7 Best Cameras for Low Light in 2023

Finding the best cameras for low light photography or videography is essential, but it can be challenging to determine which one suits your needs best.

With so many models available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options and choose a camera that doesn’t meet your requirements.

The good news is that we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of our top аррrоvеd cameras for low-light situations – each model offers crisp images with minimal noise under any lighting condition.

It’s time to get rid of grainy shots once and for all: these are the cameras you need to shoot beautiful photos no matter what lighting conditions you find yourself in.

Is DSLR or mirrorless better for low light?

This is a complicated question, as both types of cameras offer low-light capabilities.

Generally speaking, DSLRs are better suited for low-light photography because they have larger sensors and more powerful processors.

However, if you invest in the right lenses and accessories, mirrorless cameras can also be great in low-light situations.

Ultimately, it depends on what type of photography you want and what equipment you have available.

Best Choice

1. Sony A9 II Mirrorless Camera

Get ready to take your photography to the next level with the Sony A9 II Mirrorless Camera.

It’s packed with the latest technology, allowing you to shoot with impressive speed and clarity.



  • Expensive

With its full-frame 24.2MP stacked Exmore RS CMOS sensor and integrated memory, you will get unbeatable image quality even in low-light conditions.

The camera also features 60 AF/AE tracking calculations per second for high-speed focus, as well as Real-Time Tracking and Real-Time Eye AF for humans, animals and movies.

You can attach a voice memo (.wav) to photo files or use voice-to-text for IPTC data, giving you even more unique ways to express your vision.

The camera also features upgraded connectivity, including high-speed 2.4 or 5GHz Wi-Fi and secure FTP transfer, perfect for sending images quickly.

And when it comes time to record, you’ll be thrilled by the camera’s 4K capability.

With the Sony A9 II Mirrorless Camera, you’ll have everything you need for amazing low-light photography.

Best Value

2. Canon EOS R6 Mark II

The Canon EOS R6 Mark II is the ultimate camera for capturing all your unforgettable moments.

This smooth, highly versatile camera delivers unbeatable image quality with an eye-catching 24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and the powerful DIGIC X Image Processor.


  • Excellent Low light Shooter
  • Good Auto Focus
  • Great Image Stabilization


  • Expensive

Enjoy the breathtaking low light performance with its impressive ISO range of 100 to 102400, which can expand to 204800—perfect for amateur and professional photographers alike.

Your videos will be just as sharp as your stills thanks to its fast and accurate dual pixel CMOS AF II technology with 1,053 AF zones covering up to 100% x 100%, combined with stunning high-speed continuous shooting of up to 12 fps via mechanical shutter or 40 fps with electronic (silent) shutter mode.

The RAW burst mode and pre-shooting capabilities allow you to capture up to 30 fps so that you won’t miss a single moment.

Whether it’s day or night, the Canon EOS R6 Mark II will give you fantastic results no matter when or where you shoot.

Premium Option

3. Sony A7S III

The Sony A7S III is the perfect camera for filmmakers looking for top-notch performance in low-light conditions.

With excellent image quality, it is one of the best low-light cameras money can buy now.


  • Good Low light Camera
  • Good AutoFocus System
  • Best Suited for Videos


  • Expensive
  • Low Pixel Count

With its 12.1MP1 Exmor R sensor, optimized for 4K, sensitivity, and speed, this camera offers impressive image quality and detail even in dim settings.

Thanks to the new BIONZ XR processing engine, you can expect 8x more processing power than the previous Alpha model2, providing maximum clarity and vibrancy in your shots. Shoot confidently with ISO up to 409,6003 and an impressive 15-plus stop dynamic range4 – never miss a scene.

The compact camera is suitable for low-light shooting, and the in-body image stabilization makes it even better,

Plus, experience 4K 120p5 10-bit 4:2:2 recording with full pixel readout in all recording modes as well as 4K 120p5 and XAVC S (AVC), XAVC HS (HEVC) and XAVC S-I (All-I).

And try out the new S-Cinetone picture profile for a cinematic look of tone and color when filming videos.

The Sony A7S III delivers high-quality footage each time – perfect for all your filmmaking needs.

Runner Up

4. Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Introducing the new Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera, a powerful camera that provides exceptional image quality and allows you to capture life’s special moments in stunning clarity.

It features a 20 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS Sensor for maximum light sensitivity, a DIGIC X Image Processor for fantastic sharpness, and a high-speed continuous shooting capability of up to 12 fps with a Mechanical Shutter and up to 20 fps with an Electronic (Silent) Shutter.


  • Excellent Full Frame Camera
  • Good Image stabilization and autofocus
  • Good for Low Light Photography


  • 4K recording has problems
  • Limited Lens support

The full-frame sensor is one of the best low-light camera of 2023, and it has a reasonable shutter speed.

With its Dual Pixel CMOS AF covering around 100% area with 1,053 AF Areas and Deep Learning Technology for subject tracking people and animals, the Canon EOS R6 is perfect for capturing action shots or getting great shots in low light.

The dynamic range is excellent, and even in low light, performance won’t be an issue.

It also records a video resolution of 2160p – giving you beautiful-looking footage.

This versatile camera is your answer when you’re looking for an advanced photography/videography device that you can rely on.

Hidden Gem

5. Fujifilm X-T4

The Fujifilm X-T4 is the perfect companion for creating stunning images and videos in low-light environments.

It is a full-frame camera designed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure you capture crisp photos and minimize any noise.


  • Good Desing
  • Usable Images in Low Light
  • No Camera Shake


  • Small Sensor when compared to Others on the list

Its shutter speed is breakneck, allowing you to capture fleeting moments before they’re gone.

And its dynamic range allows for deep shadows and bright highlights for more natural-looking results.

Plus, its modern cameras enable you to record beautiful HDR videos – a feature many other cameras lack.

Plus, it has incredible noise reduction, so you don’t have to worry about grainy shots when shooting in low-light surroundings.

In short, the Fujifilm X-T4 offers an unbeatable combination of features and performance in low-light conditions, making it an ideal choice for those wanting to get the most out of their photos and videos.

Make your dreams come true with Fujifilm X-T4 – the new must-have camera for creative types everywhere.

Hidden Gem

6. Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S

The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S is the perfect digital camera for serious photos and videographers that need a reliable device with features to take their artistry to the next level.

It features a 10.28MP multi-aspect ratio MOS sensor and V-Log L gamma and HDR hybrid log gamma settings, allowing you to create high-quality images in low light.


  • Good for low-light shooting
  • Dual Native ISO
  • Good Build quality


  • Small Sensor
  • Best Suited for Videographers

It is one of the best camera for low-light video, and it also has zero camera shake because of the built-in stabilization.

You wont experience slow shutter speeds while filming with the camera.

With its DCI 4K60p and Full HD 1080/240p video capabilities, this camera can capture vibrant colors along with detailed motion shots.

And its 0.76x 3.68m-Dot OLED viewfinder will provide accurate targeting of your focus point for the best result.

Whether you are shooting during the day or at night, the Lumix GH5S gives you everything you need to make your projects stand out from the rest.

It has an excellent low light performance which makes it a must to be added on this list.

Pick one up today and see what it can bring to your production.

Hidden Gem

7. Nikon Z 6II

Are you looking for a new camera that can handle the demands of capturing stunning photos, videos, and live streams?

Look no further than Nikon Z 6II – the top-of-the-line camera that delivers fantastic results year after year.


  • Value for Money
  • Compact and Good Build Quality
  • Great for Photography and Video in low light


  • Expensive Lenses

With 24.5MP BSI resolution capable of excelling in low light, 14 FPS suitable for fast action, 4K UHD Video performance at its best and plenty of features to make your photography experience even easier and more enjoyable, this is an unbeatable choice.

For full control and convenience, the Vertical Battery Grip gives you even more power when shooting vertically with comfortable grip and shutter operation options.

And if you’re in the middle of doing a project, like live streaming or product timelapses, rest assured that USB-C Constant Power & Charging will never let your battery run low.

Choose Nikon Z 6II and upgrade your photography game effortlessly – get ready to take beautiful pictures thanks to the perfect combination of affordability and high performance.

Which DSLR camera is best for low-light photography?

The best DSLR camera for low-light photography is the Nikon D850.

It features a full-frame 45.7MP CMOS sensor, which can capture stunningly detailed images in low-light conditions.

Its EXPEED 5 processor is fast enough to keep up with continuous shooting speeds of up to 7fps and its wide ISO range of 64-25600 (expandable to 102400) will help you capture stunning images in any lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the camera features a 3.2″ tiltable LCD screen for ease of use and framing shots correctly, as well as 4K UHD video recording at 30p with N-Log and 12-bit RAW support.

Overall, the Nikon D850 is an excellent choice for low-light photography and will make sure that you get the perfect shot no matter what the lighting conditions are.


Low-light photography can be daunting, but the right camera for the job can make it much easier.

In this article, we’ve looked at three different cameras – the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S, Nikon Z 6II, and Nikon D850 – all excellent choices for low-light photography.

Each camera has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s essential to choose the one most suited to your specific needs.

you don’t need more light for low-light shooting using the above-mentioned cameras.

Slower shutter speeds wont affect your images or videos because the cameras won’t disappoint.

Regardless of which one you choose, these cameras will surely deliver stunning images in low light conditions with ease.

So pick one up today and start capturing some amazing shots.