB USB Gaming Headset

The headband and earcups have some black faux leather and soft foam for padding. We have a combination of plastic and metal on the headphone and it looks super-premium. It is an all-black headphone and only when you plug it the Razer Logo starts showing different colors that can be programmed. The material used on this headphone is breathable and even if you wear them for long hours there won’t be any strain on your head.

We have a Boom mic on the left earcup and the volume wheel is also on-site at the back of the same earcup. We have the Spatial Audio button located on the left earcup as well. 

The headphone uses a USB A cable and from that, you know that it was specifically made for PC gaming. We have an awesome microphone on this headset and coupled with active noise cancellation it does a great job in blocking out surround sounds. 

The microphone picks your voice and transmits it to your teammates nicely. When it comes to gaming the THX-spatial audio does a nice job and it puts you in the center of your game. 

The active noise cancellation Is top-notch and it blocks noise. The only downside of this headphone is that it is not cross-platform it can’t be used on a console or mobile phone. But hands down it is one of the best gaming headphones for PC you can ever buy.



9. Edifier G2 II Gaming Headset

The Edifier G2 II headset comes with 7.1 surround sound, a detachable mic, and software to customize the headphone. We have a strong plastic design on the headset that makes it durable the headset was made with high-quality materials. 

Outside the earcup, we have a metal mesh and RGB lights the earcups have a soft leather material that is large and won’t rest too much on your ear if you wear them.

RGB Lights

Edifier G2 II Gaming Headset

People that wear glasses won’t feel any pain if they wear the headset. The headband has soft padding and even people with sized heads can comfortably wear them. when it comes to sound quality the bass here is superb and it also has to surround sound and they cancel out noise in a good way.

The microphone is detachable and it is very easy to remove because it uses a 3.5mm headphone jack. It records audio nicely and your teammates will have no problem hearing you especially after those wins. 

You can tweak the performance of the headset using the edifier app on your Windows laptop. It comes with a USB A cable and it can only be used on a PC or console that supports USB A cables. 

There is an inline control on the cable that lets you control volume, mute the microphone, and also control light effects. The headphone looks bulky but it’s lightweight and can be used for long gaming sessions. Edifier really did a great job and if you have a budget that is slightly below $40 then this is one of the best gaming headsets for glasses wearers.



10. NUBWO GO7 Wireless Gaming Headset

The NUBWO GO7 headset is a wireless headset by default but you can also use it as a wired headset maybe when the battery is low. Coming in at just $50 dollar the headset has some features that justify its price point. 

The headband is made of leather with some soft padding while the earcups are large and have a very lovely foam.


NUBWO GO7 Wireless Gaming Headset

We have a breathable material on the earcup and glasses wearers can use the headphone for a long period. The battery lasts for 17 hrs which is impressive and it takes 3hrs to charge from zero to a hundred.

It has active noise cancellation and surrounds sound 7.1 which makes you enjoy gaming even more. There is a microphone on the headset and it picks voice accurately during gameplay. 

The sound is very decent and the bass is noticeable while the surround sounds put you at the center of your game. There are a volume and mute control on the earcup and it is handy during gameplay. 

The headset comes with a transmitter and 3.5mm headphone jack it can be used as a Bluetooth headset or wired headphone. This headphone packs a ton of amazing features and value for money and anyone that wear glasses will enjoy using them. There is no latency when you connect this headphone to your console for gaming.



Key Features to Consider Before You Purchase


As someone who wears glasses comfort should be the first thing you look out for when you want to buy a gaming headset. Make sure you check out for headphones that won’t cause any pains or strains on your skin. There are specific headphones that are designed or engineered specifically for people that wear glasses.

Sometimes gaming can be very competitive and any slight discomfort can be a problem. It is also important that you pay attention to the headband as well.

Build Quality

You need to buy a headphone built with high-quality materials, not the ones that are cheaply built. Durability is important because you don’t want to keep spending money every now and then buying headsets that won’t last. Most of the products recommended in this article are built with high-end materials.

From the headband, earcup, and rails it is important that you look into it because they determine how long your headset will last.

Sound Quality

Sound is the most important aspect of any headset and if you get this wrong then you will miss out on the immersive gaming experience. When you get another aspect right then fail on picking a headphone with good sound quality then it is useless. Sound quality to me is better than any other factor that determines buying a headset. 

We have to surround sound or stereo sound both work in their own unique way. These days we even have what is called Spatial Audio that tends to give you an all-around audio experience. 

Pay attention to the microphone on the headset and be sure that it will pick your voice well before making the decision. Active noise cancellation is also important but not everyone pays attention to that when buying a pair of gaming headphones.


When it comes to this aspect you should make sure you pick one that has low latency. We have wired and wireless headsets and the wired ones tend to have low latency you plug them in and you start getting sounds in real-time. 

Wireless ones however tend to have some milliseconds of latency and it is important you buy one that has minimal delays in connection and transmitting sound. If you buy the one that delays while sending sounds then your teammates will not get your message in real-time and that will be a problem.

The Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers FAQs

What is the Overall Best Gaming Headset for Glasses Wearers

In my opinion, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless headset is the best headset for glasses wearers. It is specifically engineered to cater to people that wear glasses while playing games.

The headset has a lot of amazing features and Turtle Beach did an amazing job with the Stealth 600. It is a wireless headphone and it is not cross-platform and that can be a deal-breaker.

How Much do I Need to Buy the Best Gaming Headset for Glasses Wearers?

Starting from $30 up to $300 there are headphones that are capable of giving you maximum performance. There are a lot of headsets that offer insane value for money and sometimes spending more than $100 can be pointless. The most important thing is to make research well before buying any gaming headset especially if you wear glasses.

What is the Cheapest Gaming Headset for Glasses Wearers

The ONIKUMA Gaming headset is the cheapest gaming headset that fits well if you wear glasses. The quality is amazing for the price and it has amazing features. ONIKUMA has a lot of affordable gaming headphones and they have good sound quality.

How Do you Comfortably Wear Headphones with Glasses?

There are a lot of headsets manufacturers that design headphones specifically for people that wear glasses. Just make sure you search for headphones made for glasses wearers.

How can I Stop my Headsets from Hurting me?

Simple adjustments can improve how your headphones perform they can even improve sound quality and how they rest on your head. It is important to always adjust your headset before you start gaming to avoid being hurt. Make sure you buy well-padded headsets to avoid being hurt after long sessions of gaming.

In Conclusion

As a glass wearer, you might think it is difficult to find the right headset that will fit you perfectly. Different brands put in the work to design great headphones that are tailored for consumers that wear eyeglasses. 

In this article, we listed the best gaming headsets for glasses wearers and gave detailed reviews about them. if you plan on any gaming headset as a glass wearer then the ones listed here will be okay for you.

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