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The 5 Best BlueHost Alternative for your Online Business in 2022

You need the best Bluehost alternative for you to start the successful online business that can make you passive income while you sleep.

Are you looking for the best Bluehost alternative but struggle to find it? If that’s right, then don’t worry because in this article we are going to reveal five best BlueHost alternative that you will surely like investing your money on.

The BlueHost alternatives that we are going to discuss either offer similar features or better functionality than the BlueHost.

1. Siteground – The Best BlueHost Alternative

Siteground best bluehost alternative

The first choice on our list for the best BlueHost alternative is Siteground. Due to its unique features and high performance, over 1 million domains are using Siteground web hosting.

The Siteground hosting service includes four variety of plans such as Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Woo Commerce hosting, and cloud hosting. Each of the hosting packages has something different and great to offer for its user. 

Siteground Pricing

All four services on BlueHost has a diverse price range. The starting cost of WordPress hosting, Woo-commerce hosting and Web hosting is $3.95/month which allow the user to host a single website having 10,000 Visits Monthly with 10 GB of Webspace.

Other than this, Cloud hosting is quite expensive in comparison to other packs. The cloud hosting charges are $80 per month. 

Siteground Security

Siteground primary focus is towards their customer site security due to which they contribute multiples protection options.

This web hosting service has a dedicated security team of expert personality that find out the vulnerabilities and release a patch for it so that the user’s website doesn’t get hacked. They also provide a free SSL service.

Is Siteground Support any Good?

Siteground has one of the top-rated support team that comprises a group of multi-talented people who can solve all problem related to Siteground service. They are available 24/7, and you can reach them out via chat, opening a ticket or by a phone call. 

Siteground testimonial

How’s Siteground Uptime?

We have used and test Siteground web hosting for almost one year, and within that time, we didn’t face any issue related to uptime. Siteground has got an excellent uptime which supports your website to stay live 24/7/365. 


  • Free backups & restore
  • Innovative speed technologies
  • Free SSL & CDN


  • Plan limitations
  • Less Data Storage

2. HostGator – Robust BlueHost Alternative

Hostgator best robust bluehost alternative

HostGator is the second hosting provider on our list, and the reason behind it is HostGator features and hosting options. I wrote an honest review on Siteground vs Hostgator and that’s why Siteground ranks higher than Hostgator.

It comes up with extra hosting options in comparison to BlueHost, such as WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, etc. HostGator these hosting packages offer value to the customer by delivering quality services. 

HostGator Pricing

HostGator demand a reasonable cost from its customer. The starting amount of WordPress Hosting on HostGator is $5.95 per month, while the initialize price of VPS hosting is $29.95 monthly.

On the other hand, the user has to $119 each month for dedicated hosting. Although the prices are higher in comparison to BlueHost, still it’s reasonable because of the features, HostGator is offering. 

hostgator $2.75 web hosting for all

HostGator Security

HostGator is among the most reliable hosting provider that take extra precautions to make your website secure. Similar to other premium hosting provider, it also offers a Free SSL certificate which is must be the first choice of every user while talking about the security. 

Is HostGator Support any Good?

HostGator offer 24/7 excellent support to assist their user in every hosting matter. You can contact them via phone call, or you can view many questions that may answer your question without contacting the team. 

How’s HostGator Uptime?

HostGator has a 99.96%, which is quite impressive. We have received many positive reviews about their uptime, so can guarantee that HostGator provides worth to the customer in term of uptime. 


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Control panels
  • Free migration service


  • No Windows-based hosting
  • Domain registration is not free

3. iPage – The Best Budget BlueHost Alternative

ipage best budget bluehost alternative

Are you tired of spending much money on hostings? If yes, then try out the iPage hosting service provider which have got the cheapest rates in the market.

Even its quite cheap, still iPage is comparable with BlueHost service. The best thing about iPage is that they also grant a drag and drop builder, which make the website creating the process easier for beginners. 

iPage Pricing

iPage is the best option for beginners due to its low price. You can host your website for only $1.99 per month. Other than this, it has a WP starter and WP essential hosting that demand a different price. For WP starter, it charges $3.75 per month while for WP primary you need to pay $6.95 monthly.

iPage Security

iPage provide numerous security tools to its customer. Host your website on iPage and stop worry about the safety because they deliver a Free SSL certification with some incredible security features.

ipage $1.99 web hosting for all

Is iPage Support any Good?

Do you have any issue while using the iPage services? Don’t worry; they have got the free 24/7 customer care support through which you can contact them any time. You can utilize the phone call option or a live chat option to ask for help from them. 

How’s iPage Uptime?

Although iPage has got the lowest price, still it authorizes the best 99.98% uptime which you not even found in a premium hosting provider. 



4. GreenGeeks – The Best EcoFriendly Bluehost Alternative

greengeek best ecofriendly bluehost alternative

GreenGeeks is a user-friendly hosting provider that cares about its customers. Dislike many other hosting services, GreenGeeks do not sell addon with any of their hosting plans.

It offers Top-Tier performance at affordable rates. GreenGeeks offer three different hosting plans, such as Web hosting, WordPress hosting, and Reseller hosting.

GreenGeeks Pricing

Pricing from Web hosting and WordPress hosting is similar to GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks starting cost for both these hosting packs is $2.95/monthly, which goes up to $11.95 per month.

Other than this, the price for a Reseller hosting service is a bit higher in comparison to the other two packages. It has to pay $19.95 in a month for Reseller hosting package and this price goes up to $59.95/monthly.

greengeek $2.95 shared hosting

GreenGeeks Security

To solve the website security problem, GreenGeeks has launched advanced security solutions. It has got some custom security rules to keep the website secure.

GreenGeeks also has zero-day vulnerability fixes that check out for all the bugs that can harm the user’s website security. Besides this, the user additionally gets a Wildcard SSL certificate.

Is GreenGeeks Support any Good?

GreenGeeks provide three option through which you can get help for their support team. The user can utilize live chat, phone call, or the email option.

However, a phone call option is not available 24/7, and while using email, you have to wait for some time to get the response. So we will recommend you to sue the live chat option where you will get an instant reply. 

How’s GreenGeeks Uptime?

GreenGeeks promises to deliver a 99% uptime. Due to their excellent uptime and higher loading speed, many people are shifting towards GreenGeeks web hosting service.


  • Unlimited web space and data transfer
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • CPanel Interface and free CDN


  • No Website Staging
  • The phone call and email support is a bit slower

5. NameCheap – The Cheap Bluehost Alternative

namecheap best cheap bluehost alternative

NameCheap is another web hosting provider that can be used as an alternative for BlueHost service. It offers a wide variety of hosting services.

If we talk about the hosting options, then it’s hard to beat NameCheap. It provides Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and private Email hosting. 

NameCheap Pricing

There are over six hosting options available on NameCheap, and all the option demand different price. The starting price of shared hosting is $2.88/month, while the rate for WordPress hosting is around $3.88 monthly.

Besides this, $18.88 in a single month for reseller hosting and VPS hosting demand the total amount of $11.88 in a month from the user. Alternatively, if you want to get a dedicated server, then you need to pay $36.88/month while private email hosting is around $9.88/year. 

NameCheap Security

NameCheap website security is also good. They provide free SSL for a single website. However, if you want to add SSL on multiples site, then you need to pay to the service provider. Other than SSL, they also have WhoisGuard and Premium DNS that play an essential role in the safety of a website.

namecheap $1.44 shared hosting

Is NameCheap Support any Good?

NameCheap support is similar to BlueHost. You can submit a ticket or ask for help through the live chat. Both the options are reliable and worth using if you want any solution to the problem. 

How’s NameCheap Uptime?

You may encounter some issue with the uptime of your website while using NameCheap hosting, which is not a good thing. However, the uptime is not very much bad but even its not excellent. 


  • Affordable rates
  • Easy Backups and Restores
  • SFTP & Database Access


  • Can’t handle unlimited traffic

Why do you need the Best BlueHost Alternative?

Some of the BlueHost alternative described in this article provide additional functionalities in comparison to BlueHost. So you must consider then and try investing in them if you want something better than BlueHost. 

Who Needs the Best BlueHost Alternative?

These five explained alternatives are for those people who are looking for something similar to BlueHost or somehow better than BlueHost. The price of these hosting providers are different from BlueHost, but the functions are pretty much the same. 

Who doesn’t Need the Best BlueHost Alternative?

If you are not in search for a web hosting that offers similar features to that of BlueHost, then the five best alternative lists are not for you. You can choose out some other web hosting service provider. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked question regarding the best BlueHost alternative. 

What is the best BlueHost alternative?

Siteground, HostGator, iPage, GreenGeeks, and NameCheap are the five best BlueHost alternative for your online business.

How much do I need to buy the best BlueHost Alternative?

The price range of all the given options for BlueHost is from $2 up to 120$. So you can purchase it while keeping your need and budget in mind. 

What is the cheapest best BlueHost alternative?

iPage and NameCheap are most affordable best BlueHost alternative.


We have rendered a list of the five best BlueHost alternative that can help you out to grow your online presence. You can read my other blog hosting review article on the best web hosting services I recommend and why I recommend them.

All these web hosting service provider has its advantage, so you can read them out and choose to want best for you.