Best Free Mega Downloader Working in 2022

After a couple of failed attempts, I found the best free MEGA downloader – GetMega.

MEGA downloaders are very useful because they allow you to download MEGA links with IDM or other download managers. You are bypassing the MEGA online download page which can be slow and annoying sometimes with no resume support you can get easily frustrated downloading directly from MEGA.

So these MEGA link downloaders save you the stress and frustration and give you the direct MEGA link you need to download your MEGA files wherever you choose.

In this post, we are going to talk about GetMega and how you can use their services to download MEGA links with IDM or other download managers of your choice.

Best Free Mega Downloader

GetMega is a MEGA link downloader that allows you to download MEGA links with resume support and high speed. You can now use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download MEGA links after converting the links with GetMega and the best part; they don’t store your files.

It’s that simple!

GetMega Features

  • You can download MEGA files with resume support using download managers like IDM, FlashGet and many more!
  • You get full premium speed
  • There are no more time limits or wait time
  • Simple interface a baby could use

How to Download MEGA Links with IDM Using GetMega

Yes! You can download MEGA links with IDM easily. How? Follow these simple five steps.

download mega with idm
  1. Go to GetMega
  2. Copy your MEGA Link from the browser’s URL
  3. Paste the MEGA Link
  4. The download link is generated. Click it to start downloading with IDM.
  5. Download starts with resume support!
mega link downloaders

Who is this for?

These are for hardcore downloaders that want to have a solution for any link out there. Downloading with IDM seems to be the best way of downloading files if you are not into torrents.

If you are tired of receiving “download failed” while downloading from MEGA, use this service. I recommend it.


  1. Free to use
  2. No MEGA limit
  3. Resume support


The service is not legal, use with caution.

Similar Services/Alternatives

I found an excellent MEGA link downloader alternative which is – MegaDebrit

This service has similarities with GetMega, but MegDebrit has a 4GB file size limit and a file download time limit of 12 hours.

I am putting this here so when one service stops working or is undergoing maintenance; you can easily switch to the other service. That way you won’t be stranded.

Final Opinion

GetMega really took me out of the fear and frustration I usually got whenever I see the file I want to do in a MEGA link but now all that is gone. Whenever I look at a MEGA link, I smile and know that I have a couple of MEGA link downloaders that can get the job done for me.