5 Best Fingertip Grip Mouse – Ultimate Options for You

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The best fingertip grip mouse is anchored on the various types of fingertip grip mouse out there. There are different types of gaming mice, the fingertip grip is one of the many types, as the name implies, and the fingertip grip allows the fingertips of the user to be on the mouse with their palms up and off the mouse. This position makes it quite easy for one to lift the mouse; it also allows the user to make swift wrist movements.

It is a position that goes well with a lightweight mouse, so users are usually advised to go with smaller types of mice. The fingertip grip is becoming a fast-paced trend for people who want a lightweight experience. This type of mouse allows a certain kind of speed when it is being used. Gamers who use this mouse, usually arc their hands, their fingertips come in contact with the mouse, not their palm.

Minimal contact is allowed as it enables speedy movements which heighten the experience. The fingertip grip allows faster reaction time and also quick mouse clicks, but one thing that makes it a little bit different is the fact that it is more difficult to master. A mouse is one of the most integral parts of a great tech experience, with video games, the kind of mouse one uses can determine the kind of performance.

The fingertip grip style allows the user to lift up the mouse easier and also faster, so when it comes to this kind of mouse, It is very essential to get one that is light, it is also expected that the user purchases based on the size of their hands because it is not an all size fits all situation.

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Premium Pick

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The best fingertip grip mouse could easily be the Razer DeathAdder elite gaming mouse; it is known to have all the good features a fingertip grip mouse should have , it is one of the best fingertip grip mouse all of the world. It has what experts call an ergonomic design, it also has optical sensors, and all of these great features make it responsive and easy to use. 

This mouse houses all the qualities people would look for in a mouse. It has excellent speed and it can be super flexible to use. This mouse is really one of the best fingertip grip mice out there; it has a lot of qualities those possible buyers like gamers would want in a mouse. It has a remarkable design and it is unique in the fact that it has all round features.

The fingertip grip mouse is essentially a very good type of mouse; it falls under a category that allows speed and comfort while using the device. With a high quality mouse, your whole gaming experience could be changed in the most incredible way possible. 

The only way a user could access all of the amazing qualities is available is by choosing a fingertip grip mouse that had all the right features, once that is done , an elevation of enjoyment is definitely guaranteed.

The best fingertip grip mouse can’t be summarized into just one type; there are a lot of options that could easily satisfy all your needs and gaming experience. The fingertip grip mouse can also help to address issues like lagging, filtering, and speed. Once you get the right mouse with just the right amount of state-of-the-art features, a comfortable gaming experience is ensured.

The best fingertip grip mouse could be a number of choices; the important thing is to look out for features that make your gaming experience a good one and also one that is speedy and almost easy to use. When it comes to the fingertip grip mouse, we already know how it operates, the palms don’t have contact with the mouse, which means that your fingertips are the only things in contact with it

This inevitably means that anyone using the mouse has to have an arc, this enables the swift and easy movements on the wrist; which in turn allows a fast passed response time whenever the mouse is in use. There are various types of mice, just like there are various types of the fingertip grip mouse, choosing one among the whole lot, requires a careful study of each type and its features or qualities. 

There are also a lot of important state-of-the-art qualities you could look out for or even the most undertone features too. The important thing here is getting a fingertip grip that matches your required level of comfort, as well as how well it fits in your hand and how effective it is when it’s in use.

The fingertip grip is often referred to as unconventional, this type of grip is known to be used by people who require a high level of speed and also people who need absolute comfort when it comes to the movement of their wrists.

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse In 2021

There is a lot of fingertip grip mouse that one could look out for in the year 2021, the list is unending. As well as the possibilities of improvements and updates from the different versions from respective brands. 

When it comes to this kind of mouse, improvements make them an even better fit, people want devices that can suit their needs and so as the year goes by, different manufacturers look for ways to update their devices as well. 

The best fingertip grip is not limited to just one choice; there are a lot of options to pick from, as long as you’re picking the type that is qualified as one of the best types. As much as there’s a lot of opinions to choose from, having certain features or qualities in mind helps to narrow all the choices, this allows the buyer to pick a fingertip grip mouse that provides the best kind of experience.

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is one of the best kinds of fingertip grip mouse, this is because it has all the features one would need in a fingertip grip mouse. 

It is regarded as one of the best fingertip grip mice worldwide. It also has a design that is called ergonomic in the most premium way possible. This mouse checks all the boxes when it comes to the qualities and features and possesses. 

The speed of this mouse is remarkable and accurate, its speed is said to be 16,000 DPI at 450 IPS, which basically means it is super fast. When it comes to the unique feature of the mouse house, we’re going to reflect on the resolution accuracy that has been calculated to be 99.4%, one of the best in the world. The performance of this mouse does not affect the convenience, it is still highly comfortable to use and it is also really sturdy.

Best Overall

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

The scroll wheel on this mouse is also easy to control and there are also so many other features that have to do with the Chroma RGB settings, 7 programmable buttons which allow button remapping, mechanical switches, and the customization of the lighting locations. This mouse is really great, fast, receptive, and also comfortable to make good use of.

It gives the user everything he or she requires and at the end of the day, this mouse is one of the best fingertip grip mice that could give the best performance and is also very reliable. The Razer is extremely functional, which makes it an even better decision on the path of the users or buyers, using this device doesn’t lead to any kind of frustration. 

It is extremely fast and it is also very sturdy. This mouse would be an excellent choice for people who look for a lot of features in just one device, it is also a highly attractive device, it has a matte black color and it also has great lighting location.



2. BenQ Zowie EC2-A- E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

The BenQ Zowie is known presumably under the BenQ series, it is highly functional and it has been improved over the years, which makes it even better than all the previous devices. The EC2-A has an exceptionally accurate performance that is all thanks to its DPI settings and adjustability. The adjustability is said to be high and the DPI settings are between 400 and 3200. 

This device comes in two sizes to fit different needs, it also has a 3360 sensor which makes it a remarkable version, it allows enough room for wrist movement which covers the whole use of a fingertip grip mouse and it also allows the fingertips of the users to cover the mouse smoothly.


BenQ Zowie EC2-A

The EC series has an ergonomic design that is exclusively for right-handed users, the shape of the right side of the mouse is said to be well rounded, and it was specifically designed in a way that fits hands.

 It allows users to adjust their DPI and there’s an adjustable switch under the mouse which prevents any kind of accidental clicks when a user is playing. This mouse offers a soft and light-weighted rubber cable that reduces unwanted force created by the cable while swiping is in progress.

It also has five programmable buttons and a 16 step scroll wheel. The user’s comfort was highly considered in the design of this mouse, not only does it have a short 1.5 -1.8mm distance that the mouse lifts off the pad when in use, but it also has a lot of adjustable features that make the whole gaming experience even more versatile.

The Zowie EC2-A isn’t just any kind of fingertip grip mouse, it is a mouse that provides a healthy amount of comfort for its users, it has been upgraded and is better than its predecessors, which makes it an even greater option for users looking to buy a mouse that serves most of their needs. It has a lot of qualities that could be regarded as high-end and exceptional, it also provides excellent performance for its users.

 It has been designed to work with devices such as XP, Vista, windows system, and a version of MAC. This mouse is an excellent choice and it also has a lot of detailing in the way it was designed.



3. Logitech G502

The Logitech is another great fingertip grip mouse available, it can be programmed with the Logitech gaming software which allows users to be able to program each button and set up lighting to fit different gaming profiles. 

It is a light-speed mouse that is excellent for office use as well, asides its programmable inputs and well-built nature, it is also highly comfortable to use. This mouse has a great design that includes a textured rubber grip that makes it possible to hold the mouse with fingers.

Also Good

Logitech G502

The unique features of this mouse would include its 11 programmable buttons as well as the fact that the mouse can be programmed using Logitech gaming software application; this inevitably implies that you can set each switch as well as established lighting to fit various pc gaming profiles.

It also has other functions that involve its advanced optical sensor for exact monitoring as well as customized RGB lighting to fit various accounts. It provides high performance and its advanced optical sensor gives room for consistent and effective responsiveness no matter the level of sensitivity the mouse is set at. 

The scroll wheel is also as versatile, the performance and general personalization show that this mouse type was well designed and thought out. All the features that this device has, make it an absolute worthy buy for users looking for a device with features like that. Not only does it have a great performance

There are also personalized features that are quite complementary and for users who have Mac or PC devices, it is very compatible with such devices, making it a bonus point for users that might have interest in purchasing the device.



4. G-wolves Hati

The G wolves hati is a light fingertip grip mouse; it has six buttons, the scroll wheel, the dpi button, and also 2 side buttons. It is known to be a good mouse for FPS games, its ergonomics is quite standard and excellent and its entire buttons are also programmable. The fact that it isn’t as small as other types of mice means that users with smaller hands won’t find it as easy when making use of it. 

It is an ultra-light gaming mouse and it is also lightweight. It has an adjustable DPI and polling rate, which means that the user could customize the mouse adequately to fit personal preferences. The G-wolves Hati has what is called a honeycomb plastic pattern on top; it comes in a variety of colors but is definitely heavier than other ultra-light mice.

 It is also a well-built mouse, made of hard plastic; its absence of any sort of flexibility makes it pretty solid. Its design is perfect and is suitable for any grip type for people with average or large hands.


G-wolves Hati

This fingertip grip mouse works perfectly for anyone, with a little exception for people with smaller hands. The cable length is 5.9ft and the type is paracord-like, the cable is very light and also flexible. It makes use of windows only software which allows users to adjust the mouse’s CPI and polling rate, as well as easy customization of all six buttons.

The G-wolves is an excellent choice for buyers, it is one of the biggest ultra light gaming mice, it has an amazing performance and the exterior design has a lot to offer, from the different color variations to its honeycomb. 

The fact that it is quite light as well as firmly built is an exceptional feat. This mouse can cater to different types of grips but it is exceptional when it comes to the fingertip grip.



5. SteelSeries Rival 300

This mouse is also quite versatile; it is notably effective as both a fingertip grip and a claw grip. Its performance is perfectly adequate; it has a pixart PMW3310 optical sensor and also RGB illumination. 

It boasts of an all-new design and exceptionally high levels of customization that makes it an excellent choice for people who’d like to purchase the mouse.

Claw Grip

SteelSeries Rival 300

It is a right-handed gaming mouse that has a cutting edge sensor and a performance that beats some of its competition hands down, the design is impeccable and also looks as professional as the reason it was designed for

It is also known as very customizable as it has 16.8 million colors, 2 zone illumination, and a 3D printable nameplate for a riveting sense of individuality. The steelseries as a brand has a lot of other unique features that make it an even more exceptional type of mouse.

From its speed to its engine that gives users a way to control their products ,this mouse has set a ton for a lot of different upcoming or even older mouse versions.The steelseries would be a perfect addition for professional gamers and even the ones who aren’t professional, its design is sure to drive people even closer to buying it. 

The performance of this device is unmatched, and it has two lighting zones and four different brightness levels to choose from. The grip of this mouse is durable because two new side grips have been sculpted and it also has a material that is sweat and abrasion resistant.  This makes it an even better choice for people who would like to own a fingertip grip mouse.



How To Choose The Right Fingertip Grip Mouse

Deciding what fingertip grip mouse can’t be all that easy because of the number of different choices, there are a lot to look for when getting a fingertip grip mouse, and first of all, the size possibly matters because not all sizes fit all. There could be a medium or a large. The important thing to do here is to choose a mouse-based on your hand type since it is a fingertip grip

You need to have a hold on the mouse that is not only comfortable but also, essentially a great fit. Buying a fingertip grip mouse wouldn’t be that much of a hassle as they possess a lot of great features as well as advantages. The best fingertip grip mouse will have great performance and design, its qualities and features should be unmatched and perfectly adequate for all sorts of users.

When picking a fingertip grip mouse, things like the optical sensor, the customization options, as well as the comfort and design, all of those features matter. Having a look at all these features, all the while ticking boxes of which one matches your various needs will be of great help when it comes to choosing the right one.

It is also important to look out for the price as well as the quality, you don’t want to get a mouse that is more on the expensive side with qualities that don’t even match the designated price tag, and this is why it is very important to review products before making a choice that is ideal for your every need.


This is an extremely key feature to look for in a fingertip grip mouse, the performance has to be top tier and extremely great for the user’s different needs. The scroll wheel and the mouse in general have to be known for excellent performance or at least the fast speed. With fingertip grip mice, it is very important that they perform at an attainably fast pace, just so they match the wrist movements of the user.

The performance of any device is very important, not only does it give you a good gaming experience; it also provides the need of the user all in one device. Looking out for how good the mouse is able to perform is generally quintessential and helpful to make a good choice. The speed and DPI range are all things to put into perspective when choosing a fingertip grip mouse.

There are so many factors that affect the performance, such as the polling rate and even the number of programmable buttons; this is why looking out for the necessary features is important.


This feature might seem a bit farfetched, but it is a great way to make a good choice when choosing the best fingertip grip mouse. This feature ensures that the user’s gaming performance is a lot better. Anyone getting a mouse should take note of where the optical sensor is positioned. When it is positioned closer to the front

There will be better and accurate movements because of its central proximity between your fingers; this undoubtedly helps the aim of the user.


The size of a fingertip grip mouse is also another thing to look out for, when it comes to the size, not all sizes fit all hands, a user with small hands can’t make use of a heavy or big fingertip grip mouse, that would affect the performance of the mouse. This is why it is very essential to pick the right size. Using a fingertip grip essentially means you have to look for a smaller and lighter mouse

This provides perfect positioning of the fingers which eventually makes the whole experience more comfortable and easy, thereby, leading to even more accurate movement. When choosing a fingertip grip mouse, there are probably two different sizes you could find, either a medium or even large or small. The important thing to do here is to pick a size that goes well with the size of your hand. 

Failure to do that results in an uncomfortable and inadequate gaming experience that could also affect the speed and performance of the mouse in question.

The Best Fingertip Grip Mouse FAQS

There a lot of questions to be asked in order to get a summarization of helpful details that are beneficial in deciding what kind of device to get and which one would match all your reasonable needs, below are a couple of questions that hopefully point you in the right direction.

What Is The Overall Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

The overall best fingertip grip mouse is the Razer Deathadder Elite; it has all you need in a fingertip grip mouse and is known as one of the best worldwide, it’s design and advanced optical sensors make it extremely responsive and also easy to use.

How Much Do I Buy The Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

The Razer Deathadder Elite gaming mouse could be gotten at a price tag of $30

What Is The Cheapest Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

The Razer mouse grip tape is an all round mouse that could be used as a fingertip mouse, it goes for about $9


The best types of fingertip grip mouse differ in different brands, but generally speaking, there are definite features that users are expected to look out for when getting their fingertip grip mouse. The fingertip grip mouse is known for the certain level of comfort and flexibility it provides, there’s a lot of wrist movement and this positively affects the gaming experience. 

But there are also certain things that could ruin that experience. Things like buying a mouse size that doesn’t compliment your own hand size, it is very important to get a mouse that is small and light, the heavyweight mouse might cause a few inconveniences that aren’t really needed. Choosing a mouse that fits your hand size perfectly will give you a very good gaming experience. 

The difference between a regular mouse and a fingertip grip mouse is definitely unrivaled, your selection should be based on a number of factors such as the design, programmable buttons, DPI range, polling rate, size, shape and so much more.  Picking the best fingertip grip essentially defines the kind of gaming experience one would have. 

The various types of fingertip grip mouse chosen are specifically based on the features they possess, it is very vital to pick the ones that suit ideal needs or the ones that fit perfectly with your price tag and aesthetic needs as well.

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